Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday Stripes and Doodles.

Hi, all!

I have been running around, all over the place, this past week. I have sorely neglected my blog, only updating here and there, and not really giving my normal "all" to the posting and commenting back, but in the end, whatchya gonna do? LOL.  If you had a question for me in the comments, I did try to answer back, but do let me know if you needed something and I didn't get to it! 

Having said this, I still have every intention of posting a Boden Weekly Review Roundup tomorrow, so if you have any leftover sale items you want to review (or have reviewed on polyvore or your own blog) or any yummy new Autumn arrivals to review, please do e-mail me at dinagideon@aim.com...there is a very good chance that if you have reviewed it in the past week, I definitely could have missed it. :)

Speaking of Boden, on Sunday, I wore the textured cotton skirt in a way that will seem familiar, especially if you spend any time over at Egyptomaniac's blog. As soon as I saw her look, I knew I had to try it myself with my navy version of the skirt.

Sunday Stripes and Doodles.

Above is the polyvore of all the pieces of the outfit. I felt very patriotic and feminine at the same time.

I even added in some more pattern with the Lucaya Espadrilles in the Cherry Blossom print.  :)  I normally shy away from mixing three patterns, but no one ran screaming from church when they saw me in this, so I take that as a good sign.

The skirt, as a reminder, is a size 8 Long.  My sister-in-law tried it on, and she is 5'7", and it hit below her knees, by a good two inches.  She has a longer torso and shorter legs, so the opposite of my build.  We determined that if she were to buy this she would need a 6 Regular (the 8 was a bit big in the hips for her).  I love that she was willing to try it on to show how even when two people are near the same height (I am 5'8" tall), they can have very different sizing needs.

I wish I could put a link to this darling pinafore that CW is wearing...but this is all sold out!  (Sad face.)  If it comes back in stock, I will make sure to have a link to it in tomorrow's BWRR.  She is wearing a size 3-4 in this and it is from the Baby Boden line.

I also wish we could bottle that smile.  SO CUTE!

Little ones are so cuddly.  Love it.  :)  She was a big hit at church.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. A lot of sizes are still available, and in all colors. Definitely watch for popbacks. The $39 price is decent for what you get, a fully lined, with pockets, summer skirt.

Have a great day, all!