Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drank the Crewlade and I Am Feeling Fine...AKA Some In-Store In Real Life Photos...

First, I want to commend ALL bloggers who can manage to take photos in dressing rooms. I found this to be challenging. There was plenty of light, sure, but I felt at once illicit and contorted (hard to take self-portraits under pressure).

Second, I really had a nice time shopping tonight. I returned a big item to the Crew that I had put on Mr. Dina's card because I felt bad about it. I had re-purchased it on my card, so basically it was me being responsible for paying back my sweet husband. I also returned a tee that my darling stepmom had bought for me without having realized that I had already bought it for myself. :) It's okay, it just means she knows my taste.

I love the crew at Pentagon City's J. Crew, so sweet and nice. Jody is my bud, and even though she doesn't normally work during the week, she was there tonight, and it was great seeing her and talking about all the gorgeous new items. So, merci, Jody!!!

Third, I have not forgotten about the other post I started today...I love the Real World/RR/RW Challenge/Jersey Shore discussion we are having.

Onto the try-ons from the good (and why I am convinced I have drunk the crewlade) to the very bad (at least on me). Top two are the good, the middle two are the meh, and the bottom one is the very bad.

I saw this dress, the ruffled Carly dress on the hanger, and it had ZERO appeal. I actually tried it on for Jody as kind of a, ha, ha, this is going to look SO stupid on me.

And then I put on the size 8, $98, cotton ruffled concoction. And I about died...I could not believe that 1) it fit, and 2) that it looked as good as it did. Even all wrinkled (I am getting out my tiny steamer iron stat), I could see the potential...tights and flats and a cardi in winter, barelegged and flip-flops in summer. Gah.

I walked out and showed Jody, and she was all, "yep, you are not imagining it, it looks good."

I then sat down, and it was, shocker, COMFORTABLE. Well, there goes the exchange on the tee and then some. Sigh. :)

There is no link to it on-line, not available yet, but you can see a pic of the model wearing the paler one at the top of the dresses page. I notice hers isn't wrinkled.

And here it is from the side. Head to toe ruffles? Yeah, I still am sort of amazed. I am sure Mr. Dina is going to have a field day with this (have you all noticed he doesn't like ruffles)? :)

I also came home with this tee. I have the other rose tee, but it is too big now, and I needed a replacement. Plus I prefer these roses (the material is less frail) and the v-neck works better for me. I can't find this on the internet, but I bought a small for $48.

If you want to buy my other roses tee, I will sell it someone for $15 shipped (inside U.S.A. only for free shipping). Size Medium. It has a small hole at the neckline and under one of the roses. Just so you know...gotta be fair and square in this business.

Love this more on me in the picture. Isn't that weird? I am now wondering if I should have gotten it? Size medium, $88. Adore the print, very mid-century modern, which is my thing, but in real life, I felt it was too pale for me or something. Sigh. Maybe this was my sign that I should only get it on super-sale (which it may never get to, Jody said most of the sizes were gone, even from the back).

Buy it here at

Don't see this at, either. Like this color, love the idea of a merino type sweatshirt, but execution wise, just not the right look for me. This boyfriend shape is not really good for me, hides my waist, and I don't want to do that. Size small, pretty good price at $69.50.

Yeah, no. Color--wrong. Embellishments--too big for this type of tee. Idea of tee--cute, but execution all wrong. I imagine this could look good on someone, but can't even think if there have been any reviews at all of this top. Maybe there are none and for good reason. I believe this was $45 and this is a small.

Can't find it on the website, either.

P.S. If any of you have reviewed any of these items, could you please let us know in the comments???

I don't know when I will ever do this again, but it was fun. It is hard to get out the house, but I had the opportunity, so I did. Maybe I will make opportunities again in the future. :)

I Still Watch the Real World. And This is What I Will Watch it in Tonight...

Tonight the 23rd season of the Real World will debut on MTV. This season it is in D.C. Yippee!!! Little known secret (not so little anymore): I desperately wanted to be on the Real World (back in the 90s), but I only wanted to audition if it took place somewhere near where I that narrowed it down to D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond. Well, there wasn't a chance in heck MTV was going to have the show in Baltimore or Richmond (population is too small), but I kept holding out hope...and then I got older, graduated, got a job, found a husband, found another job, had some babies, and THAT is when MTV brings the Real World to D.C. Sigh. Read more about it here at the Washington Post. I like the writing in this article and I agree with most everything said, but who cares if the show is too staid and boring and formulaic? I say, BRING IT ON. I kind of like watching the messes these trouble twentysomethings create for themselves. I am morally 100% different than most of these cast members, but these lovely young people take me to a place that I have been before (if only we could mature emotionally as quickly as we do physically) and remind me that I never, ever want to go back there. But I doubt I will ever stop watching. Sorry, Mr. Dina.

