Monday, September 20, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #11--Disney Edition!

A few weeks back one of my commenters mentioned a need to know what to pack for a trip to Disney, as she would be going with her children in the future. She was specific in that she really wanted to know what to pack for the parks to stay comfortable but also be stylish. I confessed that the best I do when I travel to Disney is a variation of pretty preppy and not some of my more involved ensembles, but I think we all know that is okay!

So here I am to show you my idea of a perfect wardrobe for going to the amusement parks with your families....a little comfort, a little color, a little sass, and a little bit of fun.

Keys to the perfect wardrobe:

1. Comfort: So very important, especially if your travels involve Florida or California in the middle of summer. We are such Disney-freaks that we have been there many, many times over the years (me...over 35 times to almost all of the Disneys, including Tokyo!) in all sorts of weather. This summer we went three times, once to Disneyland, once to Epcot, and once to the Animal Kingdom. All were hot, and the ones in Florida were extremely humid. You must remember to wear breathable clothing that is light and reflective. You must bring proper (yet always fun) accessories like a hat, great walking shoes, and sunglasses. You must not wear clothing that is too tight (we saw a shorts-wedgie on some lady and it look like it HURT) and you must not wear most man-made fibers...these two nots will make you miserable. These comfort rules also extend to your family...don't forget them!

2. Color: If you are limited to what you are wearing because you HAVE to be comfortable, then express your fashion sense in your it patterns, blocking, or matchy-match hues. I am so much more a fashionista in the middle of winter when I can play around with layering, lots of heavy jewelry, and extra makeup. There is no way I can do that while knowing that my whole day will include walking many miles, sweating, and carrying exhausted little ones. So I go all "southern preppy" and pull out bright greens, pinks, yellows, and plaids to show off my style. Knowing that I am not wearing a loose tee and cargo shorts and a pair of really worn-in tennis shoes helps me feel like "me" even when I can't wear my statement necklaces. LOL.

3. Sass: This is what helped my casual go cool. The A.R. Trapp for J. Crew troubadour sunglasses and the Lola for J. Crew raffia hat really did go the distance to giving me a bit of an edge. I definitely was the only mom in the parks wearing a straw fedora and I kind of liked it! Plus my kids and husband could always find me. (That is actually a great tip--wear something "you" and let your kids know to LOOK FOR a crowded park that could be their savior.)

4. Fun: Just remember to have it. And you will be more likely to have it if you are feeling great about yourself. :)

Hats, check. Color, check. Feeling good in my comfortable cotton? Yep. (Wore this one to Epcot...)

See what I mean about exhausted little ones? And lookie there, my outfit still looks crisp-ish. (This was nearing the end of our day at Epcot.)

I was not over-heated in this v-neck. It is a linen blend and it really was great at shielding my shoulders from the overbearing sun. (Yes, do not forget to apply the SPF!)

But it did get really hot at one point, so I did sling it over my shoulders, very prep from the '80s. I did match the tank to the sweater. Oh, yeah...good J. Crew and their matchy colors. (What is the deal with this character, btw? Is it a gorilla? Baby CW loved her. Mr. Dina says Rosie O'Donnell voiced this character and could. not. believe. I let CW pose with her...yeah, like I care one way or another.)

I am not doing this pose on purpose...this is the ultimate in a candid shot. However, you can see the sunglasses are serving me well, all mid-sentence like.

You all have a great night. Moms who have been nominated (either by someone else or themselves) as a Stylish Mom, please expect an e-mail with questions sometime this week. :)

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