Monday, July 18, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Part Two, For Reals This Time.

Her name is Anita, she is local, and she seems to love Boden as much as I do...
Our local CBS affiliate is WUSA-9 and one of my favorite talking heads is Anita Brikman.  I adore her outfits, even if they are on the more conservative side of things (this is DC, though, so keep that in mind).  She always plays with color and texture, and seriously has the nicest skin of any woman of any age.  She is kind of my local "girl crush," if you will.  Anyhow the other day (btw, look at the temp--90 degrees--that was at 11 PM AT NIGHT!) she donned some more Boden.  Yes!  I seriously know not how she felt about the beaded necklace, but the red/silver beads look really chic with her outfit, yet still fun.  So for those of you on the fence about this necklace, I thought an IRL photo of one in action could help!

Beaded Necklace
Beaded Necklace.  Lots of yummy colors.  This ice blue makes me feel a wee bit cooler.  (It is still 90 and climbing here.)

Ruffled Ribbon Necklace.  I obviously have reviewed this, but I wanted to let you all know how it held up in real life, out on the town. But first...

Mr. Dina: (Arches eyebrows REALLY REALLY HIGH.)

Me: "What?  What's wrong, this outfit is CUTE!"

Mr. Dina: (Arches eyebrows.) "That thing.  What is it?"

Me: "What, my awesome necklace?"

Mr. Dina: (Arches eyebrows again.)  (Walks away.)


I love it...I think the excessive ribboning, plus the larger mirrored balls give this necklace something I haven't really seen anywhere else.  This is a pretty original statement piece.  It did hold up well on the night out, and was a perfect match for the skirt and because I had on a bright colored tee, the necklace was really highlighted.  I really like the way you can adjust the ribbon to make it shorter or longer depending on the neckline you are wearing.

Ruffled Ribbon Necklace
Ruffled Ribbon Necklace. I believe the brown is sold out, but there are other colors available.

Strappy Gladiators.  Again, I have done a review of these already, but my experience was limited to walking around the house.  I took these out for an afternoon jaunt in the heat and while I was fine enough, I suspect I need to break these puppies in a little longer.  I chose to buy a 40 instead of a 41 because I need narrow more than I need length (which is why I adore J. Crew shoes), but the 40 was a touch too narrow.  So by the end of the day my two big toes has small blisters.  No biggie, but because my feet expanded a bit in the heat, the combo of moisture and extra swelling caused the leather to rub onto my skin.  I believe this is temporary and I do believe that the next few times will be the breaking in period and then I will have the exact right size I need! These were comfy, though, with just enough padding on the footbed and it sure was nice to feel like my foot was securely in place (often I feel like my feet will fall out of shoes very easily).

Strappy Gladiators
Strappy Gladiators. Still some sizes and colors available.

Downtown Heels.  These are in a size 41, and had I bought a 40 for width (which is probably better as the 41s are a touch loose), these would have been FAR TOO SHORT.  Even in the 41 my big toe hangs off a bit (but nothing that even really matters).  Having said that, these are really comfy, nicely padded footbed, sturdy, yet modern heel, and many holes in the strap itself for adjusting width (which is its saving grace in my mind).  I also loved how nicely this tan color worked with the Retro shift, an exact match.

Downtown Heels
Downtown Heels. I think the price is very decent for what you get.

Other written reviews/links to other blog friends:

Shimmering Broderie Skirt
Shimmering Broderie Skirt. Two reviews...first AudreyS had this to say a week or so ago (in a blog post comment): I just rec'd the shimmering broderie skirts -- at $28 I had to get both -- and they are GREAT.  Not "sexy" like the J.Crew pencil skirts, but more "pretty" in the way that I now associate with Boden skirts and dresses.  Medium weight cotton, A-line-ish, very TTS for Boden which for me is one size up from J.Crew.  And second, I just received mine two days ago, size 8, and it is definitely a beautiful skirt.  I adore the color more than anything, kind of like a denim shimmery color, has great depth and in the right light looks very luxe.  (I have the same color as Edda is wearing above.)  The fit is fine, tts for me for Boden (I tend to wear size 8 with them in skirts).  I wish it had a long, but the length is exactly the same on me as it is on Edda.  The pockets were unexpected, but yum and bonjour!  It pairs well with stripes, especially red stripes.  I have to show you a pic of me wearing that combo sometime, kind of like a patriotic chic look.  :)

Hope these help!

