Thursday, July 21, 2011

Come Sail Away!

Hey, all!

Another short and sweet post, plus a request for my favorite Old School J. Crew super sleuths...I have four items I need identified, and you all were so helpful the last time, I have a feeling I will have figured them all out in no time! :) Yay!

First thing, the outfit of the day from yesterday featuring one of the items that needs a name, not just my made up name of "Harbor Beaded Sailboat Full Skirt." 

It was a gazillion degree minus one yesterday (today it was officially a gazillion degrees and tomorrow is meant to be a gazillion degrees plus one), so I chose to dress up for CW's dance class (and my doctor's appointment) by wearing a very lightweight top, skirt, and sandals.

The top is ancient, Summer 2005, frayed neckline, tissue tee, but one of my all time favorites.  I also own this in pink.  This is *not* the item I need identifying.  LOL.  The skirt is from 2005 or 2006 (I can't remember what the tag said) but it features a delicately beaded harbor scene with sailboats and lighthouses.  Very pretty and very preppy.  I bought it for maybe $40 at Mint Condition, size 4 (turns out a size 4 skirt will fit me as long as the hips are full, the skirt is probably a tad shorter than it is meant to be, but I quite like where it hits on my leg, right at the knee).  The sandals are Miss Trish of Capri for Target, the ones from 2009 featuring the starfish.  BTW, all Miss Trish for Target sandals have a leather sole.  Even the kids versions.  Ask me how many Miss Trish sandals I got this year?  NONE.  They all looked yucky, and I am very glad I bought the couple of pairs I did over the past years...

Proof of baby's dance class.  :)  She brought the duck so he could watch her. 

The doctor's appointment went well.  My world is so funny, one year ago my doctor was telling me I had a hole in my heart that could lead to strokes (and had caused countless numbers of mini-strokes) and yesterday, my other doctor said my heart was in perfect shape. YES!  :)  Still get migraines, but none of the mini-strokes have happened since, and in my world, that is more than enough for me.

So, ladies, what is this skirt? BTW, there is an exceptionally expensive one for sale on ebay, but it is NWT.  Hmm.

And while you are at it, this skirt, too, please?  (Ebay--$10!)

And the montage (so pretty, btw)...what are the shoes in the left hand corner?  I got those for $25 and I have no clue (they are Collection but seem to have man-made soles?).

And then this lovely, I know it is April 2006, but I can't tell what this print is called.  I know it is really pretty, though, and was $20 on ebay.

Interested in more on prints, go on over to Egyptomaniac, who took a look just today.  :)  I happen to agree, prints are the way to go.  (Like you all expected me to say anything else. Snort.)

Thanks again, super sleuths of Old School J. Crew!

P.S. LOVE the new rollout.  The prettiness!  Definitely eyeing the Bonnie Dress in Toile Jacquard (yum, and so very ladylike) and the Hacking Jacket in Herringbone, Midnight Ocean color.  (Not usually into this much blue, but wow...can definitely see how I could make room for these two in my closet!)