Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Lamest Outfit of the Day, Yet!

Why this is my lamest outfit of the day, yet:

1) The individual pieces are nice enough, but together, total yawns-ville. The pieces include: tissue turtleneck in stone stripe (winter 2007 J. Crew), cashmere honey-glaze beach sweater (summer 2007), brown cords by dockers (costco purchase this winter), and earth shoes (not the brand at wal-mart, but the walking shoe brand). At least my hair looks nice! :) (Yay for straightening irons...)

2) You all have seen other outfits I have put together for my walks, and just because I am walking home when it is cold does not mean I should lose my style entirely.

3) Just 'cause Jim is sick and I have to get the babies ready does not mean that I can take a break...but I did...

4) I think I look like myself, just from my college years, when I had zero style. It's not that this outfit completely sucks, it is just a reminder of my years when I just "didn't care."

Tomorrow should be better. Oh, and tomorrow should have a much better picture...even though this isn't the worst self-pic I have ever taken, it is nothing like the ones Jim takes...get better, Jim!


HeidiG said...

Don't beat yourself up. I love the layering of the turle over the sweater with the shorter sleeves.

Is it your best look ever? No. But you still tried and this may be one that works better IRL than in photos. I am sure you looked cool, calm, and collected. :)

Joyce said...

Give yourself credit for the colors you put together. I think you have a good combination there. I don't think it's a bad outfit, but the fact that you don't like it says something about your evolving style.

tm said...

Aww, this isn't that bad. It reminds me of my college days, too! Sometimes, I wore the same pair of old jcrew loafers all week, and throwing a thrift store blazer over everything was my idea of dressing up (granted, I think it was more effort than the sweatpants many of my classmates were wearing!). :) You could easily perk up this casual look with a funky necklace and cute flats or peeptoe pumps (like jcrew's spectator peep toes in grey).

dinagideon said...

Ladies: I was super-busy at work, so I only just got to comment!

HeidiG: I felt cool, calm, and collected, but with this undercurrent of "itchy skin." You know how a tag can bug the crud out of you? That is sort of how this outfit made me feel. I wanted to post this outfit because I knew others have had their bad days, and I don't want to be a blogger who only shows her "good" side. :) Thanks for commenting...you are so sweet.

Joyce: Your astute comment made it in to my post today. I was really reflecting on the "evolving" style. I think you are 100% right. Now why I am so obsessed runs deeper--I want it to be something silly and meaningless--but I really believe in my heart of hearts that I have to prove how "girly" I can be (since I was raised by a single dad). And this outfit yesterday harkens back to a time when I was very uncomfortable with being a girl.

Tastymoog: It is totally a college outfit, and you are right, still way better than sweats! I wasn't sure of how to wear a necklace yesterday. I wanted to but felt it would look weird. I will definitely try it sometime in the future, though. I would love to wear flats or heels but the whole walking thing means cute shoes are out of the question, sadly!

Kat said...

Don't let it bother you too much. We all have days when we feel less than perfect!

I was just wondering, are you completely opposed to changing at work? Or just bringing some shoes along to change into once you get there? I ask because I walk to and from work almost every morning. I live in DC (Cleveland Park) and work in Dupont Circle. It's about a two-mile journey, and I dress up and wear heels almost every day. However, I wear a pair of athletic shoes when walking and carry my heels in a bag. If it's cold or rainy I'll wear jeans and change when I get to work.

I know you said you use your Vera Bradley bag...are there room for shoes? See what you think!

dinagideon said...

Kat: I love your idea and I think I am going to have to try it. Right now it is hard to fit anything extra in the bag (I bring all my pumping equipment to and from work so that has to take priority). But I think in a month or two, when CW is a bit older and I can pump less, I will have to give the shoe thing a go!


Kat said...

Ah, I was wondering what you were putting into that cute little Vera! Nosey Nellie, aren't I? Well, give it a try once that adorable little baby of yours gets a big bigger. Your kids are seriously too cute :)