Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boden Weekly review Roundup: Sizing Matters.

Lovelies!  Happy (early) Thursday.  :)

Today there are a few reviews, no 14 and counting like last, but I am sure you all will find something useful here today.

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Onto the reviews:

Boden Limited Edition:
Amazing Embroidered Skirt. This skirt is D-I-V-I-N-E. It is (HANDS DOWN) my favorite Boden piece ever. However...I want to tell you there is a reason this post is entitled "Sizing Matters." There was another review given to me a couple of weeks ago (that I missed, grr, disqus, grr) that mentions how disappointing this skirt was for her. More on that in a moment.

I am wearing this today.  Preschool run, plus a consignment appointment means I can dress up a little bit.  I am finding this to be very comfortable to wear, definitely not too tight, and just warm enough (it is in the 70s today and overcast).

Size 10 (note, size 10, not 8 like I normally wear in Boden).  I had looked at the measurements and I was teetering on the edge of an 8 or 10.  I went with the 10 partly to be sure it would fit and partly to gain just a smidge of extra length (it is fairly short by Boden standards at around 19 inches).

The waist is a bit big, but I don't mind that.  This is always my issue in pants, skirts, etc.  Plus Boden is generous with their waist measurements normally.  The hips fit nicely in the 10, and since the skirt is lined in a contrast colored material, it glided perfectly over my hips, no spanx required.  The 8 would have definitely required a bit of "control."  LOL.

From the side.  I like tucking in the top, as I think the grosgrain waistband ribbon is pretty, but even with the back exposed zipper (see next photo), you could definitely untuck if you wanted to.

From the back.  You can see the exposed zipper here, but again, not a big deal breaker for me.  In fact, the zipper pull has the same grosgrain ribbon attached to it making pulling the zipper up super easy, which I always appreciate.

For Polyvore.  Does anyone else HATE the photos they use for pants and skirts at Boden?  Very unfriendly for those of us that use Polyvore.  ;)

Amazing Embroidered Skirt
Amazing Embroidered Skirt. Note that the model who is likely at least an inch or two taller than me (only Vanessa is shorter than me, she's 5'7") has a far longer skirt. Hmm...

Now, there is a wonderful review from the opposite perspective of mine by Kit's Mommy: I just wanted to let you know that I received the embroidered limited edition skirt from Boden yesterday. I have to give it a big thumbs down. I ordered my usual 6 (the metallic broderie skirt from the spring was baggy in a 6 on me and a 4 would have been a better fit) and could barely get it past my hips to try it. I would need to size up at least one size (seriously, this felt like a size 2 from JC or AT to me and was definitely smaller than the measurements on the site). I ordered the darker colorway and it was drab in person. The fabric does not feel particularly luxurious to me and is made stiff by the stitching and laser cut. It is well made, but I was very disappointed. I would not reorder at any price point, but I am very interested in hearing other's reviews. I have a feeling the blue and gold will at least look prettier, but I would strongly suggest sizing up at least one size.

Interesting. I appreciate the thoughts and based on the pics alone, I think kit's mommy is right...the blue/yellow colorway does seem more stunning. The fabric is thick and woolen, but I definitely like how different it feels from any of my other skirts. I also like that the fabric will NOT wrinkle on my trip to France (yes, it is coming with me).

Thanks again, Kit's Mommy!

Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan
Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan. Kit's Mommy also provided a review of two of the colorways for this cardigan in the same review comment: I also ordered the pearl and flint in the cashmere cardis (hangs head in shame). They are beautiful in a more subtle way than the red and yellow. The pearl is a true deep ivory and much darker than I expected from the photo. The flint has a strong purple cast that I did not expect from the photos. I am keeping the pearl, but will probably return the flint as it only looked great with black. It is an odd grey that really clashed with most of my camis and tops that are in grey or charcoal tones. 

In the photo, the flint looks grey. That is too bad, it could have been a great neutral. The pearl is on my wishlist!!! Thanks, Kit's Mommy!

Boden for Women:
Rainyday Mac
RainyDay Mac. Always a popular choice at Boden, Polly models the mercury disco spot version for us! We absolutely needed it the past few weeks. It has been CRAZY here with all the rain...

Boden for Women Clearance:
Petal Kaftan
Petal Kaftan. Suburban Mom looks so chic and casual in the blue version. Love it with the black pants. :)

Portobello Pumps
Portobello Pumps. Suburban Mom wore the above Kaftan with these cute jeweled ballet flats.

mini Boden:
Rex loves all of his Boden tees.  He saw this the other morning and was all "MOMMA, I WANT TO WEAR MY DINO TEE!"  He and CW now have a ridiculously long wishlist of mini Boden clothing.  LOL.  We'll see, guys.  ;)

Dinosaur T-shirt
Dinosaur T-Shirt. Also has two other roar-riffic (groan) versions.

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