Friday, July 15, 2011

Anthro Arty Farty Party...

On my birthday/Happy Canada Day, I went to have some sushi for dinner, because what screams dinagideon and our great Northern neighbor more than some raw fish?

Anyhoo, I found that I wanted to be dressed up but not overly done, so to get there I chose to wear a Anna Sui for Anthropologie frock that I wore for my birthday party last year (I am nothing if not loyal and traditional, snicker).

Since we took a backseat to partying all night (unlike last year--but I did order the LARGE hot sake instead of the small), I knew that this would be my splish if I was going to splash.

Mr. Dina ended up liking the outfit (seriously, he had no memory of it last year, men!)...

Dress: Anna Sui for Anthropologie Endless Chevrons dress, size 6.  Shoes: Cleo Platform Sandals in grey, size 10, Stella and Dot Starfish Earrings, and a J. Crew golden headband.

That was all.  Very comfy, btw. 

This tree I am posing with is the best. darn. tree. in our's trunk sits low so climbing is uber-easy, and it has a huge expanse of branches whose leaves provide a ton of shade in the summer.

Obviously I went nuts with the picnik.  BTW, B & T were not involved in this photo shoot, just my good friends Tripod and D70.

Close-up.  You can get a better glance at the earrings and the pattern on the dress in this shot.

Okay, all, off to continue to see how the Boden update is going.  As of now, the Explorer version is working well, but Firefox's version is all screwed up.  Hmm.

P.S. Speaking of July happenings, a belated Happy Bastille Day to all my favorite French friends/Francophiles.