The polyvore of the outfit that I am going to be wearing while watching the premiere (also to the mall if we go there tonight). The shoes are different. I actually am wearing some Etienne Aigner flats in navy blue that I got at TJ Maxx for a song.

Sizes (info on pieces is in the polyvore):
Blazer: 8.
Top: Small.
Pants: 8. (Quick Review--I love the look of these cropped ripstop cargo pants. They are long enough and the right color to wear in the winter but can definitely be worn, easily, in the summer with a tank--maybe yellow--and a pair of flip flops. I am wearing my normal size in these pants. They seem to be getting looser--bit stretchy--as I am wearing them. One thing, one of the two buttons popped off. The pants are made well, but the buttons are not tacked on very securely--GRRRR!)
Shoes: 9.5.

By the way, I apologize for the quality of these photos. I need to get Mr. Dina to take the photos before he leaves in the morning. But of course I can't seem to really function until after he leaves the house, so I guess this is the best I can offer. I DO have a tripod but I was too lazy to pull it out. Whatevs...

This photo was done with the timed shutter release on the camera. I was incapable of making a normal face, but at least precious CW snuck in and made the photo more interesting.

One more thing. Take a look at the polyvore above. The dress is GORGEOUS and one that I got today with the extra 20% special, but I don't think this ever was on until today. I would have surely seen it before. It is such a beautiful print (and I have seen the print before but cannot remember what it is called). I believe the dress shape is the same as the ruffled cotton-sateen dress that I wore here, but in that amazing print.

The dress is available in all sizes, so I got an 8...which should be loose but in a good way...

Does anyone know anything at all about this dress? Do you think I am right and that it has never been on the website before? It just seems weird that an old print (from a couple of years ago) would show up on a dress and then be 100% available in all sizes at a great sale price--but Final Sale, so let's hope it works out for me!!! Help me out. I tried googling its name, and not ONE thing popped up. Bizarre.

Have a great day. I won an award--yippee--and this time I 100% promise to do the post on it. I let the ball drop (good timing on that pun what with New Year's Eve being tomorrow) on the last award, and I feel really bad about it.

P.S. Last warning--I am taking my stuff to the consignment shop tomorrow. My goal is to have it all gone by 4:30 pm tomorrow afternoon. Just saying, if you are eyeing something, let me know...I have a piece on hold for someone for a little bit so that way I don't take it tomorrow (the buyer will buy it in the future--so it works for me)!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Sweet Pastel Day Plus a Look at the Stardust Pencil Skirt (Copper)!!!

Seems like I am on a roll with this whole "sparkly, sequin" look thing I have been doing these past few days. It is either a product of: a) there are a lot of sequin/sparkly things for sale out there, b) it is around the holidays and I am buying into the festive look 100%, or c) (most likely reason) I am just splashing out as a way of rebelling my stay-at-home mom status (I don't get out much). :)

First up is my review of the stardust pencil skirt in copper. I also happen to own the gunmetal version. Yes, I love this skirt, and yes, I plan on making it work for me outside of the "festive" part of the year...I can see wearing this skirt all year...wintertime with tights and a sweater, springtime with flats and a long-sleeved tee, summertime with a tank and sandals, and falltime with a tee, jacket, and a pair of nice-looking Keds (or some type of pretty tennis shoes). Anyone who owns this skirt want to join me in my quest?

BTW, my on-line personal shopper helped me find the gunmetal in both an 8 and a 10. The 8 fit better, so I sold the 10. Then the copper showed up as a popback on-line in a 8, and since that was the color I wanted the most, I jumped on it! :)

I have provided the link above, just in case any of you are looking for a popback yourself.

The 10 was longer on me, but that was because the 10's waist basically was 4 inches too big, so it sat at my hip. The 8's waist is only 1.5 inches too large, and the hips fit better, so in the end I sacrificed length for a better fit.

I like this look that I am wearing, Tortoise Ballet Flats (9.5) and the Cashmere Tunic in that mint green color from last spring (small). I think the mint color is a nice, complementary color for the copper of the skirt (basically a brown/red combo).

