Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Hitting the Knee.

So, I entitled this post "hitting the knee," because I am so flipping tired of seeing adorable print after adorable print pass me by at J. Crew.  Yeah, yeah, I know this is a Boden post, but hear me out.  I am a sucker for a great print, and although (CLEARLY) I don't need anymore dresses in my closet, I have accepted the fact that my closet is my "collection," and while I will sell coat/cardigan/jacket/pants/shirt to make room for other items, I will take a long while to cull my closet of dresses, as I do love them so.  So when I saw the Jules dress in Italian Paisley peeking out from under this coat, I gasped.  And then reality struck when it actually debuted.  Instead of hitting the knee like *I thought* it did on the model in the coat, it is far shorter on its own product page.  Sigh.  Since I am only an inch or two shorter than the models J. Crew uses, coupled with the fact that most of my height is in my legs, I knew that this dress would be a tunic on me.  Now while I can be okay with that when Target issues their tunics (excuse me, they call them dresses, too) because they aren't really all that expensive, when J. Crew does it at a price tag of $228, AND they don't have a tall option (even for more money, it would still be better), I get frustrated and walk away.

As do others.  Slastena just did a post on the dress this morning, and while I think she looks insanely beautiful in it, I do see how it could be far too short for most women, not just those of us who are 5'8"!  (Audreybella does look great in it, and on her, it is at a dress length!!!  So it does work for some women really well...)

Anyhow, back to Boden.  I want (no need) to show that the sartorial world is not exclusively beautiful prints on inappropriately short skirts and dresses.  (Okay, I know J. Crew has appropriate clothing, it's the fact that the most lust-worthy prints and patterns are unavailable to us that want more conservative cuts.)  This week I have two reviews of very work/church/life appropriate dresses that require absolutely no extra work on your part to make them doable.  No leggings, no need for tights, no need to bend at the knees so as to avoid flashing people, etc.  ;)

Also this week, Boden has extended their 25% off sale and have added many new styles.  I anticipate being able to do a picks post soon, but not today, and likely not tomorrow.  There are some really nice pieces they have added, so it is worth it to take a look and see if any of your wish list items are in the sale.  25% off is not a huge discount, but for this early in the season, and with the possibility that many of these may sell out before clearance time, this may be as good as it gets.

In addition, Boden released some photos of the new Limited Edition line.  I am fairly certain they said they were incorporating the pieces throughout the collection this fall and not using the Limited Edition name, but maybe they realized they DO want there to be some separation and have backpedaled.  Whatever.  As long as they are beautiful, made well, and are special and unique, I am sure I will salivate over them, regardless what they are called or not called.  ;)

Boden for Women:

Notch Neck Shift.  If you were on my facebook page earlier this week, you saw this photo.  As promised, I am doing a lot of preview photos over there, so if you like getting the "news" as it happens (lol), then definitely visit it daily, as I find it is very low-maintenance to upkeep.  :)

Size 8 Regular, which is my normal size in these notch neck shift dresses.  This is my first one with sleeves and a belt, and I must say, I think I actually prefer it this way.  I also love the all-over print, as opposed to the print being chopped up by a contrast color neckline and empire waistband (look at this review to see what I mean).

This dress was really popular last year, as it had a polka-dot pattern, and we all know how much ladies like their polka-dots.  :)  The botanical print is gorgeous and something that I don't have in my closet, so I actually prefer it to the polka-dots, which I definitely have in superfluity.

This color is on a really really long backorder.  I suspect it has to do with the great neutral coloring and the fact that the model is wearing it in the catalog.  Most of the time if the model is wearing it in the catalog, then that color is the one that sells fastest.

The other colors are lovely, though, so it may even be possible that the non-backordered shades work better for you.

It fits me like a glove, barring a bit of bagginess through the shoulders and bust.  The waist is able to be cinched, thanks to the belt.

Also, since this is the regular, you can see how very long it is, and how very long the LONG version would be.  Definitely keep this pretty frock in mind if you want to have something unique in your closet AND you are tall and need/want something that covers your knees.

Notch Neck Shift
Notch Neck Shift.  This color is only 15% off (with my sidebar coupon) but some of the colors are included in the 25% off sale. 

Finsbury Wool Dress
Finsbury Wool Dress.  I totally forget to mention it in my review/ootd post (HERE), but I am wearing a size 6.  This dress has no long version, but as you can see, it is more than long enough on me, which means 90% of you will definitely find it "hitting the knee."  ;)

Not on sale, (unless you add the 15% off sidebar coupon).  Not sure when/if this dress will go on super-sale or clearance.  Only time will tell.  Definitely do not expect it to be one of Boden's "let's slash this by 60%," but it could be reduced by 30-40% by the time clearance comes our way. 

I was fine to buy it at 20% off, and think its longevity in my closet makes the higher price easier to deal with...

Westminster Silk Scarf
Westminster Silk Scarf.  I won a publisher award from Boden, and with the $50 gift card I was given (woohoo!), I bought this pretty and then paired it with the Finsbury dress.  :)

Casual Zig Zag Tunic
Casual Zig Zag Tunic.  Shopwithm styled this tunic (she bought the denim version) really nicely.  I especially like the way she paired them with equestrian boots in one of the outfits.  Very Mommy chic!

Stripy Jumper
Stripy Jumper.  Shopwithm models two colors in this adorable sweater/tunic hybrid. 

Chic Embellished Cardigan
Chic Embellished Cardigan.  Shopwithm gets it!  Sometimes we just need a completer piece that makes our lives super-easy.  :)  I had the cashmere cardi coat last year, this is a similar style topper, but with pretty embellishments at the closures.

Boden Limited Edition Sneak Peek:
Contour Colourblock Dress.  I like this, but I am not a huge fan of color-blocking, so I will likely admire this on others.  I do love the styling, especially the hair/makeup, lack of accessories, and the adorable sixties heels.

Jacquard Crops and Peplum Top.  I love both of these, but would unlikely be able to wear the crops (the jacquard fabric is so unforgiving for pear shapes), but I might try the top!!! :)

Metallic Lace Top.  I actually own a metallic lace top like this, THAT I LOVE, but it is SO big on me now.  Time to do an exchange.  :)  Thank you, Boden.  (Of course, that is only if I can afford this looks like it might be really expensive!)

This is all that Boden has previewed.  Do you like the items in this preview?  Can you see yourself in them?

Okay, that's it.  :)

Below I have given you two links, one for the 15% off coupon for those of you who may be interested in something not in the 25% off sale, and the other a direct link to the 25% off sale. 

Boden is discounting loads more styles! Find this seasons latest fashion trends up to 25% off now, until Sunday, September 23rd! Shop now at!

Have a wonderful night!

P.S. If you have e-mailed or commented here over the past few days, I apologize for my lack of communication.  I am trying to keep all my ends tied up perfectly, but my ties are getting a bit frayed.  :-P  I think it will all get better as I get used to the new school year, but right now I am *just* keeping my head above water, so to speak.  I will be able to grab a few moments in the next few days, so I look forward to being able to properly communicate with everyone who has reached out to me!  :-)