Tuesday, August 7, 2012

OOTDs: Pencil Skirts in Summer. T'Pau!

(You should be pronouncing T'Pau like this: Tuh-Pow!)  LOL.  I was driving back from the grocery store today and was trying to think of a good title for my pencil skirt in summer post and since I already have used some version of "pencil it in" or "skirting the issue," I kind of figured I was at a dead end.  But then "Heart and Soul" came on Sirius's 80s on 8, and I had my title.  'Cause that is what I feel like when I wear a pencil skirt, like saying "Tuh Pow!"

Okay it's a stretch, but whatever, I know some of you are probably stoked that I brought up T'Pau.  ;)

Alrighty.  Let's get on with it.  I am going with the most recent first heading to the least recent last.

I make this face.  For you.
Info on the pieces in the next photo, but I wanted to remind you that I have done a review of this top before in this post.

I also wanted to make a special note on this skirt, the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Circle Eyelet.  I usually wear a size 6 or 8 in J. Crew pencil skirts, but I had read at AJC's blog that this particular skirt ran really narrow through the hips, so I decided to size up to a 10.  It does fit well in the 10, bit big through the waist, but I am very happy that there is no excess shadowing between the liner and the eyelet outer fabric, which I think would have happened in the 8.

The shoes are still available from Boden, these are the Uptown Heels, and I did a review of them here.  If you are interested in a clearance item, remember you can use my sidebar coupon for free shipping and returns (even if you can't get an extra % off clearance stuff).

I wore this outfit to go with my hubby and Angus to dinner on Sunday night.  :)  I felt good, and it was nice to just have the three of us (even though I obviously love the older two, they are tiring).

Citron...Eyelet and Stripes.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.  The polyvore actually happened first, not the outfit.

Okay, technically this isn't a pencil skirt, but I wanted this outfit to see the light of day, and I kind of know that if I don't throw it into this post, I won't publish it at all.

I was heading to somewhere, most likely a class for the kids, but honestly, this is from a long time ago, so I am not 100% sure where I was going.  All I know is Mr. Dina wasn't home because where I am posing is where he parks his car, so it was likely during the day.

I had found these yummy pieces in Sears the day before, when I spied a bunch of Lands End Canvas on sale.  I knew I couldn't get much, but the sweatshirt and the skirt were definitely affordable, so I brought them home and wore them the very next day (that I do remember).

The pops of red are great against the grey.  Technically the Marci wedges are orange but read red in these photos.

I even decided to make my lips a darker red than I normally would.

Continuing with the grey theme, this is an outfit I wore to my son's graduation from preschool.

Top: Anthropologie.
Skirt: J. Crew Factory.
Shoes: Anthropologie.
Earrings: Eiffel Tower earrings from Paris.

I will likely do this outfit in a polyvore, but probably not until tomorrow.

Here the outfit is in action.  The kids all have matching bits in the seersucker.  Angus is in a romper/onesie, CW has seersucker in the bib portion of her dress, and Rex is wearing seersucker shorts.

Mr. Dina is not wearing white tennis shoes.  ;)

I may have worn this outfit, comprised of lots of oldies but goodies, to a preschool run, but again, this was taken in May, so I can't remember.  But hey!  No Mr. Dina car, so I could take photos where his car usually is...

The only new thing is the shoes, which are by The Webster for Target.  These are well made and run true to size, and are still not on sale, even though most of the clothing is.

If you open the photo, you can see the information on the pieces.

Okay, that's all.  Now go rock out to some Heart and Soul, you all.  :)

P.S. I just did a sneak peek of some fall Boden items over at my FB page.  Click here to go right to the images.  :)