The skirt's fabric is well-made. None of my usual palpitations over whether the sequins have to be babied by me, they are sewn on very tightly. The sequins are adhered to a lace-y type material, and under it is a opaque slip that feels nice to the skin.

Any questions? Ask in the comments. If you have reviewed this skirt, could you mention it, as well. I know that gigiofca, nojcrewinjapan, and summerilla have reviewed it, but I am 100% sure others have!!!

Here is what I am wearing today, as a full-fledged stay at home mom. I am not going anywhere today, at all. Not even tonight. I just felt like bringing it a bit, you know? I like the way this came together. I think the pink overdyed denim (30 Short) looks nice with both the tortoise patent flats and the mint green tunic. I wore these jeans last here.

Oh, and these pants, while not the most comfortable in the world, are still more comfortable than last night's pants. :)

Have a great day, everyone.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Glimmer Goes A Long Way...Just Don't Try This at the Movies...

In keeping up with my goal of publishing outfits as close to the day I wear them, I present to you tonight's outfit, fresh off the presses.

Here is the polyvore of the outfit. I wore this to go to dinner and the movies...yes, I did. I truly believe that I must appear to every single one of you as that kind of crazy housewife/stay at home mom who really SPLASHES out anytime she leaves the house. Well, yep, it's true, and this outfit proves it. I mean, come on, sparkly Collection pants to go to a movie??? At least they are wool, and it was REALLY cold I must get some credit for at least getting the fabric choice right. ;)

Now, if I had to do it all over again, I would wear the pants to dinner, but not to a movie. Here's a secret, these babies are not stretchy and really kind of annoyed me about 1/4 way through the movie. Sigh. It isn't that they were too small or too big, no they fit, it is just that I think these pants were made for showing off, you know, clubbing, or some other late night activity (that only involves standing) that I didn't even bother participating in when I was 21, much less now, with the two babies.

Okay, I want to splash out, but next time, wear the pants for a two-hour block max. Otherwise you will regret it. Okay, noted, self. (And now I am talking to myself on my blog...yeah, please don't send in the specialists, not yet at least.)

Sizes (the polyvore has all the info on pieces):
Hoodie: Size Small.
Top: Size X-Small.
Pants: Size 10 (they fit the way J. Crew pants used to, back when I really was a know 2006...LOL).
Shoes: Size 10.

Have a great night, all. And if you own these pants, I warned you. ;)

Christmas Eve Dinner Shimmers with a Peacock Jacket and a Crushed Glitter Satin Clutch...

I am a few days late (but not a few dollars short, just kidding, I really am, which is why I am selling stuff--okay I am done plugging that blog) in publishing this outfit, but I wanted to give this post more time because it includes a mini-review of the crushed glitter satin clutch...which is just languishing in the sale section over at like a sad, little, lost puppy.

Some of you have already seen this outfit if you follow or read my Mid-Century Mom blog. I wore this outfit not only for Christmas Eve dinner, but also to go grocery shopping in...

Christmas Eve Outfit!!!
Christmas Eve Outfit!!! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

The polyvore of the outfit is above. This dress is two winters ago from Macy's. I couldn't fit into it last winter, and while a bit loose overall this winter, it is just the right kind of loose (especially if you are going to go and have a big dinner). It is by Evan Piccone and is as pretty in real life as the photos make it seem...the color is the lushest shade of blue ever and the silk taffeta is TDF.

The gloves are actually from Ann Taylor and are so soft...I keep touching them because the leather is like butter.

Did I smell something weird? What is up with my facial expression?
Jacket: J. Crew Collection, Maggie Shimmer Peacock Jacket, Ivory with pretty metallic threading, Size 8, Winter 2008. I last wore it here.
Dress: Evan Piccone (Macy's), Silk Taffeta Shirtdress, Blue, Size 10, Winter 2007.
Shoes: J. Crew, Alessia Patent Peep-Toes, Grey, Size 9.5, Winter 2008.
Necklace: J. Crew, Pearl Cluster Necklace, Pearl and Clear Beads, Spring 2009.
Headband: J. Crew, Braided Gold headband, Gold, Summer 2009.

Clutch: Crushed Glitter Satin Clutch. Why are you not more popular? Could it be that people worry that your glitter will get all over everything, like your less attractive sister bag would (and why is she sold out)? Or is it the color, your warm beige silk is just not practical enough? The black silk version of you is sold out...hmm...

