Thursday, September 23, 2010

Speaking of Hot...

Okay, well Blogger has a new style of making posts, so if something looks off to you, let me know and I will change it up. I guess the new editor probably makes it easier on us, the authors, but there is always a huge learning curve. LOL.

So, today it topped out at 94 here. That means that the DC area has seen 65 days of 90+ weather all summer. That's pretty impressive. I guess 2010 gets to be our year of crazy, mind-blowing hyperbole. Remember this???

Today, to honor our continued humidity and heat, I wanted to show you two more outfits from another hot and crazy humid place...Orlando.

Above is the polyvore of an outfit I wore to see a really good friend of mine, Mari, her hubby Tim, and their son Mason. Mason is CW's boyfriend (or so says Mari and me), so we had to bring it. She wore the same top as I did (crewcuts, awesome!) and a similar style bottom. Wait till you see it in real life...

Yes, she does appear to be reading here.  We are just that talented as parents. LOL.
Top: Crewcuts, Graphic Tee with Octopus, Size 12.  This was before they had size 14.  I just did the old tug, tug, tug on the hem and it was stretched out enough to work on me.  Yay.  Plus, tucked in the skirt, it seemed just right.
Skirt: J. Crew Collection, Daisy Day Skirt, Size 2.  Love, love, love this skirt.  I can't get over how often I pull this out for a quick, fun day.
Shoes: Cole Haan, Size 10.  Again, love ya, Cole Haan.

CW and her boyfriend connected.  I think it was the outfit.  Crewcuts top, Circo (Target) shorts, and Circo (Target) sandals (they are sparkly!).

Son, you will wear that size shoe someday.  At this rate, probably when you are 9.
Boden's Lilly-esque tunic was most definitely at home at the Florida seashore.
Tunic: Boden, Printed Tunic, Size UK 10, US 6.  Being this is a linen, I knew it would stretch out by the end of the day.  I am very glad I went with the 6 and not the 8.  This was the perfect cover-up for our day at Canaveral National Seashore (go there, I is insanely beautiful and not crowded).
Shoes: Merell, Size 9.  Old, but incredibly durable sandals.

Beautiful You, Beautiful Glow Set
Today I sent out my THIRD (!!!) Arbonne specials e-mail to my Arbonne client list.  If you would like to be on this list, drop me an e-mail at or leave me a comment saying so.  This month, my clients have received an e-mail from me alerting them about my sale on selected sets and items.  Above is the Beautiful You, Beautiful Glow set (click on link below pic to go to the description directly from Arbonne's website) that I am offering at 20% off its normal price (and its normal price is a savings off of buying these items individually).  You must place the order through me as the Arbonne site is not offering this deal.  (That is why I love having my own business, I get to make up some of the rules.)  :)

I truly appreciate all the incredible support you all have given this stay at home mom.  I have really enjoyed the challenge of starting this business, and the best part is that I can be with my kids while doing the vast majority of the work that goes into being an independent consultant with Arbonne.

You all have a fabulous afternoon.  :)  Talk with you tomorrow.