Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boden's Limited Edition is Killing Me with the Pretty!

Gah, the pretty is literally killing me.
YAY!  All, great news.  I had known there would be a new limited edition line at Boden a few months back (one of the British design blogs did a preview), and I had seen a little insert in my latest catalog (which I *was* going to upload for you), but I didn't know it was going to drop today! :)

There is lots to love.  My picks are coming up, but I have even greater news!  These limited edition items are able to be used with coupons and promo codes.  So, if you wanted to, you could go to Boden's site armed with whatever promo you have and get to use it on the limited items (unlike last year's initial drop--no codes or promos, please).

I am providing a direct link to Boden below this paragraph, which comes with a 10% off and free ship/returns, but I want to remind you that there is a Real Simple code which gives 20% off your first order (I don't know if this code can be used over and over, my guess is no, but you never know).  So if you wanted to try that code, go through the link below and put the code WRSM in the shopping bag section of the site (it says promo/code and is next to a small rectangular box).  It just worked for me, taking the above insanely beautiful cardigan down to $182 from $228.

Shop at Boden!

So what am I loving?  (BTW, my affiliate program has not yet uploaded the limited items, so I can't get direct links to the item page, but obviously you can get there from the Boden link above.  When I can get access, I will make sure to update this post.)

Lavish Tunic.  $188.  The floral beading around the collar is very unique and I adore this print (you know me and prints!).

Amazing Embroidered Skirt.  $144.  This is truly a work of art.  I am actually impressed with the *fairly* reasonable cost.  By the way, if the top looks familiar, it is.  This top is from the spring/summer 2011 limited edition line.  Remember how sad I was that I couldn't get the Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan on sale in July?  Turns out that it was meant to be rolled over, which makes sense as that kind of item is really a year round piece.

What are you in love with?  These three above are in my shopping bag.  Not ready to pull the trigger, but it looks like I have a four week wait to decide.  I do believe that I know what I will be using the real simple code on, though.  ;)

Talk soon, more on this blog tomorrow. 

P.S. I am feeling better, but I am definitely hitting the hay early and taking it easy, hence my non-response to many of your wonderful comments.  I am reading them, just not able to focus on getting my thoughts down (I am one of those people who when they start a project just keeps. going. to. the. bitter. when I comment back, I do it all in one go.)

P.P.S. Don't forget my "Back to School with Boden" giveaway!  It ends tonight!