Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cleaning My Closet and It Sure Feels Good.

I am saying bye-bye to a Bella.

I am going through a catharsis.  I have held onto so many flipping pieces of clothing, it was honestly becoming a bit like my closet was playing the part of itself in a satire of my life.  :) 

It wasn't like I was overly attached to the clothes, BUT I was attached to the idea that I needed them because I am not the lucky gal who is always exactly the same weight and shape all the time (really, who is?).  So here my closet was, holding onto ancient pairs of pants, oversized tees and sweaters, truly sad-looking shoes, all because I couldn't let go that I didn't need them all just because I was worried that one morning I would wake up and either be a size 14 (which I was in one year of college) or a size 2 (which I was a few months one summer when I was 23). 

I am too old to be holding onto this neurotic belief that I have to have the stuff just because of situations surrounding my appearance.  I am of the station and of the mind that I can let 60% of my closet go (either to Goodwill--likely more than 2/3rds--or sold--the other 1/3rd) and if (BIG IF, btw) I find I either gain a ton of weight or lose a ton of weight, I can go and get the right sized items in the present, rather than hold onto the past.  :)  Because that was what I was doing, holding onto my past, and not even a good past, we are talking a past of fear, worry, and nervousness.  By purging my closet, I am purging the worrywart me, and allowing me to be more free to be okay with any change that may come into my future self.

Any of you all doing similar or have in the past?  I am kind of enjoying it!  I especially like seeing the Goodwill pile grow, the clothes may be old, but all of them are in great shape (the neuroses surrounding my appearance also spill over into taking really good care of my clothes), and I remember being a girl and being taken to Goodwill to pick out clothes, so I am glad I can pay it forward.  (We were very poor for a few years when I was very young, owing to the fact that my dad and mom had me at 23 and 18.)

I also am finding that by letting the pieces go, it is allowing me to focus on the real pretty I have been collecting in my wardrobe.  And that feels pretty special--knowing that I own some beautiful dresses and skirts and tops--especially since I spent a good part of my youth hoping that one day I would own pieces that were special, ones that were crisp, clean, perfectly pressed, etc.  (Grade school was the worst, so you know, all the girls came to school in their amazing pleated Catholic school skirts, while my pleats were mere memories of their former glorious selves.  I never ever wore a skirt that was that pressed until I was in my 20s.)

So, with that said, I am going to be publishing a lot of polyvore sets with my for sale clothing, here at this blog, rather than my Cash from My Closet blog.  Since so many pieces are exiting closet and I kind of need them gone sooner than later, I figure I should publish it on the blog that has a lot of followers.  Eventually, once the purge has slowed down, I will likely go back to publishing the sets again on Cash from My Closet.

BTW, if the pieces don't sell through here and the JCA exchange after three weeks, I will try ebay, and if it doesn't work there after two attempts, I will consign the pieces.  I will not be able to get back pieces after I consign, so if you want something, please get it before the 5 week buying period is up.

For Sale!

Polyvore One is above.  I published this during the first week of purging, and some of the pieces are already gone.

For Sale, Found Them.

Polyvore Two is above.  This is a set of four items I just purged this morning.

Rare J. Crew/Anthro For Sale.

Polyvore Three is above.  I purged these rare items last week.

There is a lot more where this came from...I am selling or donating anything that I find doesn't look as awesome on me as I hoped, and while the pieces are nice, etc. (especially the J. Crew/Anthro/Boden of the past few years), if they aren't working on me, I want them to "work" for someone else.  :)

Okay, that's it!  I can't wait to see your comments about your own closet clean-outs!  :)