Friday, July 15, 2011

Boden: And It is Back!

Well, yay for the autumn line.  The image above was the only one I could grab as the site must have literally been going live as I was refreshing it, but I do like that they are touting the petites.

UPDATE: (11 AM Eastern Time.)  There are no active links, only the pages themselves.  In other words, you can pull up items from both the fall and summer lines, but there is no way to put any items in your carts.  Also, for my UK readers, your site is still showing just clearance items, no new Fall items.  So I do believe Johnnie B. is testing it out over here.  (Fine and all, of course, but it is a bit frustrating not being able to even access the sale items for purchase.)

UPDATE: (11:50 AM Eastern Time.)  I still can't get any items to load to put them into my I switched to Explorer (I work in Firefox), and wa la...I could at least get the clearance items to load up.  So if you are interested in sale items, switch to Explorer and you should be able to access the clearance site (I will let you all know when Firefox switches).  Anyone else know if any other browsers are having issues? 

You can't, as of now, place any new items into your cart from Explorer.  Yes, you can.  My bad.  :)

UPDATE: (5:08 PM Eastern Time.) FINALLY.  The link below (just the plain box that says "Boden") worked in Firefox.  My sidebar coupon switched over to the Autumn line, but when I tried that one (it has a 10% off coupon), it futzed out.  Urgh.  I am attaching a coupon to the VERY BOTTOM of this post that has 10% off as well in hopes that the link from there works better.  (Crosses fingers.) 

UPDATE: (5:13 PM Eastern Time.)  Okay, neither the sidebar coupon OR the coupon below is working.  (Even in Explorer...grrr.)  That said, the Boden box below does work, so if you want to check out items, definitely use that as it is active and live.  I plan on letting all of you know as SOON as the other coupons work...I mean, a coupon is a coupon, right?

I have no "links" to the autumn clothing lines...those most likely will be available to me in the next few days, but if you want to go on over and take a look, I have the sale link in my sidebar, plus the one below (for those of you on mobile devices).   I will also be checking around for a good coupon, too.  (The sale stuff, btw, is now officially in "clearance," under its own tab, so if you are looking for that, there is where you need to go...)

Great clothing for men, women, and children

I still have the BWRR (part two) to publish today, plus an ootd post, so it appears this will be a heavy "My Superfluities" day. LOL. Well, I didn't publish yesterday, so I guess I am making up for it today. ;)

Shop Boden!

Above is the coupon I added at 5:08 PM in hopes of getting a workable coupon here at this blog.