Monday, September 3, 2012

OOTD: 900 Posts, a Pop of Color, and a Giveaway!

Hello!  Happy Labor Day!

Well, look at that.  I am now at 900 posts written here at this blog.  Phew.  I guess I have had a lot to say.  Ha.

(Or outfits worn.  Or a mix of both.  Or Boden was having a sale and I couldn't shut up about it.)

Anyhow, as luck would have it, I published this outfit you see here in this post a week ago on my facebook page (I show off my outfits there first), and then five days later, my facebook friend, Rachel, posted on her Stella and Dot facebook page some photos of celebrities wearing the necklace that I used as a "pop of color" in the outfit.

Because it had been a long time since I had "talked" with her, I left her a note that let her know that I had worn this necklace as part of the outfit and that she could see it over at my facebook page.

She then said, "why don't we do a giveaway at your blog with one of my pieces?"  And I, of course, was game.  I let her know that my 900th post was coming up, and I could, as a way of celebrating, show off this outfit, talk about how the necklace added a bit of color to a very neutral outfit, and then do the giveaway!

So here we are.  I am now able to do all of the above!

Info on the outfit is in the photo.

I had worn the skirt earlier in the day to go and visit Rex's preschool teacher, and you all saw that last week here at this post.  I knew I still wanted to wear the skirt later that night when Mr. Dina and the rest of us were heading off to dinner, but I definitely wanted to change up the pieces, especially since I wanted the Stella and Dot Bahari necklace to be the star of the outfit.

A lot of people thought this outfit was a dress, that is how nicely the Loft top and Talbot's skirt worked together.  I think the studded leather belt by J. Crew ties the pieces together well, helping with the "dress" effect.

The Bahari necklace is a bright, vivid blue with gold accents (you can see it more closely here).  It really did "pop" against the white.  I love the summery feel of white, gold, and blue together.  It can look very nautical, and normally whenever I wear those colors together, that is the preppy feel I get.  This time, though, I felt like the outfit looked less preppy and more pretty.

The necklace was given to me by a friend, not Rachel, btw, even though she is the one hosting the giveaway.  My friend had two Stella and Dot boxes sitting out at her house when I stopped by to visit.  I said, "ooh, Stella and Dot, I love their pieces!"  My friend laughed and said, "I pulled these out for you."  So I open them up and was all, "ooh, I love these, I can't wait to see you in these!"

She laughed even more and said, "no, I want you to take one, they seem to be much more you than me."  So I picked out this necklace and she said, "good, that was the one I hoped you would like!"

I said, "you know I like a statement necklace, don't you?"  ;)

900 Posts, a Pop of Color, and a Giveaway!

Above is the polyvore of the outfit.

Okay, so what about this giveaway?

Rules for entry:

1. Please "like" Rachel's Stella and Dot's facebook page.  (You don't have to follow my blog or like my facebook page, but if you feel like it, go for it!)

2. Please let me know you "liked" her page in the comments along with: a) your e-mail address, and b) how you would style the Bahari necklace in an outfit you would wear.

This contest will end one week from today, Monday, September 10, 2012 at 11:59 pm Eastern time.  I will announce the winner the next day.

I will be writing one additional post mid-week about how I would style this necklace with some of Boden's sale pieces (there is a 20% off sale going on right now), so if you forget to enter right now, I will definitely be reminding you.

Alrighty, that's it!

P.S. Boden's 20% off sale (I mentioned that I had received early word on this in my last BWRR and on facebook) has started.  I will be back later today with more info and my picks from this sale, but until then, here is a link for you all.
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