Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun Times (Slightly Sweaty, Sadly) in a Fun Dress!

I was totally reminded about my Fun Dress from Boden Summer 2009 when I saw the very lovely Polly showing hers off (along with Fiona's Uptown Flats, lol).  Polly's is from the current Autumn 2011 line (as are the flats), but regardless of how I remembered that I owned a fun dress, too, doesn't matter.  The fact was, I chose to wear it upon being reminded.  :)

I will be including Polly's very awesome review in this week's BWRR (Wednesday for anyone who wants to send a review my way), but I knew that some of you are chomping at the bit to see more, so I wanted to make sure you saw these two reviews as soon as possible. 

I have also included links back to these two items at the very bottom of this post, so you can see other colorways, sizes, and measurements.

So onto my "fun" night with my "fun" dress.  Mr. Dina has a penchant for Washington Nationals baseball games, ESPECIALLY if it is "bobblehead night."  I don't care about that (except when they had a George Washington bobblehead, now that was worth it!), but it is always nice to have an excuse to drink beer, hang out with friends, and go into the city.

And it is always SO MUCH BETTER when it is 100 degrees at night, but won't allow my sarcastic self to come out and ruin this otherwise very positive post.  

So anyhoo, onto the outfit and other silliness...

I could already tell I was going to boil in this outfit, even though it is cotton and cotton lined.  Seriously, I could have worn a bikini and had a direct fan to my face and I would have still been hot.  At least the dress has a really pretty floral embroidered pattern at the bottom to avert the eyes away from the sweat pouring from my forehead.

This I took in a US 8 Regular (which at the time meant UK 12 Regular).  From what I can tell, Boden HAS STAYED consistent with sizing, as evidenced by my recent acquisition of my fifth fun skirt (yeah, yeah, I am sucker for the word fun).  I knew I wanted to get a size smaller than my prior fun skirts as they were all a bit loose now, and I was exactly right...the US 8 Long in that most recent fun skirt is what I needed.  So, go, Boden, with your consistent selves!

My little lady was all fretting over her cheerleader outfit saying it was "too small."  That is why she looks a bit despondent.  But from what I could tell she looked 100% adorable!

The glasses are the A.R. Trapp Troubadour sunglasses from J. Crew last year (but are still around, at a MUCH higher price point--ugh) and the Seychelles necklace from J. Crew Spring 2008.

I took the above photo with the "panorama" feature on my new camera (an Olympus shock and waterproof version).  Nationals park is really pretty lit up and right after the sun sets.

Oh, and check this out...who was at the park, too? Yep, that is none other that the fab blogger HeidiG.! I saw on FB that she was at the park, and we arranged to meet up for a quick hello during the first half of the seventh. :)

Fun Dress
Fun Dress. The model is wearing the version that Polly showed off in her blog post.

Uptown Flats
Uptown Flats. These look really cute!

You all have a great night, talk with everyone tomorrow!