I am here to tell you that the glitter has a flake or two fall off, but overall, that glitter is secured to this bag's top handle tightly. And I am also here to tell you that this particular shade of beige is warm enough and light colored enough to be used well beyond the winter party season. I have a silver clutch that I adore, but I only use it in the winter because it just screams "New Year's Eve Party." This clutch is a lovely combination of retro, silky, dainty, and lady-like, enough so that it could be a good choice for a evening bag the WHOLE year. Or maybe that's just me. I do wear a lot of silk camis, and a lot of people think that is fairly impractical, so I could be deluded. :) Anyhow, I just wanted to give a shout-out to the little bag that could.

Plus, with 20% off, it isn't a bad price right now.

The dress has pockets. Love pockets in a dress. Makes my hands happy because they have a place to live. Is that weird?

Have a nice day all...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shopping Times Two...Outfits, That Is!!!

Time to play catch-up (again)!!!

These two outfits are from December 23rd (PM shopping at Potomac Mills Mall) and December 22nd (PM shopping at Pentagon City Mall). The outfits are not in date order because I like the December 23rd outfit and photos better, so I choose to show them off first. ;)

Polyvore for outfit #1. I wore the Winnie coat, but since you all saw it here already, I chose not to take a photo of the outfit with the coat. It looked good, I promise.

Love this shot because CW looks so sweet here. The cardi is laying weird, but I chose to publish this photo because of the cuteness on display. ;) The outfit was more than comfortable for shopping. Only issue I had was feeling a bit overdressed amongst the young teens of Potomac Mills mall. I never feel overdressed at Pentagon City or Montgomery Mall or Tyson's...but Potomac Mills, I see a whole lot of really baggy jeans, Ed Hardy tees, and backwards caps. And that's just the girls...heehee. BTW, no J. Crew at that mall...

Cardigan: Medium.
Top: Medium.
Pants: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10.

Here is the cardi with last season's sequined cashmere tank. Just a bit of sparkle there on the collar. Note that CW is coming up from the playroom with a puzzle. (Just snuck into the picture...)

This next polyvore is from outfit #2, worn on December 22nd to Pentagon City. Probably should have worn this outfit to Potomac Mills instead. Less dressy and fussy, but oh, well. ;)

Button-down is not the same as in the polyvore. The one I am wearing is from Eddie Bauer a long time ago. The rest of the polyvore is accurate.

This was the best photo of the bunch. I wasn't in the greatest mood when taking these photos, and since you can read my feelings from my face, when I am in a bad mood it ALWAYS shows in pictures. Ergh...I really wish I could be one of those poker-face kind of people. It would be nice to have an air of mystery.

Outfit was comfy enough. Love the peacock blues (vintage forest, whatever).

Can I ask a question of all of you who own the Cashmere V-Neck Henley? Do any of you think there is a button too many on this sweater? All the catalog images make it look like there is less buttons than in real life. I personally think the top button is superfluous (yes, I realize I normally like superfluity), but here it is bordering on obnoxious, like button overload!!!

Sweater: Size Small.
Top: Size 8.
Jeans: Size 30.
Shoes: Size 9.5.

Have a great day. More outfits, etc. to be published later. Plus, Mid-Century Mom tells me a new post may be in the future, too. Oh, and Cash from My Closet will have items on it that will only be there for five days. After five days these items will most likely vanish to the wonderful consignment shop Mint Condition if there are no takers. :) (I have an appointment there on December 31st...seems like an appropriate thing to do on the very last day of the year.)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Silk Tiered Cami Goes for a Day Out!!!

Merry Christmas, one day late, you all!!! It has been a great couple of days, just insanely busy.

Learned a few things. My daughter is a HUGE fan of Baby Chou Chou and of the Fur Real Animal Friends Kitty Cat. My son can't get enough of his Dragon Castle and of his Big Bakugon.

More on the festivities later, but I wanted to go back to publishing my outfit of the day, even if I have almost no time to really devote to it.

So here you all outfit of the day for December 26, 2009 (the other days this last week will be published probably tomorrow and Monday).

This above is the polyvore. The only thing that is different are the pants. I was wearing a pair of INC pants from a few years ago. If you fall in love with any of the other pieces, you can link to them from Polyvore.

One thing, the boots are a DEAD ringer for the Metropolitan Leather Ankle Boots. They are not *exactly* the same in color, and are certainly not leather, but for $35 from Naturalizer (in store price), plus a "woo-hoo, looking good" from Mr. Dina, I'll take it even if they aren't J. Crew. ;)

Top: Size 6.
Pants: Size 10.
Boots: Size 9 (I have been fitting into MUCH smaller sized shoes it just me or are the shoe companies suffering from vanity sizing, too?).

