Saturday, August 25, 2012

OOTDs: Shorts Ahoy.

Hi!  Happy Saturday. 

I figured while I had a moment when

a. the kids are all sleeping;

b. Mr. Dina is here just in case they wake up from their sleep;


c. I don't feel like sleeping, either...

then I could get a few outfit of the day(s) posted here.

Today I am compiling all my "shorts" outfits of the last month.  :)

I spent my summer shuttling the kids everywhere, including many Tuesdays spent at dance class, picnic lunches, and bug walks.  This outfit is from one of those days. 

The name of this post is inspired by the crewcuts tee I am wearing above, btw.  Get it?  Portholes are on ships...ships leave port?  Okay, I know I am stretching it.  ;)

I lucked out when I purchased the two girls' porthole tees when I visited the J. Crew with Monica in CA.  They were both on sale for $12 and further reduced by an additional 40%.  CW was thrilled that we have another matching pair of tees. 

I am obviously in a size 14, while CW is in size 5.

I added the seersucker shorts (also purchased for a ridiculously tiny amount in my not so tiny size 10), my Madewell sunglasses, and my Bensimon tennis shoes.  The bracelet is even nautical, every dangling bauble is some fish, sea creature, or oceangoing item.

Close up of the porthole tee.

The next photo shows this better, but I call this look "Hipster Mary Ann."  (As in Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island.)

Was headed to the grocery store (another thrilling journey in my exciting life!) as hipster Mary Ann.

The pieces in this outfit are old, old, old.  I think I bought the button-down from Kohls in 2003, I believe.  The shorts are from 2007.  The shoes and necklace are from 2010.  Only the sunglasses are relatively new (last January).

I almost gave the button-down away, but I am glad I held onto it.  Although I will never wear it the way I wore in 2003 (untucked, and unbuttoned more at the top), it gets a new lease on life with a new, fresher styling.

You saw the bottom bit of this outfit already when I reviewed the shoes for this BWRR post.

We were headed to the city as a family to see the Miro exhibit on the last day it was open.  I knew I would have Angus on me in the bjorn, so comfort was key, but I still like to have a put-together outfit, if possible.

The scarf was a bit unnecessary as it didn't even dip below 80 that day, but I liked how it tied the pieces of the outfit together and added some visual interest to the tank's neckline.

I love Brutalist architecture.  You don't know what Brutalist architecture is?  Well, take a look-see at this wikipedia article on it. 

I will happily pose in front of any building built in this style.  They are definitely unique, most certainly ugly, but so very much evocative of "Federal Government DC circa 1970" that I have a big soft spot for them.

This is a photo in front of the side of the Department of Labor.  Would have been more appropriate, I realize, to pose in front of it either the day I was set to give birth to Angus OR on the actual Labor Day (still can do that, two Mondays from now).

There I am, with Angus in tow, at the entrance to the Miro exhibit.

Was set to do errands in this outfit, but if you have good eyes, you can see that I have a swimsuit under the top.  I was also set to go to the pool, as well.

The hat is J. Crew (love my Lola!).  The top is Kohl's (must find out who made it for my facebook friend who asked about it).  The shorts are maternity (shh, don't tell).  The sandals are Target. 

Okay, that's it.  :)  I will probably make a polyvore of one of these outfits and if I do, I will make sure to include it in this post and then erase this here sentence (or at least cross through it).

Have a great rest of your Saturday!