Saturday, August 4, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Lace and Cherry Blossoms.

Good Saturday to you all!  :)

I plan to do a regular BWRR next week on Wednesday, let's just call this Saturday version a one off, okay?

Anyhow, we are back into a regular cycle of normal priced items at Boden.  However, unlike years past, this season is starting off with a much lower coupon %, only 10%.  10% isn't terrible, but if you have been shopping at Boden for years, you could almost always count on at least 15% off.  Sigh.

(Having said that, I think there are a couple 15% off codes running around out there--if you have one from your catalog, etc., you can always put it into the code box on the shopping bag page to receive the 15% off.  From what I can tell from the Boden facebook page, some folks are having issues with their 15% off codes...very weird.)

The coupon running in my sidebar and at the bottom of this post are for 10% off with free ship and returns, so if you don't have a code, at least you can get this off.  This coupon is especially nice if you have a desire to just get a clearance item, as those don't get a % off anyhow and the free ship and returns makes buying them a little more palatable, especially if you don't know your size exactly and may need to do a return.

Alrighty, that's it...onto the reviews.

Regular Boden:
Lace Top.  I am officially in love with this top.  I received it a few days ago, and just like the Riviera Shirt Dress, I found a reason to wear it right away.  Admittedly, it is a top that can be worn year round, so it made wearing it weather appropriate (by itself in summer, with a cardi or light jacket in spring and fall, and with a heavier coat in winter.).

There are many reasons to love this top, but here are mine...versatility, comfort, and detailing (discussed with the next photo).

The details of this outfit are in the photo.

Versatility.  This top is great with a ton of items in my closet, including these cherry blossom print capris from J. Crew.  I also tried them with all sorts of skirts, shorts, and other pants, and because of the subtle pattern/texture and neutral color, this top looks good with all.

There is a navy color as well, but for my life, this ivory shade works with more.

Comfort.  This is a size 6, which is my normal top size with Boden, and it fits exactly right through the shoulders and neck, with a very lovely flare through the lower body (nothing obnoxious, though, you certainly can't tell it has a flare on my body) to help compensate for my larger hipline.

This may be too much for you, especially if you have the opposite body type from mine.  You need to size for your bust in this top, which means if your hips are narrower than your bust, you will definitely see a much larger "flare" through the garment.

There is a side zipper, too, but I found it unnecessary, although it could be helpful for some of you.

Detailing.  The lace is well made and classic.  The floral pattern is exceptionally lovely and very lady-like.  There is a cotton lining in the same shade, so you have to get really close to see the pattern, but you are aware that the top has texture from far away, even if you don't realize it comes from the lacy bits.

From the side.  This top is a bit shorter, so again, bear that in mind if you have a longer torso.  I like that it hits right above my widest bit...allows my bedonkadonk (my word for my bottom) to be on display without being all in your face about it.

From the back.  This top came wrinkled right through the mid-bit, but with gentle machine washing and line drying, I know it will come out, no problem. 

The cap sleeves are wonderful, but I admit to having a bit of a thing for them.  ;)  These are not lined even though the rest of the garment is.

Detail of the lace and the necklace. 

We were heading out to a friend's house last night for some yummy grilled burgers.  I hadn't really had much of a chance to dress up, but since I knew it was going to be a fairly casual event, I didn't want to overdo it by wearing a sundress.

Their little boy was a big fan of the necklace.  Sadly he didn't really care about the lace top.  His mom liked it, though.  :)

Lace Top.  The affiliate program only has last season's garments in their database, so to reach the top, click on the name of the top, not the photo.  (Although you can click on it if you have a thing for Helena Christensen and want to see her a bit bigger.)

Riviera Shirt Dress. Worn by me to go to a play last week.

Clearance Boden:
Plait Trim Top
Plait Trim Top.  Egyptomaniac wore this a while ago (FINALLY getting around to finding all of the Boden outfits, etc., published by my blog friends).  I love the pink/blue shade on her, and the term that she has applied to being an over-the-top fan of Boden...being on the Bodenade.  LOL.  So true.  I drink it far too often (well, according to my husband, anyhow, although he far prefers my Boden outfits to my J. Crew ones).

Fab Jersey Tunic
Fab Jersey Tunic.  Once again, the beautiful Poppy's Style wears hers in an "American Summer in the South" way, with no leggings or tights.  (And she has a cold, too...looking good for a lady under the weather!)  With the temps we have had 'round these parts, can't say I blame her.  And, well, if I had her legs, I wouldn't wear leggings or tights, either.  ;)

Rose Coat
Rose Coat.  I bought this in the clearance a while back and have finally received it (slow slow slow boat from England managed by a bunch of crazed monkeys, clearly).  It is a really incredibly lovely coat.  Made from a cotton/poly blend in a lightweight jacquard, this fully lined coat is exactly the right weight for spring and fall here in Virginia.  I anticipate it will look best with a pair of Audrey Hepburn-esque pants (like the Roma Legging), the lace top I reviewed above, and a pair of the Sixties heels in black (which I just got yesterday--one word for those--LOVE!) or black riding boots.

I will show this coat off (likely in the next BWRR), but some quick notes on sizing...I bought a size six and it just fits in the shoulders and bustline, which is saying something.  I definitely recommend only going tts if you are smaller on top.  For some of you this coat may not work, for the same reasons as I mentioned in the lace top review above.  There is a very distinct a-line to this jacket, and if you size for your bust, and your bust is bigger than your hips, the coat may end up making your hips look far larger than they are in real life.  My hips are larger, so it doesn't throw my proportions off.  The collar area helps balance the two areas, in fact, making my hips appear to be a match for my torso.

Okay, that's it!!!  If you have a review that you would like included in next week's roundup, you can e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or you can leave me a comment here or at my new Facebbook page.  :)

Below is a link for those of you on your mobile device or for those of you who don't want to scroll back up to the top and look in the sidebar. :)  (Remember, in addition to the 10% off, you get free ship and returns.)