Cardigan: Medium.

Coat: Size Small.

I loved this outfit from tip to toe. Not only was it comfortable, but I felt chic. I almost never feel chic. It was a good feeling going out all dressed up...lots of teens in their sandals and socks combos at the mall today, so these boots felt ultra-glam. I don't think anyone realized I got them from Naturalizer. ;)

Have a nice night, all. Will get to comments for the last two posts (one on the shimmerveil charmed mini bag and the one on the watercolor leopard dress) shortly. Probably not tonight, but all know I am good for it!!! ;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Review of the Watercolor Leopard Dress (Merry Christmas Eve, Too)!!!


I loved all your comments about the shimmerveil charmed mini-bag, plus my "fabulous" going out to the store in the ice and snow outfit...I will comment back but not yet, today is all about getting those last-minute items from Macy's, Borders, Target, and tomorrow's dinner from Harris Teeter.

But for your perusal, today, this morning, I present the Watercolor Leopard Dress (she sure is pretty)...originally $228, down to $129.99, purchased by me for a % off for under $100.

Excuse the mirror's condition in this still has not been cleaned by yours truly, but at least the pictures aren't *that* blurry.

Here is the dress straight on. I am 5'8", with longer legs than a torso, bigger hips than the top half, with exceedingly narrow feet and long toes (just kidding...only added that because my feet are in the pic). I bought an 8, and hoo-boy, am I glad I did. The fit is fitted, no doubt. And there is none of the "vanity sizing" going on in this dress. I used to always be an 8 in their dresses, from 1994 forwards, but recently I have been wearing 6s. Hmm...

Regardless, the fabric is a wool-silk combo, with more wool than silk. The fabric has a lot of structure, which you can't really tell from my photos (except the last one) or on-line at J. Crew. In fact, I thought it would be more lightweight, like my lovely shimmer paisley lawn dress from earlier this fall.

The shape is a v-neck top that has enough coverage in front and back for a regular bra (even bra strap hook-y things in the shoulder area). The waist is very fitted, just a little loose on me (but that is where I tend to be smallest anyhow). The skirt portion is a slight a-line, with a narrowing tulip shape to the very bottom (so if you are a pear-shape, it fits you like a glove, following your curves precisely).

I would say when purchasing the dress, go with your largest measurement, be it bust, waist, or hips. I went with my hips. The top and waist may be a little roomy, but not enough for me to feel like I need to get it tailored.

I felt comfortable with it on. I loved how soft the fabric was, and even though I am wearing not a stitch of makeup and my glasses, I felt extremely lady-like. (That is a good dress, in my opinion.)

From the side you can tell it is fitted. The only reason the hem is up in the front is because my arm is lifted to take the photo and that caused the front to lift a bit.

You can really see the slight a-line with the tulip hem here.

Don't you all think this dress will look GORGEOUS with a fitted cardi or a short, boxy jacket???

And how about some cute booties in a grey leather with black tights to finish the look????

I rarely do back views, one because I can't take them well, and two, because I am nervous about this side of me.

Well, whatever, it looks decent enough. Love the fact that you can wear a regular bra, such a rarity in many of today's fashions.

You can see this dress hits me 2 inches above my knee. In an ideal world, I would like it to be at the knee, but I don't want to mess with the hem (it has detailing in the stitching that would be lost if I messed with it).

Speaking of detailing at the hem, here is a close-up of the hem. The line that you see horizontally stitched is the detail I speak of.

The fabric can best be seen here. Notice the lovely plays of grey, purple, white, and that touch of blue? Fantastic.

I want to say that since this is a wool product, and even though it is FULLY lined (very nicely, I might add), there is the possibility that if you are an "itcher," this may not be the dress for you. Mind you, it is not in the mohair cardi arena (supposedly, I never tried it on), but it still has the slight potential. Wool and wool products have never bothered me.

Enjoy your day, however you spend it!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review of the Shimmerveil Charmed Mini-Bag...Plus What I Really Wear When It is Nasty Outside!!!

The sister of this bag has so many fans, including yours truly, but I have not gotten her sister yet. (Soon, darn it, soon, your "sold out" status does not stop my desire!) Reviewed by nojcrewinjapan and shannon, you can see why I am so interested in it.

