Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Happy Birthday Edition.

So how did I "casually" say Happy Birthday to America on July 4th? (I did "dressy" happy birthday here.)  Oh, yeah, baby, with Boden, of course.  Once again, I played the fun irony card by wearing British on America's anniversary of saying "stick it" to Britain.  (Okay, technically a sticking point, the real "stick it" day was July 2nd, but for various reasons, July 4th became our official "Independence Day."  Aren't you all super-psyched that I was a former American history teacher?  LOL.)

Before I bring on the photos/links, I want to remind you all that we are in Boden sale season, which means that the vast majority of items are on sale for between 25-50% off, so if you love something, grab it.  The items sell out fast, and even though there are popbacks, you can never be sure you will be able to get it on popback.  (Having said this...when, oh when, will the Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan go on sale?  It would be utterly perfect with so many of my "winter" looks!)

To access the sale, you can either click through the stock photos that Boden has provided us, or you can go to the sidebar of my blog which has a direct link to the sale home page.

I have done a review of this shorts play suit before, but this was the first time I wore it out in public.  Yes, so it really wasn't "public," per say, we were all just headed to my dad's for fireworks and bbq, but I was willing to wear this outside and have people besides my kids and Mr. Dina seeing me in this.

The play suit in this color really is a great casual bbq Independence day look.  The navy reads as a nice medium blue, much like the background of the stars part of our stars and stripes.  And the red and white are exactly the same as the stripes of the stars and stripes.  There was no doubting that I was definitely jingoistic that evening in my patriotic fervor.  ;)

Here is a close-up shot showing how very red, white, and blue this romper is in real life. 

I am wearing a pair of Thierry Lasry sunglasses--the (and I am not making this up, btw) Sexxxy 00.  Seriously.  I saw them at Anthropologie's stand alone accessories store in Friendship Heights back in June (when I met Carla, swoon!).  I knew that I couldn't even think about grabbing them that night, but when a certain company sent me a 15% off discount coupon for my bday (swak, Anthro, love ya!), I knew EXACTLY what to purchase.  The lady in the store says these rarely go on sale, so I feel good that I chose the right pair.  I am definitely bringing these French specs with me to France.  Bonjour!

Shorts Play Suit
Shorts Play Suit. I have the blue sailboat version, which I love, even in the *too large* size large, but it also comes in some more "muted" versions like the oyster colored version you see above.

Fringed Tweed Jacket
Fringed Tweed Jacket. Speaking of birthdays, go on over to Ema's FAB blog and wish her a happy birthday (it's today!). She did a wonderfully detailed review of this jacket (in two colorways) at this post. I would bite, except that I already own a fringed jacket from J. Crew. But I am definitely tempted.

Retro Shift
Retro Shift. So what did Johnnie give me for my birthday? Oh, just the Retro shift. I had lamented last week that this beauty was not on sale (darn it!), but there it was, in all its pretty painterly patina ready for me to purchase on Friday morning. (So swak to you, too, Mr. Boden.) (Oh, and it has shipped. Double SWAK.)

One last little silly bit of whimsy.  I wore matchy match on Saturday night with my g-friend CW.  She was pretty stoked (gotta love two year olds, lol).  I love this fun girl tee.  I bought the 13-14 size for me (fits like a J. Crew extra small or size 4 or Boden size 4) and the size 3-4 for CW. 

We literally were doing nothing that night, but gathered for a mommy/kids pic.  Love Rex's exuberance.  Love that he deigned to take a photo with us (it's been a while).  :)

FWIW, the cotton is a very nice, thick cotton, the graphic is well-applied, and considering how many times we have had to wash CW's shirt already (hello, chef boy-ar-dee), the tee washes well. 

Fun Girl T-shirt
Fun Girl T-Shirt. Also available in the pink tee you see above and a cute light blue version. All larger sizes are sold out (drat!), but you can watch for popbacks. Till then, you can make some little mini Boden babe really happy. :)

Have a great night, all.  Happy (Sale) Shopping!