Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Boden: 25% Off Fall Favorites!

Spelling favorites "favourites" makes this sale that much more elegant.
Hi, all!

What a couple of weeks this has been in Boden land.  I can barely keep up with all the promos.  (Not that this is a bad thing, mind you.)

Of course I can barely keep up with my own schedule, so take everything I say with a whole saucer full of salt. 

I will be unlikely to even really look at this sale, and all of its many garments, until tomorrow, but I did want you all to know that it is out there, and some of the pieces are pretty cute that are on sale.  I will pick my favorites, of course, and do a "picks" post before the sale ends.  (Hopefully tomorrow, but it could be Thursday.)

The 15% sidebar coupon I have does NOT apply to the 25% off promo pieces, so again, no double dipping (sad face), but you can get free ship and returns with the sidebar coupon, and it does apply the 15% off to anything not in the 25% off sale.

Here is a direct link to the sale, but you do not have to use this one to get the sale.  The sale is already posted and going!  :)
Boden Clothing Sale! Take 25% off select styles from the Boden Autumn collection. Shop Womenswear, Mens, Johnnie B, Mini - Girls & Boys at BodenUSA.com.

And, as I usually do when I post about sales, is there anything that you all see that is worth a look?