Tuesday, September 11, 2012

J. Crew Review: Liberty Perfect Shirt in Assorted Florals.

Good morning, all. 

I haven't bought a Liberty shirt from J. Crew in ages (it may have been the tulip mania one, in fact, from Spring 2010).  Last spring when they re-issued some gorgeous Liberty print shirts, I was very intrigued BUT NOT ENOUGH TO PAY $150.

At $36.52 a yard (from purl soho), I know that the fabric is only an itty-bitty portion of the cost, so I decided to have a moratorium on Liberty shirts from J. Crew until they either went on sale OR they came in a fabric I couldn't get on-line.  Most of the spring fabrics were available either directly from Liberty of London (shipped from the UK) or Purl Soho.  So if I really wanted something in that fabric, I would just buy it myself and make a skirt or dress, or something.

But then the shirt came out this summer in a fabric I couldn't find...called vintage brights, the fabric features stars of all shapes and sizes, in a multitude of colors and constellations, on a lovely off white background.  I looked all over (and maybe I am looking in the wrong places), but I couldn't find this fabric.  So I just called a truce and saved up for it.  Then it sold out in my size.  Sigh.  So as to not have a repeat of this event in my life, I contacted my on-line personal shopper and asked if she would find it for me in a store.  And because she is awesome, she totally came through.

Still, I am sticking to my guns...only gonna buy liberty shirts when they go on sale or are in a fabric I can't find.  So there, J. Crew.  ;)

Liberty Perfect Shirt in Assorted Florals.  This particular fabric is near to selling out in all sizes.

I bought a size 4, which is the size I normally wear in perfect shirts.  It is a bit snug through the hips, but that is totally Angus's fault.  :)  (I don't lose the last ten pounds till I am done nursing exclusively.)

The fabric is beautiful. 

My camera (also a saved up for item--my other one just broke), the Sony DSC-RX100 captures almost everything perfectly.  It can do macro shots (really close-up ones like you see above) and it can take sweeping grand panoramic shots of landscapes.  It also has a super fast lens which means even wriggly little babies still get captured perfectly.  I may do a review on that camera later, but only if I find the time.

Close-up of it on me yesterday.  I decided not to overdo it by adding any jewelry, but I definitely had fun with my makeup.

I wore this to the grocery store.  I love when it is just warm/cool enough (in the 70s) because I can totally get away with long-sleeved tops and shorter skirts/shorts at the same time.

By the end of the run, the shirt was a bit wrinkly, but all my other tana lawn cotton liberty shirts wrinkle by the end of the day.  Such is life.

Have any of you reviewed this?  If so, would you mind dropping the link in the comments?

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