Friday, September 17, 2010

CW's Stella and Dot Children's Jewelry Party is Starting TODAY!

Hi, everyone! I am so excited to share with you an opportunity to celebrate CW's 2nd birthday by joining us in a week long Children's Jewelry Party with Stella and Dot!

CW is such a girly-girl, but sadly has very few baubles to show for it. I find that we get her all the sweet little dresses and shoes and hair bands but we completely neglect her jewels. LOL. I know that she doesn't really need jewelry, but then I saw what my great bloggie friend, Rachel had on offer with her SAHM business, Stella and Dot. How did I miss this? The Stella and Dot company is fab, a direct sales company like Arbonne, that does costume jewelry very similar to styles you all have seen before by J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Fiona Paxton.

When I found out that Rachel was doing a direct sales business like I was, I immediately told her I was going to have a party with her AND that I wanted it to benefit my little girl on her birthday! So tonight we are going to have the physical party, to which I have invited all sorts of local moms and their daughters, but Rachel and I decided to take it one step further by extending the sale to all of you who read My Superfluities. I know the only way you can order from Stella and Dot is through a rep like Rachel, so I am thrilled that you all can satisfy your needs with this week long party! (And no, you don't have to buy children's jewelry, but that is my goal as hostess.)

CW has so many pretty hair accessories but is so lacking in her bling. She is starting to eye my Fiona Paxton and I am a little concerned.

This is the mini-Charlotte necklace. It looks like a piece for a full-grown lady, but this is made specifically for our little minis (and I am not talking about skirts)!

Ooh, the girliness continues with the Gracie headband and barrettes...the floral attachments are meant to be switched out and you can attach the florals to necklaces if you (or your mini) choose!

This is pure old school J. Crew. Except it's not. Yum. This colorburst enamel cuff bracelet is not meant for the kids. :)

I think I own this. Oh, yes, it is called the tangled treasure necklace by J. Crew. Oh, wait, no--this is Stella and Dot's more versatile option, the Audrey Cluster Necklace. Good for you, Stella and Dot! I should have waited. LOL.

Now, I saw this and said, FIONA PAXTON, when did you start branching out? Nope. This is Stella and Dot being fashion forward with the Nolita Necklace. Awesome.

As you know, my fixation with jewels is pretty legendary. After all, I fell in love with the Crystal Devote necklace even when the rest of the world was crying foul! Heehee.

(But I also know I am not jewelry posts are always the most there must be some love out there and this party is for you fab, bejeweled ladies!)

How do you join the party:

1. Go to this link.

2. Look for the link at the top of the page that says "Can't Make it to a Show? Find Your Hostess."

3. When the pop-up box appears, put Dina in the box that says first name and Gideon in the box that says Last Name.

4. After that, you are all ready to shop. :) Please do enjoy!

I cannot wait until this party is done so I can show you all the awesome lovelies that I got for CW's birthday!

Thank you all, and have a great, sparkly DAY!