Saturday, March 14, 2009

Okay, I couldn't resist...

I went into Target today and got these lovelies. And they are really lovely in real life. I promise to post pics of me wearing them soon...

First up, from the Merona Collection is the Women's Merona® Collection Clarissa Spectator Pumps - Pink. Can I say I about fell over when I saw these? I only have one or two shoes in a brighter pink, and I they are mixed with other colors (in a print). These are perfect for when I want a simple low heel in a nice bright pink. GORGEOUS. You can find them here on-line:

For a really good review of the navy patent version of these pumps, visit Gigi here:

Second is the Erickson Beamon for Target® Long Clear Bubble Bead Necklace. Loved this. I need more layering necklaces, and this one fits the bill perfectly. I really like how the bubbles are clear and slightly the necklace will work with almost all of the colors I wear. Plus, and this is for you mommies of young ones, the babies love either chewing on the beads or in Rex's case, saying "ball...clear ball, momma." Find it here:

I had first heard of this collection from gorgeous Slastena, and she did not lead me in the wrong direction. Many beautiful pieces at a very reasonable price. You can see her review here:

Have a great weekend. I need to go to sleep! ;)


Unknown said...

I think thise shoes are so cute. I love that you got the pink. I reviewed the black here:

HeidiG said...

Love the pink shoes. I tried them and unfortunately, they did not work on me - too tight in the toe box. But I am sure you will absolutely love them.

Very cute necklace - I don't recall seeing that one in store.

Anonymous said...

HI! I saw those at Target last night and thought they were adorable! I am still getting re-used to heels after many years of knee problems. Recent surgery cured that, but getting used to anything un-flat is still a challenge!

My daughter got a really cute pair of gladiator sandals there. They are bronze, and the price said 19.99. Got to the register, and they were 6.00 off, $13.99! So cute!

I have always loved Target, and am re-loving them again!

dinagideon said...

Hi Gigi: I put in a link to your post!!! Thank you for stopping by...

I cannot wait to wear the pink shoes...and photograph it, of course!

HeidiG: That is a real shame about the shoes. I did notice they were a tad tight, but since I usually have the opposite problem (shoes being too wide), I was sort of happy. I technically wear a 10 and 1/2 narrow, but that size doesn't exist outside of Nordstrom's it seems. :)

If you see the necklace, buy it. It is the perfect size for us taller ladies (it is long) and I really believe it will be a necklace you will wear a lot!

Anon at 1:12: Wow, good luck getting used to heels again. I will pray that you have a swift recovery from surgery...and that you can wear something outside of flats.

Your daughter's sandals sound really cute and fun for summer!

Thank you for coming on over to my blog!!!