Tuesday, August 14, 2012

J. Crew Review: Ink Dip Popover, Corduroy Shorts, and Abstract Floral Scarf.

You all...I actually wore part of this outfit today.  I know for the more savvy outfit of the day bloggers, this likely happens on the day of the actual outfit being worn, but I haven't been that good about it since, oh, about the very beginning of this blog (way back in '09!).

However, I have been good about putting the outfits up every day over at my Facebook page, so definitely check it out if you prefer more real-time posting of ootds.

Anyhow, I decided I would just go for it and publish the outfit because it is review day over at J. Crew Aficionada, and I wanted to make sure I could have this post ready before the day ends, so my JCA friends could have a look at three J. Crew pieces, especially since two of them are on sale.

Onto the reviews and then the actual outfit worn:
Ink Dip Popover, Neon Persimmon, Size 4.
Corduroy Shorts, Pale Turquoise, Size 10 8 (just checked--oops!).
Abstract Floral Scarf, In Store Only (as far as I can tell).

I am planning on clipping this image for polyvore because the scarf has no image on line and I really want to make these outfits into polyvore sets.  :)

When I tried this outfit on in the store (all three of the pieces reviewed where bought at a real store), I wasn't sure if I could get away with the scarf and the shorts and the shirt, but I kind of ended up digging it.  I know not everyone would go all nuts for the bright on bright on floral, but I figured since color is my thing, I should just go for it and stop over-analyzing it.

The scarf is really beautiful IRL.  I really want the skirt but figure that it will go on sale...and I can't even wear it right now since it is a bazillion degrees outside.  Heck, I was even beginning to overheat in this ensemble, and it was only 80 or so when I put this on.

The scarf is wool and very lightweight, but very long and full (many tying possibilities).

I am surprised this scarf is a fall item, but since I wore this outfit last fall, I clearly don't care if my seasons don't really line up.

Info on the pieces in this photo.  I plan to wear this outfit, as it looks here, but in the early fall, when our highs top out at 70 or so.  I sort of feel like this is a "California cool" fall look (but can also be worn in spring, more appropriately, too, lol).

Detail of the color of the top and the scarf.  This is a fairly true representation of the hues, although the top is a bit brighter.

The ink dip popover is really a great item to have in the closet.  It is really light cotton, which is fab if you live in a humid area, since it can keep you nice and cool.  The top can be dressed up for fall and winter and spring, though, with longer pants and skirts, and with a jacket over top.

I was able to nurse easily enough by undoing all the buttons, so if you are a nursing momma, big thumbs up.

The sleeves are nice and long, but I preferred them rolled up today (it got to the mid-90s).  Warning...this does wrinkle easily, so bear that in mind.

This fits true to size for my J. Crew perfect shirt size, so if you know that, you will know what size to get.

This top's color is NOT timid.  It is quite bright, but if you dig neon, this will be right up your alley.

This is my 90 degree version of the outfit.  I added the Sperry boat shoes (got them at the Catholic school uniform shop!) to tone down the look (like what I did in the 70 degree outfit by adding the light colored Greta suede wedges).

The shorts are really well made, a nice cord fabric, and my favorite part, a very subtle elastic waistband in back.

These shorts remind me a lot of shorts my Opi (grandpa in German) and Uncle Tom wore to take us surfing in California when I was a kid (yes, I learned how to surf as a little girl).  So I wear this outfit with some sentiment.  ;)

I always buy size 10 in J. Crew shorter shorts, I need the extra bit at the waistband so I can pull the shorts lower so the inseam isn't so super short. (So it turns out I didn't buy a size 10...must be the elastic waistband that allowed me to pull it a bit lower.)  I wish J. Crew had longer inseams on their novelty shorts, wouldn't that be wonderful, tall ladies?

Okay, that's all.  If any of you have a review of any of these items, would you mind dropping them in the comments?

Have a great Tuesday!