Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: So Many Sale Skirts...

As most of you know by now, I have been on vacation since last week. :) Just don't want to tell people until the vacation is almost over, but since we are home and doing fine (finally, it is a L-O-N-G drive from Georgia to Virginia), I can admit to being away. LOL.

Today's roundup includes a look at three sale skirts. As of right now, all of these are in the "clearance" section of the Boden website. I have given direct links to the item home pages, though, so if you were to click on the Boden stock photo you will be taken directly to that page so you can see what colors, sizes, etc. are available, plus any specific measurements you might need.

If you want to save some money on these sale items, I highly recommend going through my sidebar link which gives you free ship. The 10% off won't work because they are sale items, but it is a nice gesture to receive free shipping. :)

If you would like to see an item on me closer, click on the photo. If you would like to see the item on any other blog friend, please click on the link provided for that blog.

Enjoy! (BTW, tomorrow is a look at some new Autumn arrivals, so yay! AND THANK YOU to all the people who have e-mailed me reviews or done reviews on the new items!)

Shimmering Broderie Skirt. This is from the Boden Limited Edition line, and like everyone else who has bought it (whether at full price or the sale price), it is a definite thumbs up from me. What a delightful skirt...and here is why...

The skirt's material is the most unusual, yet not in a bad way, fabric I have ever seen.  It is soft, slightly shiny, with real eyelet detail throughout.  Under the broderie overlay there is a dark navy blue lining which gives the broderie eyelet detail a bit of depth (you can see the navy cloth through the eyelets).  

This skirt has pockets.  Nicely placed and just deep enough pockets.  :)

The only drawback I can see is the way the inverted V pleat can get a bit "smooshed" looking, instead of being a very starched pleat, it is very subject to what you do with your skirt.  If you are sitting all day, that pleat is going to disappear as fast as you can say "coffee break."  I suspect this is intended, as it is a summery, lightweight cotton, but if you are in need of a permanent pleat, you will either have to starch the heck out the this or you will have to forgo this particular skirt.

It can be dressed down or up, and obviously with the denim peep toe flats and the lace trim tank (both J. Crew), I went with dressed down.  (We were headed to BabyLand, yes, BabyLand, that day.  More on that trip sometime soon...three words...worth the trip.)

I am wearing the size 8.  I would have preferred a longer version, but this limited edition line did not carry long lengths in any of its offerings.  (BTW, there WILL be a Limited Edition line this fall...I saw a blurb about it will include a darker version of the showstopping knitted jacket.)

Shimmering Broderie Skirt
Shimmering Broderie Skirt. The darker (almost denim colored) version I have is proving more popular, but the lighter silver version is very pretty!

Printed Cotton Skirt
Printed Cotton Skirt. Polly shows us three outfit combos with the multi-colored floral version.  I think it looks great on her, but I can't wait until she gets her skirts from the fall collection in the petite sizes (yes!).  (For all you Boden babes out there 5'4" and under, celebrate the appearance of Boden petites!)

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. Reminder, I did a review/ootd on this skirt (in navy) on Tuesday. :)

Fruit Applique Pinafore
Fruit Applique Pinafore. You can see CW wearing this in the 3-4 size at the same post. (It runs true to size and was a huge hit at church!)

You all have a great Thursday.  :)

P.S. If you have any Autumn arrivals that you have a review of and would like to be in tomorrow's roundup, please e-mail me at  Thanks!!!