Thursday, October 7, 2010

Falling Into Fashion...

Ooh, yes, I have been gone a while.  Oops.  I did literally FALL into fashion...that is the name of this autumn's intersession I am doing.  Remember Spring Into Style?  This is similar in feel...just a bit more geared to cold weather fashion.

I wanted so badly to stay on top of my blog and the *100 PERCENT AWESOME* comments you all gave me but life kinda had to take over.  Wait until next all will get to see a project I have been working on that I am positively GLEE-full over.  I had to kind of push it last week to get most of it done on time for my class, and that definitely affected my ability to keep up with my best bloggie pals.  :P

Of course I still took my outfit of the day pics, so below are the ones from the past week...

Might as well start with today.

Dress: Size Small, Banana Republic from Fall 2004 (thank you, tag!).  I HEART this dress so much that if I could marry something inanimate it might have to be this dress.  I remember seeing it on a photographer's assistant in September 2004 and immediately desiring the dress so much that as soon as I got home, my computer fingers had bought the dress (not me, never me...always blame your purchases on computer fingers). Anyone have a polyvore link for me, btw, or should I just clip myself?  :)
FOUND IT ON EBAY, everyone!!!
Shoes: Size 9.5, Cole Haan Carma Peep-toes.  Yummy.  And parfait (ooh, French) with the wrap dress.
Necklace: J. Crew Ombre Pearl Cluster Necklace. 

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore yesterday.  The kids and the adults went wild for the Dani suede peep-toes.  I even had one ask me if I had worn them for Breast Cancer Awareness.  LOL.  I didn't, but I totally fell in love with the idea as soon as I heard it!!!  So, ladies, wear your pink!!!

Shirt: Size small, Vintage Bateau Top, J. Crew.  I still love mine.  You all still love yours?
Pants: Size 8.  Scout Chinos, J. Crew.  Yeah, they are good workhorse capris.  I do appreciate the pegged legs...I look just terrible in the capris which have a flared hem.  Yuck!
Shoes: Size 9.5.  Hot Pink strap equals Breast Cancer Awareness!  Wear your Danis if you want to represent for the "ladies."  ;)

Jacket: Size 6.  This is the Maryn Jacket from J. Crew's suiting collection that I got for around 50 dollars.  I like the look of it with the stripe top under...

It was fairly cool yesterday, so the Maryn was great when I had to take the kids out for recess.

You all who teach elementary, I give you all mad props.  There is so much going on all day long, I have no idea how you manage grading, planning, going to the potty, etc.  I felt middle school was demanding but we had a lot of planning my day as a freaking fashion teacher (not exactly hard work, mind you) I am so beat...we get 20 minutes for a break and a 30 minute lunch.  At my middle school we received a 30 minute lunch AND 1.5 hours for planning.  Isn't it kind of nuts that I am more worn out teaching about style?  LOL.

Dress: Size UK 12 Regular, or US 8 Regular.  Aaaah, the Boden Bubble Dress.  Since it was COLD and raining on Tuesday, I decided that I should theme all I wore "bubbles."
Shoes: Size 10.  Cleo Platform Sandals, J. Crew.  One of the little girls said she was going to steal them RIGHT. OFF. MY. FEET.  Yeah, okay, honey.  You do that.
Necklace: This is the Deco Necklace that J. Crew produced last spring.  It was a fab add-on to my outfit.  It truly appeared as if I had bubbles floating on my sternum.
Ring: Rachel by Rachel Roy Octopus Ring.  What a delightful bit of fluff to decorate my hands with...

Jacket: Size Small.  This is the J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket that is still the SAME price I paid for it LAST AUGUST 2009.  Guess everyone must love it.  It is the perfect jacket for those YUCKY, RAINY, CLOUDY, CHILLY days that fall and spring seem to have in spades.
Bag: Bonjour, Jericho Pursette in Seashore Beige.  This may be the best choice I have ever made to buy on sale.  I don't give two figs that this bag doesn't match my outfit, it literally is the most comfortable, easy-going bag I have ever owned.  (Even more than Vera Bradley.)  If I could get it in the other two colors, I would.  If you all see it on a pop-back, grab me.  The leather is super soft and the compartments are nicely sized...the only thing I can't fit in there is my HUGE Boden wallet, and really, that's okay.  I mean, really, do I use my WHOLE wallet every day? 

Okay, you all, starting to flag here, so I am going to be a bit brief on the next photos. (Oh, I know, I blog is best in picture book format anyhow. LOL.)

This was my outfit for Monday when the monsoon that was the weather system moved into Virginia.  Cardigan, lovely, warm, bright, and cheerful merino in extra-small from Garnet Hill.  The necklace is a grey ribboned pearly bits necklace (in-store only, btw) that I am too tired to try and find in polyvore.  Please forgive.  :)  Oh, but the shoes.  These are some darling singin' in the rain shoes from Mod Cloth that were exactly what the doctor ordered when every inch of street has at least 16 inches of rain.  You can find them here if you are so inclined to follow in my (soggy) size 10 footsteps. 

Yes, this is a close-up of an outfit I wore on Saturday.  I just want you all to see the awesomeness that is this viridian colored vintage silk scarf.  I had someone (nicely and sweetly) ask for me to do a scarf-themed Mommy Style Monday, and since I am so unable to do my favorite kind of post, I thought I could throw a bone out there for you all.  :)  This puppy is on sale for less than $30, and is so soft and the colors so beautiful, I am honestly surprised it hasn't sold out.

Yeah, that is a side shot of my outfit so I can show you the Jericho pursette in full-on glory.  :)  See why I want it in all colors?

BTW, I do not care for the other incarnations in the Jericho line.  In fact, I kind of think they are really ugly.  (I am SO SO SO SO sorry if you love them.  I totally respect that, after all most of you respected me when I told you I love LOVE LOVE the Devote necklace.)
Last one.  Phew.  Wore this on Friday for the staff meeting.  The top is the merino boyfriend sweater in some blush color or another.  The pants are the zippered madras capris.  The shoes are the awesome, wonderful, gorgeous Anticipation heels from Miss Albright (Anthropologie) that will probably have the lowest cost per wear out of all of my shoes (well, excluding my flip-flops, natch).  Oh, and, yes, I am wearing four necklaces including the enamel elephant critter necklace from the outlet.  I am just that crazy.

You all have a great night.  I truly have NO idea when I will be back.  Sometime before 2011, I suppose.  ;)