Thursday, March 5, 2009

Review of the Orange Cluster Ring...

I know a lot of you have STRONG feelings about this since I ordered it...I thought I would share my feelings. But before I go further, here is the link to the ring at

It was also discussed at J. Crew Aficionada, here: The post was about the black version, but since I had bought the orange version I decided to do an additional review.

The above pic shows it on my right hand. It does not come close to overwhelming my hand, but I should remind people that I have very big hands. I have been told I have piano fingers from the time I was very young. My fingers are slim, so I bought a medium to wear on my middle finger. Medium is a size 7.

I am very glad I bought the orange, I think the colors will work nicely with my wardrobe and the colors work nicely with my skin color.

Here is a close-up of the stones. (Sorry it is a bit blurry--must get a macro lens.) The only thing I noticed? The stones look like they could fall out of their settings. Now I know that won't really happen (they have used a strong, clear glue and certain settings to ensure that the stones stay in place). I also know I am definitely not going to wear this out to a place where I could bang into stuff...don't laugh...I am known for being a bit "clumsy." :)

From the top you can see nice detail of the stones.

Here it is on my left hand, from the other side of the ring.

Detail of the back of the ring...can't really see it...but it is labelled J. Crew on the underside of the stone-work.
Would I recommend it? Yes, but only if: 1) You like your jewelry to make a statement; 2) You have fairly large hands...I think it would be too big on daintier hands; and 3) You are willing to buy it full price, or have a lot of luck. I can never seem to buy jewelry on sale, it always gets snatched up before I am able to grab it (with the exception of the pillow ring--SCORED on sale).
(That said, I bet that atomic necklace currently being made fun of over at J. Crew Aficionada will probably be on sale is just that hideous.)


HeidiG said...

I really like the ring on you. And I really like it in general. It's a fun piece. I would definitely consider it. But the atomic necklace... no way!

ashley said...

lol about the atomic necklace! i think the ring looks gorgeous on you! i wish i could see it irl but i'll take your word for it that it will probably be overwhelming for me. great buy! :)

dinagideon said...

HeidiG: Thank you! You are tall, too, right? If you have big hands, think about it!

Ashley: Well, I only say the whole thing about smaller hands because the ring is fairly big. My middle finger is 3.5 inches long (I work in a school--rulers everywhere--I am not a freak who just knows that--smile). The ring is probably 3/4 of an inch wide and tall, so that is where my recommendation comes from...that said...try it on at your local B&M...maybe it would look fantastic on you! :)

Milly said...

love the ring

Emily said...

I saw this ring at my B&M the other day and I love it. I may pick it up if it goes on sale. Looks great on you!

KatyO. said...

lol... Dina, my middle finger is also 3.5 inches long. One of my criteria for dating someone is that they have larger hands than me. Seems ridiculous, but there's nothing like dwarfing a man's hands to make you feel completely *not* feminine.

dinagideon said...

KatyO.: My bro has BIG hands. :) LOL.

Everyone else who commented? I will respond soon...but I have a meeting to get to...I just had to respond to KatyO.

HeidiG said...

Yes, I am tall. My middle finger is only 3.25" (Never thought about it, so thanks, KatyO, I just measured and now I know).

But my palm is as long as my fingers, so I can definitely pull off a big ring (like the H&M one I posted here.) I will have to try it out.

And hopefully that worked - I tried to embed the link into the comment intead of having the full http address. Hopefully it worked.

Marietta said...

I love this ring, I own both colors.... and I have smallish hands, but I don't feel that the ring is overpowering at all. It is a fun statement piece, and it adds a bit of pop to any outfit! :-)

jcrewSS said...

The ring looks good on you! I wasn't sure how it would look IRL, but a definite statement piece.

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

Thanks for the review and pics, Dina! I really want to try this one out, probably the black one, though. I need to order it with a Free Shipping code in case I decide it isn't for me, though.

dinagideon said...

Milly: Easy to love, huh?

Emily: Yeah, the Pentagon City store is out of these beauties! :)

HeidiG: The link worked, and I loved the way that ring looked on you...very pretty!

Marietta: That is good to know...Ashley--maybe now it could be a contender?

SS: Thank you!

FF: Can you imagine an 8 dollar shipping charge on something that weight? Ridiculous. :) The black version is very pretty!