Monday, July 11, 2011

FOR SALE! Lots of Old School J. Crew!

IF ANYONE FROM POLYVORE reads this, please PLEASE know that many of us bloggers hate that you auto publish these sets/clipped items. I get that we can "uncheck" that we don't want the sets/clipped items published to our blogs, but often we just forget to do it or don't even think about it because the "uncheck" box is about the size of a tiny little piece of candy. Come on now, Polyvore, help your bloggy friends out already!

Any of you all in agreement with me?

Here is the offending set that was auto-published today ALL BECAUSE I WANTED TO edit the set because one of the items had sold. GRRRR!

FOR SALE! Lots of Old School J. Crew!

J Crew knit dress
$88 -

J crew dress

J Crew flower skirt
$98 -

J Crew cotton shorts
£27 -