Sunday, September 16, 2012

Boden: 25% Off Picks.

Hello all!  Good Sunday morning to you!

I cannot believe that it has been nearly five days since I last posted.  Jeepers.  (I say that with absolutely no irony, btw, I really do mean "jeepers."  I also say things like "oh, my goodness," "for Pete's sake," and "for crying out loud."  The teacher in me tries really hard not to curse--but there may be a few slips here and there--usually when dealing with the driving population of Northern Virginia.)

Tomorrow is the very last day of the 25% off sale, but I hear that another sale will be in the offering come mid-week, so keep your eyes peeled.  I anticipate they will either put on sale new items, or they will keep the current items on sale and then add extra items to the sale, but only time will tell.

I also wanted to add that I was over at the Preview site last night and noticed that the items are now listed as 3 weeks delayed, where last week they were listed as a 7 week delay.  Well!  I guess I am sort of excited?  I definitely don't need the Sixties coat I ordered that early (our temps don't go down to enough frigidity until mid-December at least), but at least I can try it on and do a review for those of you who do need coats earlier.  I am slightly curious as to how 4 weeks got chopped off of the wait, but maybe Johnnie Boden waved his special British magic wand and made the Chinese factories (that produce his goods) work just a bit faster.

Okay, so here are my picks from the sale.  I will do an updated list of picks if this new sale pans out, but that won't be until next Thursday at the earliest.

Boho Dress.  This dress is really popular, but for some reason this shade of the dress is not selling well.  I actually only really like this one (and its red sister), so I am a bit befuddled.  (It's not keeping me up at night, though.)  Was $148, now $111.

Crinkle Jersey Shirt.  Another popular item, but still in stock fully in most colors.  Was $68, now $51.  I did a review of the red floral version here.

Everyday Jumper.  What a pretty color.  Of course this color reads spring to me, but with a good enough discount, why not buy now and wear then?  Or if you are like me, disregard color rules and wear it whenever you flipping feel like it.  ;)  Was $88, now $66.  This is the only color on sale.  Also, it has a 80% merino/20% nylon content, which I know bothers some of you.

Guernsey Tee. This tee intrigues me.  Not enough to buy it, mind you, but I still kind of dig it.  :)  I think it may be because my shoulders suffer from "we are too wee" syndrome, and I feel like these dropped shoulders could help them appear bigger.  I may think of getting this tee when it goes on deeper discount.  However, if you do like this tee and would wear it sooner than later, this may be a good time to get it.  Was $44, now $33.

Lavish T-shirt.  Another intriguing tee, this time in the "must I take out a second mortgage to afford you" category.  ;)  Just kidding.  It is expensive for a tee, but it is likely a Boden limited edition type piece, much like this tee I own from them last year.  Although they are no longer calling items "limited edition," there are pieces throughout the line that would be "limited" if they still had that line.  Was $118, now $88.50.

 Notch Neck Shift.  I own many versions of this dress, but in the sleeveless variety.  This fall, I decided it was high time to get the fall/winter version.  It came in a polka-dot pattern last fall, and this fall, they have gone for a botanical print instead.  I have the black/cream version, and have a very brief review of it over at my facebook page.  (I will likely do this review in next week's Boden Weekly Review Roundup.)  Was $148, now $111.  (This color is the only one 25% off, the other colors are only 15% off--use my sidebar coupon to get 15% off, btw.)

Placket Cord Dress. This is a dress that is also proving popular.  The more mod floral version, above, is not as popular, though.  It is a larger scale pattern, and I get that it may be a bit harder to wear than something on a smaller scale (like the polka-dot version that is nearly selling out).  Was $128, now $96.

Twist Neck Tunic.  I really like this color.  That is why this is on my list.  :)  It is also 100% merino wool, and the pieces I own from Boden that are 100% merino wool are wonderfully warm AND soft.  (I have no "itch," though, so don't take my word for it if you do have the "itch.)  Was $118, now $88.50.

Vanessa Dress.  Ah, the Vanessa Dress.  Comes in this amazing teal shade, a charcoal grey, and a black.  The charcoal and black are 25% off, reduced from $198 to $148.50.  The teal is $198 reduced to $126.23.  Since I had been looking at the teal for me (I love silk jersey and this color, so double score), I think I might just get it, since it is 40% off (roughly) and not just 25% off.  :)

Flattering Jersey Dress.  I didn't want to forget my pregnant friends out there.  I have a sad feeling that Boden Maternity may be going the way of the dodo bird, so if you are pregnant or anticipate being pregnant, I highly recommend grabbing the pieces when you can find them on sale.  I hope I am wrong about the maternity line, but right now, all signs point to "buh-bye!"  Was $138, now $103.50.

Did I miss any of your favorites?  If so, mention them in the comments!

If you would like to buy something that is not part of the 25% off sale, you can use the below link to get 15% off with free ship and returns.  (The free ship/returns also works with the 25% off sale, every little bit helps.)

P.S. I could have written the Boden Weekly Review Roundup last week, but the lack of reviews, combined with my crazy child/teacher centered life, meant I made the executive decision to skip a week.  ;)  It will be back next week, hand on heart.