Here is the thing, though. I wear a lot of bright colors and paler neutrals. In all honesty, the tweed sister would only come out to play every so often. That is why when faced with the prospect of 30% off all items at J. Crew, I went for the Shimmerveil Charmed just suited my life more.

When all was said and done, I got this beautiful, feminine, chic bag for about 135 dollars (it normally costs 198 dollars).

It is currently sold-out, but be like me...hold strong, popbacks happen all the time.

Here is what I saw when I opened the dustbag (of course it has a dustbag, however mini it may be). Oh, swoon. This may be the most lady-like purse I own. Then I touched it...the leather is so SOFT and special.

And the chain? Extremely substantial, yet in no way masculine. The charms? Full of (well, and pardon the pun) charm. ;)

The clasp does its job well and with only the barest "hint" of a click. If a mouse made clicks, this is what it would sound like. However tiny the click, the holding power is "STRONG" and there is no coming undone once clicked shut.

This is a well-made bag, and barring the canvas interior (why not a beautiful printed lining, like the lovely watercolor leopard print), is worth every penny...even at full price.

Now can you see why I want to own both sisters??? :)

The dustbag home of my pretty.

My pretty all open and saying "hello." Or because thees ees zee Franch bag, "bonjour."

Pretty, pretty, special little charms. I think you alone make the bag. :)

Ignore the mirror. It needs a good cleaning...I know. Many little hands play on you every single day...

On one shoulder, the bag comes right to hip length. The chain keeps the bag on quite nicely. The chain makes the bag heavier, but nothing too dramatic. There is not a lot of room but I can put a few credit cards, an id or two, lip gloss, powder, my cell phone, some cash, and my keys. But since this bag is the bag equivalent of the Paris Catalog, I won't quibble that it can't hold more.

And I am now moving onto the non-charming, non-pretty portion of today's post...what I really wear when it is nasty outside, specifically when I need to go to the grocery store because we are out of everything, but there is no way to drive there because our street is an icy/slushy mess, so I need to walk there (thank goodness we live 3/4 mile from a grocery store, a Starbucks (yum), a bank, and a CVS).

I have warned you...if you continue on and want to be a willfah (my own name for trolls who leave negative, non-constructive comments) know that I will be mad. :) Just kidding. But I am still warning you.

Hat: From Anthropologie a million years ago.
Sweater: Old Navy from a million years ago.
Turtleneck: From J. Crew a million years ago.
Pants: Nike MEN'S track pants from a million years ago.
Boots: Payless Rain Boots from a million years ago.
Coat: (not-pictured) From L.L. Bean a million years ago.

Like you expected me to wear my nice clothing in the slush? Pa-sha. Not even.

Baby CW stayed home. Only I braved the elements.

At least this outfit isn't as bad as this one from March. Heehee.

Have a great day...coming later, a review of the watercolor leopard dress (it sure is pretty)!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...No, It Really Is!!!

Don't worry, friends. We are alive. I will still be able to comment on the last three posts...promise...but first...ta da...the crazy Christmas storm of 2009!!!

We get snow here in Virginia. We tend to get, oh, maybe 1 to 6 inches of snow a YEAR. Today, as of right now, at 3:27 pm, we have almost 16 inches. You read that right, 16 inches. That would be, by my calculations, 3 years worth of snow...and that is only if we get 6 inches a year. Last year (by which I mean the winter of 2008-2009; we are currently in the winter of 2009-2010) we received LESS SNOW than Mr. Dina's family did down in southwest Mississippi.

We do get blizzards and crazy snow, but only once every (and this comes straight from Topper Shutt, et. al. over at WUSA 9 News) 6-10 years. I guess we were due...our last big snow was in February of 2003.

If you live in a place where 16 inches sounds like child's play, well, I tip my hat to you. If you live in a place where you can dig out of a snowstorm that dumps 16 inches in a day in a couple of hours, I COMMEND you. At this rate, we won't be able to get of our neighborhood (barring a snow-dog led sled or skis--neither of which this family has) until maybe Monday. Knowing our part of Virginia, likely Tuesday. Tuesday P.M. ;)

Enjoy the pics, all.

Rex was super-excited to get out and play in the snow. He didn't even complain that I made him wear a very tight snowsuit, coat, hat, snowboots, gloves, and a trapper hat. By the end his cheeks were BRIGHT red. Darling!!!

CW hated the snow for the most part...I don't think she quite got that you shouldn't fall into the snow...once she fell the first time and all that cold wet got on her face, it was downhill from there.

