Monday, August 13, 2012

Boden: 20% Off Selected Styles.

Hello, all.  I *had* intended to spend the morning working on my "California: The Photos, Part One" blog post, but I will do that next.  First I want to tell you that Boden is offering 20% off selected autumn styles right now.

This sale is exactly equal to the preview discount, but I know that some of you prefer to order after the preview (gives you a chance to read the reviews, I get that).  I also know that some of you may not even notice something in the preview but then it catches your eye after the preview (for me, the Boho dress, so pretty!).

Okay, so here is the deal.  You can get 20% off just by clicking over to the sale, but to get the free ship and returns, I recommend using the coupon running in my sidebar or at the bottom of this post. 

You cannot stack the deal, so you can't get 20% off the Boho dress and then an additional 10% off with my coupon (I know, I tried!), but as far as discounts go, this is as good as Boden is giving right now.

This sale lasts for one week, btw.

I suspect Boden is doing well for themselves.  Anyone want to raise their hands if they remember better discounts in prior seasons?  :)

Also..GREAT news for mini, Johnnie b, and men...they were not part of the preview, but now have their own 20% off sections.

To visit those, here are the links:
Men 20% Off Shop.
Girls, Boys, and Babies 20% Off Shop.
Johnnie b Girls and Boys 20% Off Shop.

Okay, so I do have a few "picks:"
Autumn Breton.  Always a staple, and from what I read over at my friends' blogs, Boden makes the Breton especially well.  The navy and white is a classic and will last for many seasons.  Marked down to  $35.20.

Crinkle Jersey Shirt.  I actually did order this one during the preview, and outside of a weird smell (can be washed out, fwiw), this is a delicious, true to color, comfy, and soft button down.  No wonder this style sells out early every season.  This is a lot of print and color, but can be tamed with a neutral pencil skirt or jeans.  Will do a review in the next week or two.  Discounted to $54.40.

Funnel Neck Jacket.  I did want to order this in the preview, but honestly, I need to wait until at least October.  We will not see temps that warrant this jacket until November, so I am holding off.  I will only order it early if it goes "low" in stock.  However, if you are in a climate that warrants buying it earlier, and you see yourself in it, go for it.  Black is not on sale, but the other two colors are.  Discounted to $118.40.

Nancy Dress.  I am surprised that the bright pink/red is on sale and not the printed version.  But whatever.  This is a pretty dress that looks like it would be flattering on multiple body shapes.  Discounted to $174.40 (this is one of the Limited Dresses--Boden has said there is no separate line for them this season--they are integrated into the full line instead).

Pretty Georgette Top.  I just like the colors and print.  I have no idea how this would look on someone, but it looks cute on Helena.  This is the only color on sale.  Discounted to $70.40.

Riviera Shirt DressYou all know I love this one.  This color and the charcoal version of this print are on the deeper discount.  Discounted to $110.40.

Washed Wool Jacket.  The plaids in this jacket are not on sale, but the two solid colors are.  I think the solids are more versatile.  Discounted to $155.20.

Boden Wellington.  Aw, you can wear London on your boots.  :)  All three colors are on sale.  Discounted to $54.40.

Below you will find a link for the free ship and returns:

Okay that's all.  Do you see anything in any of the sections worth a look?