Friday, July 15, 2011

Boden: And It is Down Again. Hmmm...

Umm, so I was going onto Boden's site just now to look to see if the Fringe Tweed Jacket was available for a blog friend and to look at the measurements, only to be confronted with "Site Unavailable."  Hmmm...

I thought the Autumn site was supposed to debut next week, but I have a VERY strong suspicion that we will all be receiving e-mails from Boden stating that our fall packages are on their way.  SQUEE!!!

Having said this...I was *just* about to publish the second BWRR for this week, the one with all the accessories and mini-Boden, etc., but I think I might wait it out to ensure that all my links work...nothing is more maddening than thinking your post is all good when in fact it is most definitely not.

So instead I will finally post on the outfit I wore for my birthday two weeks ago.  I just never got around to it.  There is no Boden in that outfit, though!  LOL.  :)

I will keep you all in the loop...until then, Happy Friday!

P.S. I also tried the Boden Preview site and it is down as well.