Tuesday, September 13, 2011

J. Crew Jakarta. The Love.

Hi, all. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your thoughtful responses to my September 11 post. I was not sure if I should take my blog there, but I truly felt like I would not be true to myself if I just let the 10th anniversary of the attacks come and go without some reflection on that day. The comments shared so much, and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such love and trust.

So I am at the beach right now, we decided that the NC beaches were calling our name back in August, and because of our flexible schedules, decided that going to the Outer Banks after Labor Day would not only means less crowds, but also far less money. I will have more on the outfits and fun we had while here later, but I also wanted you all to know why I was doing a super quick post on an outfit from late July. ;)

J. Crew Jakarta Halter Dress, Size 6.  This dress gets the love every summer.  Gah!  The fit, the print, the cute detailing make it a winner.  Plus it fits regardless of whether I have just had a baby or if I am in my best, fittest shape ever.  Gotta give it up for a-line skirts, eh? 

The sandals are from last summer and have a darling bit of grosgrain and jewels at the toe hold.  And then, in the world of super-simple, I added the tangled treasure bracelet.  Three pieces equals summertime ease.

CW is in a handmade dress.  Of course she adores the ice cream cone pockets.  :)

It has pockets! 

I haven't had a ton of time lately to "picnik" my photos up, but I do always love how the filters and effects work on the shots. 

Another picnik edited photo.  The sun was there beyond my shoulder, I actually had no idea that effect had happened until after I took a look on the the computer.  Good timing is sometimes just good luck.  LOL.

Speaking of luck, anyone have any luck with Target this morning?  I have exactly two Missoni items I am looking at purchasing, but the on-line site is down, down, down.  They do not have me at "hello."  I actually find their little dog wearing the Target red uniform irritating.  Ha.  My son, though, wants me to get him that stuffed animal.  As if.

Alrighty, off to go to the beach.  Sunny and yummy out there.  Missoni for Target is gonna have to wait.