Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beach Photos Always Make Me Smile.

Hey! I am feeling like I need happy family photos here more on this blog.  I get such a thrill editing the family photos in picnik...I don't think any of you should be concerned that I will become a "mommy-blogger," but every once in awhile, I need to indulge my more creative side...

Plus I feel blegh, so I don't really want to spend what little energy I have dissecting an outfit of mine. LOL. I can do that tomorrow with my weekly Boden Roundup. :)

Anyhow, all of these were taken at the Outer Banks two weeks ago. The waves were crazy and full, but this was the first time that any of us had gone and not seen the red flags flying (which means that you pretty much can dip your ankles but beyond that and the lifeguards may have to come out and get ya, if ya last that long.)

The pics kinda speak for themselves, so enjoy!

Oh, and Smile!

Oh, yeah, Mr. Dina wasn't really playing nice and letting me photograph him, so his loss at internet immortality.  ;)