Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow Leopard Harlow Blouse on a Cloudy Day!

First things first--I am in a bit of a funk today. I have heard that if you get no sleep one night and you get plenty of sleep the next, it doesn't matter because you actually are fueled with the sleep from the night before last. So right now I am running on the fumes of the two hours of sleep I got on the night of the fire.
I also PROMISE to respond to all of your awesome comments since yesterday afternoon, but it may have to wait until later this evening. But if you regularly read my blog, you know I am pretty good about responding to everyone!

By the way, since so many of you are keeping my neighbors in your thoughts and prayers, they seem to be doing okay, but still have so much to cope with. We walked over there last night and their home is a shell and there is trash, debris, and burned items everywhere. The home on the left of theirs even sustained some damage (the shutters actually melted from the heat of the fire).

My outfit today is okay. Neither here nor there, really. I like it...and think it is professional and pretty. But it is not as colorful as I usually am. But since I am not feeling all that colorful myself, it is a good mood-matcher!

This is the polyvore of the outfit. The cords, blouse, and belt are all J. Crew. The coat is actually a Banana Republic trench I got a few years ago for a song. The watch is my Fossil watch and the shoes are Nine West that look exactly like these from J. Crew.

Now for those of you that are regular followers of this blog may recall seeing this blouse on me before, but belted with a yellow-patent belt. The last time I wore this blouse, I also wore the claire pants in white, the grey herringbone aubrey jacket, and the etta peep-toe suede shoes.

The link to the last time I wore the blouse is here:

I personally am amazed at how I styled the outfit very similarly, even though I hadn't intended to. I knew that I would use my new patent belt in dusty rose (thank you, Ashley) to belt it but I thought I would be making a whole new look. Well, not really.

Doesn't matter because I like the look. I will point out one thing...I do notice a difference in the way pants fit me. I believe I weighed almost 7 pounds more in the January version of this outfit. I think I lost all of my weight recently in my lower-half, which if you are a pear like me means it's time to CELEBRATE. Nothing like a picture to remind you of how far you have come!

Here is the outfit with the trench unbuttoned. I think (now that I look at the picture) that I will add a colorful brooch to the lapel of this jacket. I bet that would really make the jacket seem less boring!

Here is the jacket closed. A nice, well-fitting jacket, but definitely in need of something! If the brooch approach (heehee) doesn't work, maybe a fun, lightweight scarf could...
Just so you know, the jacket is more accurately depicted (color-wise) in the second shot. Something funky went on with my camera's flash in the first photo (the one with the jacket open) so all the colors are off.


Emily said...

You look so pretty! I love that blouse. It is great to that it is so versatile.

Patina said...

I know that you are having a difficult time, but your look fabulous! Keep up the good work you look beautiful. You and your neigbors have gone thru a frightening experience, so it's normal to be to feel as you do. I wish I could get my site up and running like everyone else. I am having a hard time figuring it out. Ditto with Polyvore. Oh well

Patina said...

Ugh!!! forgive the typo's and spelling errors. I am trying to do a bizillion things at once

KatyO. said...

You poor thing! Between the house fire and daylight savings, you're internal time clock must be so off. At least you look great, even if you feel lousy. I hope that everything works out for your neighbors. One silver lining: it sounds like you have a nice community that will band together to help. That's so rare, nowadays. Keeping everyone in my thoughts!

Joyce said...

We're the funk sisters! Actually, you look great. I love that blouse with the belt.

ashley said...

Very nice! I'm super glad that you love the belt because it looks great! I know i say this all the time, but you always look so put together! :)

HeidiG said...

You look great! Nothing like sparkles and shine to brighten up your face and your day. Love the blouse on you, skinny minnie!

Donna said...

I am discovering all these awesome blogs off of JCA and I must say I love reading yours! I just snagged the Snow Leopard Harlow on FS a few weeks ago and have only worn it once so far, so I love getting new ideas for it! so cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your accomplishment Dina, I've been there a few years ago too and it feels great. You look fabulous!

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

You look beautiful, Dina! The blouse is gorgeous, too! :)

dinagideon said...

Emily: I love all of J. Crew's leopard print items...they really do go with quite a bit! Thank you for coming on over today...

Shopaholicdiva1027: Thank you for your sweet words. I feel a million times better today. I hear ya on the blogging and polyvore stuff...I get annoyed at certain things that I know I should be able to do but am unable to figure out! :)

KatyO.: When I moved to this neighborhood, I wasn't sure if it would be as awesome as our old neighborhood (we actually are friends still with our old neighbors)...but in the year and a half we have lived there we have definitely been welcomed. Rex is even the street mascot! :)

Joyce: My funk thankfully has ended. Yours, too?

Ashley: I appreciate it...I never know if I appear lose perspective on yourself!!!

HeidiG: Too cute...skinny minnie. Not quite, but getting back to my "fighting" weight! ;)

Donna: Awesome. Thanks for reading. It makes me happy to know that a little of me is helping others every day...and not just the 11- and 12-year olds I teach. This Harlow blouse is so superbly crafted...definitely one of J. Crew's finest moments!

Georgia Girl: Yes, being a girl takes some effort, huh? My husband gets that I am trying to lose weight but has no perspective. If I go up or down a pound in a day (yep, the hormones), he will actually say, "well, my weight never changes." And then I proceed to give him a little smack on the tush and say, "of course, not...because you are perfect." Then I turn around, walk away, and go throw a pillow! :)

FFM: Thank you so much!!!