Riviera Dress
Riviera Dress. AudreyS also gave a written review of this one: Also got my THIRD Riviera Dress (WH246), which seems a steal to me, at $49 (down from $98).  Also true to size for Boden.  I have the Blue Bloom, China Blue spot, and now have added the Pink Bloom, which is actually a pretty red, not pink (which is better, IMO).

Fringed Tweed Jacket
Fringed Tweed Jacket.  Very popular jacket this season.  I have some friends hoping for their size to pop back, but until then, enjoy this written review by AudreyS: The Fringed Tweed Jacket (WE292) is on its second markdown, from $188 to $56 -- definitely a steal!  I have this in the pink multi from awhile back (after reading Tabitha's review).  Consistent with her and Ema's reviews, this jacket runs large, but only about a half-size large.  I am a 2 in J.Crew jackets, typically a 4 in all Boden tops, and I got the 6 in this jacket.  Slightly roomy and boxy, but fine.  After this last markdown, I also ordered the blue in a 4, so we'll see how that goes.  The cream is also pretty, but too similar to the J.Crew tweed jacket from last year for me to purchase.  (Audrey, thanks again, and if the blue doesn't work out, let me know, I have a friend who wants that color in that size, possibly!)

Tropical Maxi Dress
Tropical Maxi Dress. AudreyS did one last review of this one, plus I have some thoughts on the purple I received two days ago.  AudreyS first: I will definitely second your vote for this dress -- I got the fuchsia during one of the earlier promotions when it popped back in my size.  So glad you reviewed it b/c at 5'2", I have never bought a maxi, but this one is the perfect length and fit.  My thoughts second on the purple:  It fits exactly like the graphite, but is obviously a much more punchy combo.  I don't mind, obviously, since I adore color.  The fit is wonderful, still a few inches above my ankle (I am 5'8" and ordered the 4 regular--can't order 4 tall as I have a petite torso), but overall a wonderful dress that I have great plans for this summer (and should definitely come with me to Florida in September).

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt.  If you all were on the fence about this skirt, I suspect Dr. Egyptomaniac will PUSH you over it...and how.  I even am going to steal her idea and wear this skirt (in navy) with a red striped tee.  Yum. 

Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck
Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck.  As seen on the lovely Polly here in this blog post.  BTW, on Wednesday with the next installment of BWRR, Polly and Fiona have even more reviews to come.  :)


My boy, he is certainly apt to imitate art.  LOL.  He actually picked out this tee himself (he also has the shark one).  (I also let him choose three tees from the fall line.  I wouldn't have picked the ones he picked, but at 4, he can make these decisions for himself, I guess.)  This top is in the 4-5 size and fits fine, if a bit loose.  But in my mind a bit loose means he can wear it longer, so all good for our household budget (which admittedly has a larger % going to clothing than may be normal.  Ha.)  :D

Big Print T-shirt
Big Print T Shirt. I don't believe much will be available, but watch for popbacks.

Again imitating art.  Silly Rex.  :)  The embroidered deep sea fish (I think the Angler fish???) is well-placed and stitched and I feel like outside of a bit of wear over time will manage to look decent...well as much as young boy's clothing can ever really look.  Again, size 4-5, and while a bit oversized, it's okay.

Big Applique T-shirt
Big Applique T Shirt. Definitely close to selling out, but watch for popbacks.

Rex has a thing for skull and crossbones, and I have a thing for sturdy childrens clothing, so together, these printed shorts hit the mark.  We bought a size 4, and they are definitely too big, especially at the waist.  Rex could care less, he would wear them as low as a plumber if I allowed him to but there is a drawstring waist, so you can cinch it to make it fit properly.  These will definitely last him for a long while, I honestly could see him in these until he is 7!

Board Shorts
Board Shorts. Definitely also close to selling out, but I highly recommend getting them on popback, if only for the sheer number of years your son would be able to wear them.

Found some links that WORK to get to the site (overall, not just individual items).  Go Boden for fixing it all, finally.  :)

One is at my sidebar, and one is right below this sentence. Remember, though, sale items are priced to sell, so no additional discounts on them...however, it appears that the sale items now will ship for free because Boden has switched over to autumn, so yay for that!

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P.S. If you did a Boden review this weekend and I didn't publish your review, I am planning on putting it in on Wednesday!  So don't worry if your review didn't make it today!  :)