Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: A Focus on the Sale.

Good evening, all!  I hope you have had a great couple of days.  If your days have been anything like ours, I feel for you.  Never, ever, ever did I imagine how very exhausting it is to do the school run everyday AND yet still try to maintain some structure and schedule for the other two.  Poor Angus is the most exhausted, it seems he always falls asleep right. before. we have to leave to pick up Rex from school.  Sigh.  ;)   I know we will get used to it, with time, but the first days have been a bit of a humbling experience. 

Okay, onto the fun.  There is an awesome sale (well, awesome for this year, anyhow) going on over at Boden right now.  I am sure you all know about it, but just in case you don't, check out this post for more info on it.

Tonight I have included two reviews of items I have that are included in the sale.  Only one of them has photos, since the second item only just came in and I haven't had an opportunity to really try it on, style it, and wear it.  But...since I love it with the intensity of a million suns, I wanted you all to know about it before the sale ends.

Regular Boden:
Audrey Dress. This is in the sale at 20% off, which makes it $94.40.  I don't think this dress will sell out anytime soon, but I am sure that once it gets down a tick or two more (maybe at 30% off), it will sell well.  I say get it if you will wear it before it goes on sale, otherwise wait it out.

I bought this in a size 8 regular, and I quite like it at this size, even if it is a touch short.  I guess I was expecting knee length.  Having said that, this particular shade of green is great for summer and spring, so I would probably wear it most often then and bare legged, so a bit short gives it a bit of a mod mini look.

It does fit pretty close to the body, but because it is made from a heavier weight jersey material and lined on top of that, it fits without that cling wrap look that lighter weight jerseys can give to lumps and bumps.

I do recommend that if you have a larger bust or shoulders to consider sizing up as this dress has no zipper and getting the dress on and off can be a little bit of challenge.  I was fine enough, but I definitely want you all to know that before you pick a size.

The back view is fine, but I may wear some spanx the next time to ensure that everything is sucked in nice and tight.  Or I could just wait another six months until after Angus is done nursing full time (which is when I lose the last amount of baby weight--happened with CW that way).  Eh, whatever.  No one threw tomatoes at me tonight and my husband seemed to really like the dress, so I will take it for what it is.

Wore this as a whole outfit this evening to go out to "Winesday" with my brother at our local Whole Foods. No Angus with us, so I could wear a non-nursing dress.  Woo! 

Also, reminder, you can win the Stella and Dot necklace here at this giveaway post.  The bright blue/gold works quite well, especially as a pop of color, with solid colored dresses and tops.  All of the shades of the Audrey dress would look quite nice with it, in fact.  ;)

Here is a close-up detail to the fabric and button.  Very nicely made, really.

Audrey Dress
Audrey Dress. Definitely not selling out, especially in the green and red (it is red, not orange like I originally thought--I have that shade too but will probably return that one).

Finsbury Wool Dress
Finsbury Wool Dress.  I received this yesterday and I can only give you a very brief review, but I definitely wanted the info out there.

I ordered a 6 regular and while I was a bit concerned that it would be too tight through the waist and bust, it was perfect, hugging my bodice like it was made for it.  The skirt is nice and free, so I didn't have to worry about it being too constricting. 

The wool is amazing, soft handfeel, and a nice weight to be worn through at least three seasons here (would be far too warm for our summers, though). 

The color is not the same shade as in the pic above, but it is close.  I would say the yellow is a shade darker and towards the green end rather than a true clear yellow.  But...since I like yellows that have a tinge of green, it works for me. 

I am tempted to try one of the other colors, but honestly, I have very little need for the conservative shades and cut together.  If I still worked on Capitol Hill, I would be all over that, but in my world, the yellow shade works best for my dinners out, church, and parent meetings.  If they come out with another shade for spring (like a gorgeous aqua or orange), I will definitely be interested.

It has a definite mid-century vibe going on.  I felt very Grace Kelly in it, in fact.  And any dress that makes a harried mom of three feel like a freaking princess, that is a good dress.  :)

These are on backorder, but still are part of the 20% off deal, so you may want to grab it at a lower price, as they may not make it to clearance. 

LouLou Dress.  My good blog friend, Louise, sent these photos in so you all could have a look-see for yourselves at this amazing dress.  I must say, I am especially appreciative as I would really like to have the red/navy striped colorway and having the photos and the written review has helped me decide what size would be best for me.  (And likely a whole bunch of you, too!)

Here is her (very thorough) review:

The good: the colour is lovely, a bright maroon almost cranberry red with navy stripes. Much nicer than I was expecting from the catalogue shots. The waffle type material is great; stretchy, thick, warm (so warm I left it a few days before trying it on as we had some hot days here early August). It is definitely a late autumn/winter piece. I couldn't wear it for long the day I tried it on so came back to it a few days later when it was cooler. It will keep you warm in the winter for sure.

The bad: My problem with the dress was that the pleated bits sat funny across my bottom as you can see in the picture. In the online shots they don't flare out as much so I felt as though I looked like I was wearing a dress several sizes too small (this is a UK8R). The same with the front, the pleats just fell too open for my liking yet it was a smidge loose across the torso/chest area which makes me think sizing up would resolve the pleating issue but lead to a flappy torso area encassed in too much material.

It arrived VERY creased, stuffed into a bag. The pictures were taken of the dress straight from the bag, I didn't want to risk ironing it in case I damaged it. I left it hanging up for a few days and went back to it, some of the creases had dropped out a bit but the pleats still fell in an odd way. Deal breaker and back she went!

I've seen this dress on a lady on the Boden Community Friends FB page and her pleats sat much better. Her dress was also really creased with it arrived but the navy stripe colourway was more forgiving of the creases. I think this might be a dress where you need to order two sizes or read the measurements very carefully and if you keep it be prepared to wrestle with it post-wash to get it ironed flat!

Thanks, Louise!!!  (I also hope someone from Boden reads this blog and makes note of the incredible creasing Louise encountered.  Maybe they will get "right on that!")

Loulou Dress
LouLou Dress.  Most colors are on backorder, which I suspected they would be.  This is also why this dress is NOT in the 20% off sale.  However, if you want to get it, the 15% off coupon in the sidebar (separate from the sale) will work for it, bringing the overall cost down a bit.

Clearance Boden:
Jersey Tea Dress
Jersey Tea Dress.  Egyptomaniac owns this dress in the spotted print and once again, she shows us that Johnnie Boden should name her the American princess of the Boden Jersey Dress, as she always looks amazing in them!  :)

Okay, everyone!!! Good night.  Remember, the 20% off portion of the diminishing discount ends tomorrow night.

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