She did wear gloves, eventually...I think it took her realizing that her poor hands don't like freezing water for her to be okay with the gloves. You know kids...(well, maybe not, maybe my kids are the only ones who fight me on their wardrobe...yes, I know this is slightly ironic).

Ooh, so cold. And the snow was literally blowing into my eyes...I look slightly off-kilter here. Still a nice photo, nonetheless!!! These photos were all taken when the snow was about 12 inches...therefore if we went out now, CW would be nearly covered. That is A LOT of snow.

This is one of those family place signs you can use on your driveway. Only the vestige of our family characters are poking can't even see the kids!!!

It would be some kind of Northern Virginia miracle if my well-hidden street gets a snow plow down it before Monday. Some of you might think I am joking, sadly, I am not. :P

If you are in the thick of like me...grab some wine and update your blog. :)

Have a nice one...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Trying to Be Festive...Talbot's Style!!!

I don't really go for the "festive" look very often. On Halloween, I will wear orange and put in some pumpkin earrings. On Valentine's Day, I wear pink. At Christmas, I wear holiday colors, but rarely anything with trees, presents, etc.

And although I know that this reindeer tee from J. Crew has a lot of fans, I am not one of them. But then Talbot's, the purveyor of all things for a certain "mature" sort of woman called my name. They made two specific tops that made me want to be festive for real. And, yes, one of them was a reindeer tee.

The polyvore above is the outfit I am wearing today to substitute. For all of you locals who know how cold it is outside, be aware that I am wearing a cardigan and a puffer jacket. Even I don't run that "hot." :) I adore this top...very pretty, very comfortable, and it has just a dash of festive, in the form of very small sequins placed very carefully on top of the print. I am not even sure you could see them even when you expand the photo of me wearing the top, it is that subdued.

The pretty lady in my polyvore? The most excellent Anna Torv of the show Fringe. Easily one of my most favorite characters on TV, and also my beauty ideal (I try to have beauty ideals that I could easily use in me attempting to have Audrey Hepburn or Iman as my beauty ideal, as gorgeous as they are, I don't anticipate having big brown eyes or tiny hips anytime soon).

The pants I am wearing are similar to these pants in this polyvore. I call these "sailor-esque" sort of denim pants my "GingerSnap" pants, because one of my favorite bloggers ever, yes, she of GingerSnap's Daily Fashion Post, has a pair of pants that so remind me of the ones I wore today. And doesn't she just look darling wearing them???

I totally forgot to wear that necklace. Ergh. I bought that necklace from the J. Crew outlet in Lancaster, PA a few weeks ago (see below for more info on why I was in PA). It is really pretty.

Top: Talbot's, Size Small. This top has a blouse-y effect. I think I could wear this even if I was a bit pregnant (no, I am not), Winter 2009. :)
Jeans: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Denim Trousers, Size 10, bought a long time ago.
Shoes: J. Crew, Caroline Jeweled Ballet Flats, Graphite, Size 10.
Watch: My lovely, and very trusty Fossil.

Yes, that is the ever awesome Uncle Peter holding CW in the background. He is babysitting today. The kids were beyond thrilled. :)

There is no polyvore for the second outfit. Too tired. :)

Top: Talbot's, Reindeer Tee, Green, Size Medium (for the length), Winter 2009. I like this reindeer tee because it is a bit more understated. I know, I know. This is coming from the same girl who wears BRIGHT YELLOW on a regular basis. Sorry to be so hypocritical.
Pants: J. Crew, Cropped Cocktail Capri, Khaki, Size 8, Spring 2009.
Shoes: J. Crew, Etta Flats (I believe), Metallic Silver and Gold, Size 10, Fall 2008.

Look at the preciousness named CW. She looks perfectly festive for Valentine's Day wearing that adorable heart onesie.

I wore this outfit for a drive up to Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. We went up there to visit Thomas the Tank Engine. Rex only sort of appreciated it. Sigh. ;)

Have a nice day. I may end up doing 6000 posts tomorrow. Turns out we are supposed to be blanketed with almost a foot of snow here in the NOVA region. And if you know this area, things will shut down for days because of it. We haven't seen this much snow since 2003. (And, yes, all you Canadians and Bostonians can start rofl'ing right now...we are a bit of a spectacle here...)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heart Frances Cami and the Soiree Sateen Blazer in Olive...Perfect Combo for a Great Day!!!

