Wednesday, September 7, 2011

J. Crew: Fall 2011 Fitting Room Reviews.

Hi!  Only one day later than the JCA blog has review day, but I still have a feeling most of you be willing to take a look.  :)

I had an exchange to make at the Tysons Corner store last week and while there I figured I should try on all the new arrivals I was most interested in, and it was wonderful to do so.  As you know, I am not a fan of going to the stores, especially in this area, I always feel like I am a bother to the sales associates and not a "real" customer (ha, if only they knew, lol), but this time the one SA that I have always adored, Jackie, was there, and she welcomed me and my kids with open arms and big smile.  I knew that this visit would be so different.

And so here I pledge, on my blog, ONLY to go to the store if Jackie is working.  She makes it so much better.  :)  Go, Jackie!

Okay, blah, blah, blah...

Here we go:
Puff-Sleeve Popover, Size 4, Vibrant Flame Color.  This is on sale in stores for $49.99.  What an amazing color in real life.  And can I just say thank you to Jackie again for putting me in a HUGE fitting room with really good lighting?  Made taking photos and amusing the kids super easy. 

This popover fits tts, I wear a 4 in perfect fit shirts and this one was exactly the right size.  If you have bigger upper arms, though, you may want to size up.  These sleeves fit fine, but were just right, if my upper arms were any bigger, the body would have fit but not the sleeves.  Bear that in mind.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Leopard, Size 6. This is backordered on, but there seemed to be plenty in stores.  I love the length on the skirt, I love the fit, I love the fabric (super-soft and fairly thick cotton).  This is one size smaller than what I wear in the wool version of this skirt, so I think this one must have a slightly different pattern.  If I didn't know they were supposed to be the same skirt, I would have never suspected it.

Yes, all, I bought this entire outfit.  I hope to find a reason to wear it soon, even if it is just for a preschool run.  The shoes are the Downtown Heels from Boden and are currently on clearance for $74.

Same top as above, but I wanted to give the Meander pants a try on, as well.  I left these at the store because I have a feeling these will make it to sale.  I have on the 6 here, and the waistband which is elastic, was fairly loose.  It wasn't like the pants were falling off, but I definitely think these pants run 1-2 sizes large.  I like them for those days when you kind of want to look polished but need comfort too.  These were lined, which is a plus as they are constructed from a wool fabric.

A bit clearer shot and from the side.

Whisper Linen Stripe Tank, Size Small, Dusty Sage (reads grey to me).  I brought this tank with me to the fitting room because I needed a top for try-ons with bottoms but ended up swooning over it.  It is textured, soft, and the striped tank means it can work for all seasons (bare in summer and with a cardi and jacket in fall and winter).  I didn't have an extra-small to compare it with, but I kind of liked it slouchy and long and unlike other tanks from J. Crew, this ones straps weren't too long on my short torso.  This tank was also on sale in the stores.

Cafe Capri in Houndstooth Wool, Size 8.  I wanted to give these a try even though I knew I was going to buy them in the tall version.  The 8 fit fine, exactly tts, so go with your normal pants size in J. Crew.  I love the wool, looks a lot like the Prince of Wales blazer wool.  The copy says that the wool is from the Robert Noble mill in Scotland, and it definitely feels that way to me.  Fully lined, it is a pant that is well-made and should last a long time in the closet.  I did receive the 8 tall I ordered yesterday, and like I wanted, they come to just above my ankle, which I think is a more attractive place for a pant to end on my leg than at mid-calf (although the above photo makes the pant look like it ends lower, it doesn't).  Also a longer pant can be worn when colder with an ankle bootie.

Same top as above, but I wanted to try on the No. 2 pencil skirt in double serge wool to see what size I would need.  I need an 8, even though the sizing starting at 00 usually means to go one size smaller.  I just felt like the 6 had too much va va voom for me.  (Although I did wear a size 6 in last year's perfect pencil skirt, that skirt must have a different pattern, hmm.)  This is the size 8 from the size, and although the vibrant flame color is LUSCIOUS, I have the Teddie Dress in this color and the popover, so I think that's enough.  I *am* planning on purchasing the viridian green in size 8 when I have saved a few more pennies, though.  ;)

Even the 8 can look va va voom when photographed with the hip jutting out.  I don't get it, maybe I expect to much from my skirts.  I see people modeling this skirt and they have the same lines appearing, and I think I am the only one bothered by it.  LOL.  I have even seen this kind of skirt on TV and in magazines and all I can think is did the photo/video editor take the day off when they let those wrinkles slip through?  :)  I guess the only way to really get rid of the lines is to go up to a size 12 and the wear it super-loose so no wrinkling appears but I suspect the waist would then (definitely) fall at the wrong place.  I do know that the darker colors don't show the lines like the lighter colors though.

BTW, my kids are adorable here.  I really want to know what CW was doing.

Cowlneck Poncho, Size Extra Small.  This is very cozy and very warm.  The extra small fit exactly like it should in the shoulders, neckline, and waist.  This is not va va voom, but man, would this ever be lovely in November when the winds pick up and it gets c-o-l-d.  Yum.  Definitely like the idea of wearing it with a long-sleeved top, but looked fine with just a tank under it...  I would say size down or stay tts if you are a bit busty.  Do not size up.  I tried on the small and it gave me *maybe* an inch in the hips (which I didn't need, the extra-small was fine there), but omg, it was really oversized on the top part, I felt very frumpy.  I know it is a poncho and no one is gonna go "ooh, look at you in that poncho," but I also don't want people's eyes to bleed upon my walking into a room.  ;)  I think this one will make it to sale, but if you need it now, I could see it becoming a grab and go kind of item. 

Saturday Pant, Size Small, Moss color (I think).  I already own these in the midnight color, so when I saw the olive green (may be an in store only color, the moss on line looks far lighter), I knew I had to bite.  They were also on super sale, so yay, bonus.  These are, again, just made for days of coziness, and not really style, but if you ever have "those" days, seek these out.  They run large, so size down.

Weatherby Rain Boots, Size 9, Black.  I knew I needed these.  I like the zipper as it allows me to tuck in jeans, leggings, and other pants in without having the annoying riding up of the pants hem as I pull on the boots.  By adding a zipper, I can tuck in, zip up, and go, no riding up necessary.  I do plan to wear them to cross the stream near our house which ANNOYINGLY still has no bridge across to this really wonderful walking trail (btw, the bridge was SUPPOSED to be built THREE years ago).  I do anticipate that if the stream is running high (more than four inches deep), then there is a possibility the boots will leak as the zippers are NOT covered on the inside to prevent leakage (I know, it doesn't make sense), but since I am the crazy one CROSSING A FREAKING STREAM, I think I should just accept that I could get wet.  :)  For regular running around when it is raining (or monsooning, like it is here in VA today--2nd day in a row, peeps), your feet will be fine as the bottom bit of the zipper is cover by plastic (hard to describe, but the on-line photo of the back shows what I am talking about).  Could have gone with a size 10, but I wear thin wool socks when traversing wet things, so I don't need the extra room for thicker socks.  I say go up 1/2 size, though, for others.

Cowlneck Poncho has pockets that are also lined in the same material as the body.  The pockets are very warm.

Here is my "let's cross the stream" outfit in its full glory.  I would not bring my Frankie bag with me on the expedition 'cause I am not crazy.

Anyone else tried these pieces on?  Did you have any thoughts on fit, etc.?