Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sassy Silk Dress, IRL.

Seeing how so very much from the Boden sale is either sold out or selling out, I thought I would highlight something that (as of yesterday, at least) was available in this color in almost all sizes.

I profiled this dress WAY back in the beginning of the spring season, and have only recently worn it in real life (to church, which in my opinion, is the PERFECT place for this dress). I definitely could have waited (clearly) for sale, but see here's the rub...I never ever seem to be able to tell what I buy early will make it to sale or what will sell out immediately. Regardless, I have no regrets, as I do love this dress and am frankly a bit surprised that this color is the one that is left behind.

(Although I have theories, which I will expound on soon...)

I actually toned down the photo a bit so that the very BRIGHT orange of CW's Peruvian dress wouldn't blind you all.  (It looks so sweet in real life, but in this photo it was nearly neon, lol.)

That actually segues into why I think this color didn't sell is a lot of color and pattern, and most likely would have been too much for either a shier personality (not me, haha) or someone who is shorter (I am 5'8" and this is the REGULAR, not even long size, and it hits at my knees, can you imagine how very overwhelming this might be on someone 5'1"?).

That said, this silk is super soft and very lightweight.  The lining is a thin poly, so in all respects, this is a perfect warm weather dress.  I can see enjoying it in the winter, but because of the fabric and construction, I could see this being a huge static cling magnet.

I did wear it with the poppy colored J. Crew classic leather ballet flats (size 9.5), but if I wasn't going to church, I would have for sure worn it with something far less conservative, like a pair of strappy sandals or stiletto heels.  I definitely verge on sister wife here.  :)

I like the belt from Anthro for this dress, and it was how I originally styled it when I did the first review.  I may try a skinny belt and a boyfriend jacket with it to see if I can rough the look out a bit, but this may be a dress that needs to stay sweet.

From the side.  It is glaringly obvious that although the flats are an exact perfect match, they definitely lend this outfit a frumpier vibe.  (Not that Father D. cared, lol.)

Which brings me to reason number two I think the dress (all colors) didn't sell well...the hips just fit me in this size 8 regular.  I was not uncomfortable, at all, but I had to wear Spanx to ensure that the skirt portion looked good and not too clingy.  The rest of the dress fits well, if a bit baggy (but I am a pear, so no surprise there).  Also, and you can see this above, there is a bit of poofy pleating at the lower belly area.  This is not my problem area, so all it looked like was a bit of poofiness, but if this is an area you prefer not to have be a focus, this may be your nightmare dress.  :)

Sassy Silk Dress
Sassy Silk Dress.  So I want everyone to see this dress, but I want to remind people of what they need to look out for, pear shaped ladies, read the measurements for the hip and order accordingly, and for apple shaped ladies, be aware of the pleating.

Hope everyone's weekend is going well!  It has been another super super active weekend, with multiple trips to the swimming pool and visits with people, etc.

P.S. One week left till we start seeing our Autumn orders roll in from Boden.  Eee!  :)