Monday, September 6, 2010

A Little Blue...Good Time to Show Off My Blue!

I have had a rough week. Insanely enough my finding out what I exactly suffer from in regards to my terrible migraines isn't even what had me down this week. :P

First, the news regarding my PFO (please see this post for more info on what that is).

Trust me, the next paragraph or two will make more sense if you do read it. :)

I definitely, 100%, there is no doubt in my mind, HAVE a HUGE hole in my heart. In fact, based on my trans-cranial doppler with micro-bubbles study (link takes you to a PDF), I have the absolute worst possible grade you can receive regarding holes in the heart. The hole I have basically is open for business, even when I am at rest. That means there is always a bit of the bad blood mixing in with my good, oxygenated blood and because of that, my brain is receiving bad blood a lot of the time. There are two tests they do...the first test is at rest, which I received "uncountable bubbles," or a "curtain," which equates to a grade 5+ (plus). The grades start at 0, which means no bubbles pass through (there is no PFO if that is the case) and go all the way to 5+. When they gave me the second test, I needed to replicate exertion, so I had to blow into a tube (called a valsalva maneuver). This test is normally done because a lot of people will experience more bubbles passing from their right atria into their left atria under conditions of exertion, if they have a PFO. (This second test is valuable especially for those people who have a PFO but the PFO did not register on the first test.) Me? Oh, no. I mean, yes, I had more bubbles passing through, but yep, the bubbles were still uncountable, and still a curtain, and therefore still a Grade 5+. I think this is unfair, I think there should be a distinction...I want to be a 6, darnit. LOL. (See I can still laugh about it!)

My neurologist then moved on from that to my MRI results, which were...da da DUM...normal (enough, my hubby may disagree). :) GREAT, I'll take it. But wait, I am not done...

Turns out that even though I have a normal MRI, my neurologist suspects STRONGLY (bold-face font, thank you very much) that I have suffered from "mini-strokes" already based on my symptoms while having my AWFUL TERRIBLE migraines this summer. Turns out that a prolonged aura (my worst ones have lasted for hours) with partial blindness in my right eye and difficulty walking (walking into walls and falling over from standing) and not being able to speak properly are not typical and worry her.

With my MTHFR disorder (I clot blood easily), she is not putting my health to chance and is INSISTING that I get my PFO closed before my "mini-strokes" turn into big, land you in the hospital STROKES. I have an appointment with a local cardiologist in a few weeks, and at that point I will know more about when and where I will get my hole closed. YAY!

See why I am not blue about my health? This, albeit a bum-tastic thing to have lived with, is nearly done. THANK GOD.

My blue-ness is more on me and feeling like I can't get along with people. Not my friends, nope, my family. Fortunately I am pretty adept at figuring out familial issues, but it still stinks feeling down. (And hence, my absence from the blog, couldn't get motivated to be happy for you!)

So as an HOMAGE to blue, I give you two blue outfits I wore this summer. :) Enjoy!

Dress: Size 8. This is the knotted starfish dress and I must have tried this dress on five or six times in multiple J. Crew dressing rooms. The 8 always fit best (even if it is a bit short--but hey, it's summer and I was going to a picnic). I just couldn't pay full price. It went on sale, but even on sale, I thought it was too expensive for what it was. When I was able to get an extra 20% off, I bit, and ended up getting it for around $45.
Shoes: Size 10. I believe these are some Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals. They are sparkly!

This is the outfit as I wore it. Below is what I had originally intended to do.

Size small. Elastic Blossoms Belt. I adore this belt, and love the way it looked here. But for a picnic, nah. That and the heels are better for a date.
Shoes: Size 10. Yummy, love how the light lavender look like a neutral. I believe these are the patent Elodies from Summer 2009.

Yes, I am full aware of how ridiculous the kids look. Baby CW is for sure doing a "staying alive" dance move. I think she must love the disco. That is a starfish crewcuts top. Yep, another mommy and me outfit. ;) Rex's sunglasses kill me, too. I didn't know 3-year olds could look like cops. LOL.

And notice how the "knotted" in the knotted starfish dress is spangling out onto my upper-arm. Awesome. Not. Fixed that right up before I left the house, promise.

Dress: Size small. This is the Marin Dress and I LOVETH. Simply put. I know this was not insanely popular, but I found the fit, fabric, and comfort perfect for my life. I wore this out and about doing normal SAHM things. Drewablank wanted me to get the x-small, but I found that it fit too well at the hips, thereby making the skirt portion shorter. Prefer it to only be "just" so short.
Shoes: Size 10. Just plain old flip-flops from J. Crew.

This lighting better shows off the color. :)

Mommy Style Monday note: I have received all the e-mails, comments, etc. regarding your nominees. Awesome. :) Currently creating the questions for the Q & A, and all will be sent out the Stylish Moms very soon. When I receive them back, I will start that new portion of Mommy Style Monday.

Have a great night, and be safe at school.