Friday, September 16, 2011

Paintbrush Floral for Pre-School.

Hi! Welcome everyone. :) Most of you who come here have been coming here since little CW still was unable to walk (and now she is having tea parties in pre-school, tear...), but today Gigiofca allowed me to do a guest post over at her blog with my Fab Fall Five, so for those of you who have never seen my blog, "howdy!" Would love to have you come by more often.

Since my life has become a virtual tornado of craziness lately, this is about as close to a real-time IRL outfit of the day as you are gonna get from me. I wore it yesterday, so yahoo!

Back to (Pre) School...

Above is the polyvore of today's outfit. I had been searching and searching for the skirt, and eventually bought one on ebay. Darn seller mistook the skirt as a size 6, grr, and in reality it was more like a 4, therefore was too short and too tight. Ugh. But then I saw a size 8 for sale a few weeks later with a reasonable buy it now, and so I bought it now. Well, girlfriend selling it actually reads this blog, so if you see this now, "hi, and I LUURRRVVE it, thank you for paring with it!"

Oh, and don't worry, I sold the other one.  I don't have two of these in my closet.  

I never would have originally thought to pair this with a boldly striped top, but I was feeling risky (for a SAHM, ya know?) yesterday. I think it looks pretty good together as they are in the same color family and the patterns are of similar sizing.

And so here we are, aww, so cute, right?  :D

My daughter's pre-school class needs a family photo, and to be completely honest, we struggle with family photos.  You know what worked?  I promised the kids a treat in the car on the way to school.  It is amazing what a tiny bit of candy will do for toddlers.  Swedish Fish are my SECRET WEAPON.  LOL.

I might use this on our Christmas card.  Hmm...

I think next time I will belt the skirt, or maybe untuck the blouse.  Still deciding.  Definitely going to wear this one again.

You all have a great afternoon.  :)  Now go and mix up the prints.