Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Scarf, Take Two, and More.

Oh, wow.  I normally don't do this many reviews this close together, but hey, why the heck not?  It's not like it is all sunny and gorgeous here anyway.  Some reports have some of this area receiving 8 inches of rain today...that is redonkulous.  So you know, we did have a wee bit of flooding in the basement, good ole remnants of Hurricane Lee just couldn't leave without giving us a little love.  It wasn't too bad, but definitely irritating.

Anyhow, couple of things before we begin.  Right now, as many of you know, Boden is offering a diminishing discount offer that will be great for a few days, good for one day, okay for the next, and be gone on the last.  Right now we are in the "great" with 20% off.  This offer is good until tomorrow.  On Friday the diminishing discount becomes 15% off, and on Saturday it is 10% off (which is what my "normal" discount Boden coupon is).  For mobile users, I will place the code at the bottom of this post, and if you are on my regular site, you can find the coupon in my sidebar.  To see the savings, I recommend clicking on the code first and then clicking the Boden stock photos so that your shopping bag can accurately reflect the discount.

The review roundup has three types of is photos of me or my kiddoes, and if you would like to see an item on us closer up, then click on that which will take you to another page...if you would like to see an item on a blogger friend, click on the link back to their awesome websites...and finally if you would like to see sizes, color choices, measurements, etc., click on the Boden stock photo to be taken to the item's page.

Boden for Women:
Printed Scarf in the olive green/grey union jack colorway.  I actually purchased the dress and the scarf together because I knew they would "go," but tonight was actually cool enough for me to wear the scarf for reals (mid-60s and monsooning).  I own this scarf in the red/blue version from the spring that was a special for Prince Will and Catherine's wedding, and if you would like a look at that one, head on over to here.  (I wore glasses with that outfit, too, hmm...I sniff a conspiracy.)  Since I loved it then, I knew that I would love this one now, and I do.  I especially love it with the dress.

I do recognize, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing, that this combo looks very flight attendant from the 1960s...I think if there was a Boden Air, Johnnie would totally hire me.  :)

If you want to know more about the Stitch Detail dress, I did a fairly in-depth review of it here at this BWRR.

CW had to be in the photo, btw.  She wears no Boden, sad face.  ;)

Close-up of the details of the scarf.  Yes, it does become a Union Jack if you unfurl the entire scarf, but all knotted up like this, you can't even tell.  I might even be able to fool the French.  LOL.

"You will find your two window exits here, and two rear exits there..."  Smile.  I think I missed my calling.

Printed Scarf
Printed Scarf. This lightweight wool scarf also come in another Union Jack shade and a couple of animal print colorways.

Stitch Detail Dress
Stitch Detail Dress.

Speaking of the stitch detail dress, the lovely Polly was the very reason I purchased mine.  And now her lovely blog buddy, Fiona has got in on the action.  She models the navy version for us here.  (And she looks radiant, not dorky.  LOL.  I always love the comments and writing at their blog!)

I couldn't find the affiliate link to this dress, so to access the site page for this item, click on the name of the dress below!  Ah, technology!
Fun Dress. In yet another Polly and Fiona dual love of an item, Fiona has on the same dress that Polly tried on for us a few weeks back. Looks awesome on Fiona, too. 

Flippy Wool Skirt
Flippy Wool Skirt. Jacquelyn (of the awesome blog, Musings by Jacquelyn) gave us a quick review of the flippy wool skirt the other day. She says of it: I tried the Wool Flippy Skirt in 14L and 16L. I normally wear a 14 in JCrew pencil skirt so I thought one of these would work. Wrong! It was so, so huge on me in both sizes, I could grab the fabric at the waist and bunch it into my fist. Plus the length was way too long on my 5'8" frame.

I noted that this is from the Boden professional line and that it had big problems in the spring when it launched (like everyone was unable to find the right size in their items). It sort of seems to me that Boden may need to go back to the drawing board on some of these pieces. It seems so sad, too, as the clothing looks really pretty and very work appropriate. Thanks, Jacquelyn, this will no doubt be helpful to a lot of my readers!

Boden for Women Clearance Items (remember clearance items cannot be further reduced during % off sales, but can be shipped for free): 
Sateen Pencil Skirt
Sateen Pencil Skirt. Leslie of the adorable Pink Tulips blog posted an IRL shot of this skirt. It looks darling on her, and at the current clearance prices, it is a definite bargain. :)

Downtown Heels
Downtown Heels. I wore it when trying on clothes in J. Crew last week. I really like how they completed the first outfit with the red popover top and leopard skirt.

Icon T-Shirt.  So Rex wasn't going off to school today (their preschool starts next week), but he desperately wanted to wear his target tee-shirt today.  So I said okay.  And then he said, "but I can still wear it to school next week, right?"  LOL.

CW, again, no love for Johnnie this week.  Sad face times two.  Rex is even wearing mini-Boden shoes!!!

He took his normal size 4-5 and the length and fit are perfect.  The cotton is (as always) super high quality and soft, and I love how the icon is kind of appliqued on, giving the tee some interest, texture, and depth.  Definite thumbs up for any mommas out there contemplating this tee.  :)

Icon T-shirt
Icon T-Shirt. Also comes in a really cool union jack guitar icon tee. Awesome.

I love this image from this diminishing discount sale. So cute!

Mobile Users, here is your link to access the sale:
Diminishing Discount for Boden - 20% off Mon,Tues, Wed, Thurs - 15% off Fri - 10% off Sat - plus Free Shipping & Returns!

Alrighty, all, nighty night. I hope I didn't forget anyone's reviews. I feel kind of out of it lately. :)