Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer Sun-Dressing...Last Hurrah!

First thing: CW's Stella and Dot Children's Jewelry Party ends tonight. If you want to get in on the action, go to this post to find out more!

Second: As today is the last day of September, I wanted to celebrate the summer that has just ended by exhibiting a parade of summer sundresses that I wore yet never got around to posting. Today is the exact right day to do this as so many of you are in the same situation I am...under a monsoon watch (really just some freaky tropical depression, but still crazy). What a better way to lift the cloud of dreary from our lives than to look at really colorful, sunny dresses? Exactly. :)

This may be my all time favorite image ever taken of me and the kids.  And it was taken at Target!  :)  I want to get it turned into one of those canvas type art things you can hang on your wall.  I enhanced the saturation and played around with the "grain" so it would be sort of a retro-looking image.  You all like?  I have a black and white one floating in my Picasa files, as well.

The dress is from H&M from a bazillion years ago.  The sunglasses are A.R. Trapp Troboudor for J. Crew.  The flip-flops are J. Crew.  The kids are all mine. 

This is the Jakarta Halter Dress from J. Crew that they made in the Summer of 2009.  I wore this out one evening.  I was meant to be hanging with the girls that night but dear sweet Mr. Dina had other plans.  Yes, I went to Home Depot and Five Guys in this outfit.  Ha.

These sandals are the fortuna capri sandals.  Size 9.  I actually really love the Capri sandals by J. Crew, but I often am hesitant to buy after my starfish ones from last summer had the strap come loose.  I still need to get those repaired.  Blegh.  These seem to be holding up better, though.
This is a jersey wrap dress that J. Crew must have made in the summer of 2007.  I have a very strong memory of wearing this while pregnant with CW.  Speaking of pregnant, I had a couple of people ask me that day if I was preggers.  Of course I am not (hello, heart surgery), but I can see where they are coming from.  And no, I wasn't offended.  I happen to like the way I look pregnant, so no big deal.  LOL.

The accessories are all sea-themed.  The necklace has fish charms and is from Target.  The bracelet is a charm bracelet by J. Crew that has an ivory anchor and other kinds of ocean-related doodads.  The flip-flops are from the era of "critter" J. Crew and have orange starfish on aqua grosgrain ribbon straps.

Ahh, the dressy jersey belted dress, or some variation of that name.  This is from the summer of 2009, you all have seen me in it before...many times.  Brought it out for this summer as I love the tropical palm color and its overall ease.

The necklace is from Mint Condition which also sells charm jewelry, not just consigned goodies.  It is very pretty and much more demure than I usually go, but it was H-O-T that day and I didn't want to wear too much on my neck, you know?  The sandals are Nine West and serve mainly for function (I took a walk with the kids that morning).

Oh, yes, the purple Sara Dress from the J. Crew outlet.  Golly this color is FAB.  Doesn't also look nice with the sort of mushroom color of the shimmery cardi?  That cardi is from the J. Crew collection and I have worn it once before.  I would prefer that the sleeve of the dress not show through the fabric, but in reality, it doesn't look too awful, either.

I wear that scattered glass necklace constantly.  It may be the most useful necklace I have ever purchased from J. Crew.

The sandals are the ubiquitous Cole Haans that I have literally not stopped wearing since I bought them in July.

I can't even begin to remember the name of this jersey dress, but I do know it was in the August 2009 catalog.  I bought it in the dark plum color and I love its simplicity.  Only real embellishment is the raw edging at the neckline.  Perfect for a SAHM outfit.

Necklace is the magnolia charm necklace.  Sandals are from Banana Republic.

CW has this bumblebee dress in four sizes.  Sadly this is the last size she will be able to wear.  Boo.  I love the dress as it comes with bloomers that have a stictched bee on the bum.  SO freaking cute.  Her sandals are Miss Trish of Capri for Target and they also feature a bee.  :)

Just wanted to show you some of the pieces that CW has already received from her Stella and Dot Children's Jewelry party.  Aren't they precious???

You all stay dry, warm, and happy.  Hopefully we get at least one more gasp of fine weather so I don't have entirely retire my sundresses until next spring.  (Crosses fingers and toes...)