Monday, August 27, 2012

OOTDs: Back to School.

So you know how I mentioned that I literally have not stopped moving for the past week?  Yeah, this kindergarten back-to-school stuff is NUTSO.  I give every single one of you who has done this before major props.  Between the forms (about 6,812 of them), pre-visits with the teachers and other school staff (58 of those), and supply purchasing (126 items and counting), I am one worn out momma.  At least I will be prepared for when CW and Angus go through this process.

Rex hasn't even started officially, that would be Wednesday, you all.  :P

And I thought setting up to teach 6th-grade history was hard.  (Laughs at former self.  Ha.)

Anyhow, I have a few moments to do a post (and polyvore and maybe even comment back on the last three posts), so here you all go. 

Let the back-to-school outfit parade begin...
I wore this getup to go to meet Rex's kindergarten teacher last Wednesday night.  Silly me forgot to bring a dressy enough outfit for the occasion.  I had planned to spend the day in the city and then head home for the afternoon, but at the last minute we changed plans where I would spend the whole day out in the city and then at my dad's.  On one hand being at my dad's was very convenient since he lives right down the road from the school (we walked to meet his teacher), but I didn't want to show up for the day all sweaty and in shorts and a tee.

Anyhow, I went ahead and ransacked the Anthropologie sale floor in DC and found these jeans (AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle).  I had been eyeing them and hadn't realized they had gone on sale, so I decided to go for it as they are great on my "continuing to lose baby weight" bottom half and dressy enough that I wouldn't feel underdressed at the meeting.  I also grabbed a tee from Forever 21 for the occasion.  I don't normally even go in Forever 21, but the need of a non-sweaty top combined with their really good prices compelled me to take a look.  I actually quite like this top, very pretty and somehow worked with the polka dotted jeans.

I am excited to wear both pieces again, how would you all style the polka dot jeans for the fall?  I am looking for suggestions!

Wasn't actually headed to anything school-related, but wanted to show off this one because I found the skirt lingering in my basement storage (which I cleaned out this weekend and found a TON of clothing from my past to either give to Goodwill or sell).  The skirt was from when I was heavier (after Rex was born), but I didn't think I could make it work on me now.  It is a size 12 and meant to be worn as a mini, but I like it better pulled down further on the hips and made into an a-line "almost mini."  Technically it is only two inches above the top of my knee, so it is more modest than a true mini, but still very summer appropriate.
I liked my hair and makeup that night, but I think it looks better in this over-processed/B&W photo.  :)

Okay this only counts as Back to School because I wore it to church, which also happens to be where the school is, BUT I am okay with it if you all are.

I reviewed this dress last week here.  Let me tell you all...if Boden came out with this in another vibrant color (I have more than enough in the way of navy dresses), I would be in on that action.  This dress is so comfortable, so pretty, so conservative, and SO exactly what it needs to be for my life, that I cannot thank Johnnie Boden enough for having his designers come up with this frock.  Amazing.

BTW, not only was the dress wonderful, so was Rex's behavior in church.  I was beyond thrilled.  He even genuflected at the end.  My baby is growing up!

So since my baby is growing up and again, can't. have. enough. meetings. with. his. school., we went back to the school this morning for orientation.

So I found a way of being modestly dressed, comfortable, and dressy enough by pulling these pieces out.

I had the hardest time figuring out how to wear this skirt.  Fortunately I found that this multi-stripe dolman sleeve tee is just short enough (I bought it in the size extra small to wear it a bit closer to the body) to skim the waistband of the skirt so that the skirt doesn't look overly frumpy (although it could be frumpy if you are still young, free, and without kids, lol).  I also can't tuck in with these kind of skirts because I am so short in the torso, so this top really does help make this skirt happen.

I have another way of wearing the skirt tonight, but won't likely publish it over here for a few days.  However, I have been pretty good about updating my facebook page with the photos the day they happen, so visit there if you want to see more "real-time" outfit of the day postings.

Went a bit lighter with makeup this morning because I knew I would have to wash it all of when I went to the pool (ah, the last gasps of summer, how I will miss thee).

Back to School.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.  :)

You all have a great day.  Hopefully back to school is going well for all of you, too!