Monday, September 26, 2011

Boden mid season sale--woo!

Pretty jewelry on sale, yum!
Okay you all, I am forced to do this on. my. phone because fairfax county's cox internet service is DOWN, grrr.

Real of boden's best sales is on right now, with many items an extra 25% off, and in the past, you could use any coupon code to enhance your savings like the one running in my sidebar and at the bottom of this post (for all of us mobile users, especially in fairfax county, lol). Go ahead and click on through and do let us know what strikes your fancy. I hopefully will be back on line later today and can do a more comprehensive post at that point!

Reminder, the additional savings may not show up until you access your shopping bag...

Enjoy sale shopping!

10% off plus free shipping and returns!