Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gone Graphic...

Hi, lovelies!

Thanks all for your patience with me yesterday, the links eventually worked themselves out (over at this post), but it was definitely getting on my nerves.  I tend to be a bit OCD about this blog so when things are perfect, I go into panic mode.  Finally I just stepped away and did what most normal and sane folks out and didn't think about it for a while.

I will do the second part of the BWRR tomorrow, just want to give Boden an additional day to fix all the problems the links are having, plus I have heard that some people are having troubles checking out, etc.  :)

I decided to go graphic with today's post.  I have a ton of unpublished outfits that I have worn recently and I loved wearing them all, very colorful, patterned, in other words, very dinagideon.  :)  Won't spend a ton of time dissecting each one, I will just show them with a brief description, and show a polyvore (if I created one for the outfit).  Enjoy!

J. Crew Factory Blue Ikat Dress.  Love this dress and love to pull it out every summer.  I bought this in a size 4 for a more fitted look, but would have been fine in a 6, too.  I see this pop up on ebay every once in a while, but don't pay more than $40 for it...this was always a fairly inexpensive dress, I bought mine for maybe $35?  Aerosoles sandals complete the outfit.

Turns out I am not alone in my love of this dress...

The very pretty Whitney Chen of the Next Food Network Star wore this on the "July 4th" Episode.  I love how she styled it to make it more festive, with the red bandana and straw hat.  Very cute!

She ended up doing very well in this episode.  Is it coincidental that she is wearing J. Crew?  I think not.  ;)

Ischia Color!

Above is the polyvore I created for the Ischia (Kaleidoscope Paisley) Skirt outfit that I wore on Friday night.

I won this skirt on ebay as part of a three pack lot of size 8 skirts (one was a 6, actually but fits loose).  I think I got all three for under $80?  Anyhow, I decided I wanted to take this beauty out for a night on Friday.  I was feeling especially colorful.  Between my (ancient--maybe 2003?) orange J. Crew tee, the Kaleidoscope Paisley mini, and the Seychelles necklace (a hard won ebay find--this one was NOT cheap, but worth it because I haven't seen this on ebay in a long time for under $175), I was rocking multi- and techni-color.  LOL.

I prefer the back to the front.  That one big circle is a great optical illusion that my bottom half desperately needs.  Plus...the buttons on the front were VERY loose when I got the skirt, so I had to spend thirty minutes hand sewing them back on securely.  Grr.

Way back in June, I wore this bright outfit.  The top is the Marseille top from last summer, size 4.  Love this print, and while the way the top is bothers me sometimes, I don't even notice how it lays when I am out and about.  The shorts are this year's modern red 9" chino shorts.  (Big thumbs up to those, bought my tts size 8 and they fit just right!)  The flip-flops, again, J. Crew, and I think pretty old school J. Crew.

Yet another J. Crew Factory concoction.  :)  The dress is a direct match for CW's, but hers is J. Crew retail.  (I have a button-down from the same print and same season as CW, but I far prefer the dress.)  This dress has the same fit and detailing that the large blue Ikat version above does, but I bought this in a size 6 so it would be more of a loose fit.

This dress, as well as the large blue Ikat one, has pockets.  Love!  :)  I also own this style dress in the cherry blossom print.  It is too bad that J. Crew factory didn't make this style dress this year.

This is O-L-D, from April?  I had the fortune of finding both of these on ebay for a song.  CW's liberty print blouse is a button down, and while mine looks like the Suzannah shirt from from Fall 2007, it is actually a popover that was a sample.  And for which I paid $15!  :)  (Yes!)  I also got the other patterned Suzannah shirt (again a sample) seen here recently at the JCA page.  (BTW, anyone want to sell me the argyle dress in the photo in a size small or medium--my goodness, I want to rock that look for my Paris trip!)

I like to roll up my sleeves.  Not because I am doing anything labor-intensive (well, except raising toddlers) but because button downs always look terrible on me with the sleeves all the way down...too much pattern, you know?

This was one of my favorite outfits that CW has ever worn.  Darling!

If you can believe it, the dress is a Target, girls section, find.  I bought the dress in a size large (14-16) and it fit just fine.  I think this all at once awesome and kind of weird...I love the fact that these dresses are uber-cheap (like $10!), but wow, can girls really fit into these dresses?  I don't know, maybe Target realizes there is a good portion of mommy America that really loves the bright patterns and fun prints that their daughters wear, so *wink, wink* have very large girl's dresses.  LOL.  They probably spend too much time here, then.  :)

Such a comfy outfit.  I paired the dress with the Jackie cardigan in bright daisy (I think?), and some old school J. Crew flip-flops.

Here is the close-up of the top (no cardi).  CW's outfit is a Costco find, again really inexpensive.  My grandpa took this pic because he thought it was so clever that we both looked so tropical.  :)

You all have a great Sunday.  Now go get your print on!  LOL.