Thank you all for such nice words about the Coccodrillo pencil skirt outfit from the party the other night. I think all of the pieces in the outfit are wonderful, and together they "sang." The tee, btw, is the boyfriend v-neck tee that HeidiG. preaches about on her blog. I agree, they are quite lovely, and as you could tell, they aren't see-through, which is a minor miracle in J. Crew-ville. I think you need to make sure that you buy the right size. Since anything overly baggy on my upper-half just takes away my waist, I will never buy into the "boyfriend" look 100%. This is why I bought an extra-small. Basically, by buying an extra-small, I bought a very nice, normal fitting tee shirt. :) My two cents.

Today I wore one current item with a lot of older pieces. See the polyvore for more info.

I was going to meet 3-Penny Princess for coffee in Old Town. She also introduced me to a great consignment store called "Mint Condition." The store seems VERY interested in the pieces I have on my for sale blog. So you all know, if things don't sell over on my blog, I will pull the pieces and try my luck at the consignment store!!! So if you are wondering what happened to a particular item, it may have taken a jaunt to Old Town... :)

So all you NOVA ladies, head on has A LOT of J. Crew!!! :)

Top: Heart Frances Cami, J. Crew, Size 6, black and white (or maybe grey and white--Patina and I aren't 100% sure), Winter 2009.
Pants: Prima Stretch Pinstripe Trouser, J. Crew, Size 10, charcoal, Fall 2007.
Peep-Toes: Air Carma, Cole Haan, Size 9.5, Safari Green, ???.

For those of you on the fence about the Heart Frances Cami, get it. The material is very soft and luxurious feeling, and the print is too precious. And I feel like the cami looks better in real life than it does at It also isn't super-long, so maybe some of you petite ladies can get it and not feel overwhelmed. Just a thought...

Blazer: Soiree Sateen Blazer, J. Crew, Size 6, Burnished Olive, Spring 2009. I wore his sister here. Notice that the olive blazer is a boy and the pink a girl. Hmmm...

This blazer gets wrinkly!!! But, oh, such lovely fabric and saturated colors...and the way the olive looks with the grey is awesome. :)

CW is so cute there in the background trying to read. Such a show-off!!! ;)

Have a nice night!

Bling, Bling, Bling...Sequin Scarf Cardi Goes to a Party!!!

I am super-excited to do this review. I knew that the polyvore was pretty popular, but I wasn't sure that the outfit would work in real life. I am glad to say that the polyvore outfit looked good in real life!!! (For those of us polyvore addicts, haven't you had that one set you were sure that would LOOK AWESOME and then you actually wore it and it was kind of "meh?")

By the way, many of my super-wonderful Bloggie Friends have nominated me for an award, and I want to take this moment to thank all of you!!! I have to find a few minutes to myself to do the post on it, but I am very grateful. :) (I felt like I wanted you all to know that I was aware of it, and not ignoring it!!!)

So here is the outfit in the polyvore. All the info you need to buy it is in the polyvore. (Except the Cocodrillo Skirt, that is a Collection piece that was in-store only and was from the summer...I believe this skirt has appeared on ebay, though.)

Cardigan: Size Small, Black. Sold-out in most colors on-line, but maybe a pop-back? Tee: Size X-Small, White. Skirt: Size 8, Coccodrillo Print. Shoes: Size 10, Azul Blue. Bag: Spring Daisy (?).

The cardigan is very pretty, and shimmery. The sequins are very TIGHTLY strung on...and since I am kind of a freak about sequins, they MUST be really well-done in order for me to wear the piece of clothing. This cardigan had ONE small sequin that fell off. There are HUNDREDS of sequins on this cardigan, so I was more than pleased.

I found the cardigan to be comfy and the stand-up collar did not bother me at all. I have heard that it has bothered some folks, so if you do buy it, and you have a sensitive neck, this may not be the piece for you.

I know some folks have done reviews of this cardigan, if you have can you leave the link in your comment??? THANK YOU!

I liked that I bought the small...the medium would have hung poorly on me.

You have seen the skirt before here, the shoes here, and the bag here.

This is my fave shot of the night because I have my little darling posing, too. So cute. Her dress is slowly becoming a top (she keeps growing!!!). Right now I would say it is a tunic. :)

Here is the outfit on me, sans Cardigan. So you know, I did NOT take the cardi off at the party.

By the way, I was wearing more makeup than I ever do. I look at myself wearing that much makeup and I feel weird about it. Normal makeup for me is a tiny bit of lip gloss, some powder, and maybe mascara.

Have a great day. Now off to comment back on some past posts!!!

My outfit of today will be published later. Still trying to decide what I want to wear...