Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boden: Our Best Loved Outfits, Day Two!

Johnnie Boden shows off mini-Boden and Johnnie B., so you don't forget they have best loved outfits, too.
Hi, everyone!  Just like yesterday, Boden unveiled a new best loved outfit for us ladies (and don't forget there are best loved for everyone else, including our minis and hubbies and babies!).

Basically this means that you automatically receive a 10% savings on these items, AND any coupon code or link (including the ones in my sidebar) will give you an additional savings on top of the automatic savings.  Yesterday's Rainyday Mac went from $174 down to $140, which is a decent savings on a much loved item.

Today the ladies have on offer:

Perfect Jersey Dress
Perfect Jersey Dress.  I own a few jersey dresses from Boden.  These can be quite conservative, and unless you need the long version, go with the regular version, as the length (even on the regular) will fall right to the knee.  That said, the prints are usually very romantic and feminine, and the fabric glides smoothly over all lumps and bumps.  I actually wear their jersey dresses into and after my pregnancies, as the fabric can stretch enough to accommodate a growing (or shrinking) baby bump.

Military Jacket
Military Jacket.  I love the look of this jacket.  I have owned jackets like this in the past and I think what I enjoy most is the extra embellishments (brass buttons) and narrower shoulder line of these kind of coats help balance my pear shape.  I have only ever had ones from Target, so I imagine that this version would be slightly better tailored and made with finer materials (this is made from wool/poly--which is great for winter--very warm).  ;)

Favourite Boots
Favourite Boots.  These were actually a pick of mine recently, as a great match for the Show Stopping Tunic.  To read more on why I chose these, visit this Boden Weekly Review Roundup (go to the bottom of the post).

For those of you on a mobile device, click on the link below and it will not only get you to Boden, but will give you an additional savings on top of the above items (and any items that are part of the "Our Best Loved Outfits" for all members of the family).

Shop at Boden!

Okay, all, have a great day. :) Will keep this up all week.

P.S. If you have a Boden review for tomorrow's Boden Weekly Review Roundup, would you mind e-mailing me at dinagideon@aim.com? Thanks! :)