Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marseilles Floral Cami and the Liberty Tulip Mania Perfect Shirt...IRL with Shorts.

CALLING all Stylish Moms or anyone that knows a Stylish Mom! Nominees, please!!! :)

Above is the polyvore of the summer outfit I created for the Marseilles Floral Cami. I fell in LOVE with the print and as difficult as I found it to fit (as others did, I believe, including gigiofca who tried on the other version), the print was worth making it work (Tim Gunn, you are rubbing off on me!). I wore this when one of my fave blogggie pals, drewablank, and her sis came over to my house for a playdate (drewablank's sis has kids the. same. exact. age. as mine...awesome). It was humid and muggy that day, so the light silk of the cami was perfection!

I think this pose might draft me into the army if I am not careful. Recruiters, stay away. I am not really interested.

Size 4. The 6 was far too big everywhere but the hips, but in the end, I wanted a slimmer silhouette and went with the 4. I am not going to lie...the cami bugs when you are trying to figure out how to get the bottom hem to lay right, but in the end if it is close enough, it is more than okay (for all you OCD people out there--I know what it's like!). P.S. I always wanted to name one of my daughters Chloe Marseilles. One of my awful ex-boyfriends made so much fun of me, I quickly lost that drive and desire. Jerk.
Shorts: Size 8. You know, the 5 inch inseam chino shorts they ALWAYS have at J. Crew...good thing they keep some of the basics around.
Shoes: Size 10. These are from Summer 2009, and I LOVE them. So pretty and sparkly.

Yes, our family has bought into the pillowpets craze. CW and Rex love their pillow pets. Really.

Top: Size 4. I am such a fan of the Liberty Print fabric, are any of you really surprised that I bit on this button-down? I love tulips, and this particular print is just the right size, not too big and not too little. I have tried layering this with a jackie shell (even though the jackie shell I bought is too big) and it works nicely. Will look great in the fall with the shell, a pair of jeans, cute ballet flats, and a bright lady day coat. P.S. Anyone have a charcoal jackie in a size small that they want to swap for a charcoal jackie in a size medium? Merci!
Shorts: Size 8. SO GLAD I bought the store out of all colors of the stretch summerweight bermuda shorts last year. Even though they are all a bit large on me now, I don't give a hoot. This year's bermuda shorts are a JOKE. I am *this* close to returning the orchid shadow, even though the color is sublime. They are pretty bad, no stretch, wrinkly, wonky waistband. Ugh.
Shoes: Size 9. Yummy neon flip-flops. :)

Baby CW is proof that cuteness reigns supreme. Love her version of my outfit...crewcuts elephant print top and a pair of Target bright pink shorts. She is even putting her hand on her hip. Work it!

You all have a great night. Thank you for all of your time, I am glad that I have so many awesome followers (225! Thanks, Tabitha!).