Thursday, August 2, 2012

OOTD: Notch Neck and a Supermarket.

I had totally intended on wearing this ensemble to church on Saturday night last but then life got in the way when I realized I needed to be away from the house for many hours with my nursing baby.  I always face a sartorial dilemma when it comes to Angus's needs.  As many of you know, I adore nothing more than a summer sundress, and for multiple summers now have worn them in superfluity (of course!).

Well, not counting this one.  I don't know if you have noticed this but all of my sundresses this summer have been on one specific type--the type I can nurse in (for more on good nursing dresses, tops, etc., check out this post that I wrote for a blog friend of mine).  So you haven't been imagining it--all of my dresses have had just the right kind of straps (can be pulled to the side) or they have had a button down front (which can be unbuttoned for access--this is how I made the Riviera shirt dress work for the play I went to with Angus).

If I can't give Angus his meals, then I need to be able to pump them in advance, and sometimes I just forget when I need to do so, and there you go--I just can't wear the dress I had wanted and settle for something more baby friendly.  ;-)  No big deal, yes, I know, but CW was a bit bummed because she really wanted to match momma at church (her choice, I wasn't sure I could even fit into the dress--yay postpartum!).

So I gave into her and wore the dress on Monday instead, when we went to the grocery store.  Yes, I wore the dress below and my mini me wore her dress (last photo) at the same time for a trip to get broccoli and fruit snacks.  I don't think we stuck out too much (folks were coming from work, so a lot of dressed up people), but we definitely caught the attention of the sales clerks who were really excited by our matching patterns.  It is actually kind of sweet to see a 23-year old guy get jazzed about that sort of stuff.  I assume he is bored otherwise and our outfits gave him something to talk about, but still, I'll take it.  And you all know how little girls are, right?  You lavish them with any praise and attention and it's all big eyes and "thwank you swo much."  ;-)

The outing meant that I could bring just a clutch that was nearly empty.  This is such a treat.  CW is now the age where I don't have to amuse her with thousands of toys and wipe her down and inundate her with constant motion.  Rex still needs all that, but he will likely grow out of it soon enough, especially now that the Kindle Fire exists.  Gus will need more as he ages, but even as an infant I could only get away with a clutch this size if we had the van nearby (filled with all the emergency diapers, etc.).

I mentioned this in the post on the pleated blouson dress, but I really am having a hard time with these yellow sandals.  I love them...on their own.  In all three outfits I have paired with them, I have been slightly dissatisfied.  This outfit is probably the best one with them, but still not a homerun.  As I told CC in one of my comments back to her, I will likely try wearing them with a pair of jean shorts and a simple tee or tank and see how it goes.

Do you all have thoughts on what you would pair with these sandals?

The notch neck dress by Boden is one of my favorite designs they have ever made (worn here last year).  Sadly this one from Spring 2011 is a bit small though the hips, so I felt very conspicuous.  The notch neck shift from this spring fits me better, but is the same size, so I think Boden fiddled with it and made the dress a wee bit bigger overall.  It wasn't enough that I couldn't wear the dress, I just felt very on display.  Of course Mr. Dina loved it, but he's a man.  My comfort is only really an issue if he hates what I am wearing, and then it's all, "yeah, if you don't feel comfortable, you should totally take it off."  Blah!  With this one, he was all, "you should keep it on, it's so pretty!" 

Although the clutch is a striped pattern, I think it paired nicely with the bold florals.  The Madewell shades are a nice match for the dress.

This outfit is definitely very derivative, though.  LOL.  Nothing fashion forward about it...just a simple sundress in gorgeous colors paired with matchy match accessories.  Very dinagideon formulaic, for sure.

The info on the pieces are in the photo.  CW's, too.  Note...her shoes light up when she walks.  Yes, I got her a pair (thank you, Nordstrom anniversary sale, only purchase made is a big success).

If you like this Notch Neck Shift, there are still a few available in the clearance section at Boden, and there is a short-sleeved version for this fall available in the regular women's section.

You all have a great night.  Be back with the Review Roundup tomorrow (fingers crossed)!