Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Olive Green and Neon Pink!

Hi! We are back from vacation, and it was amazing, of course. :) Thank you all for your sweet comments and e-mails over the last week. I may have been out of touch...Disney will do that to you...but it was nice to come back and see such pleasant things in my inbox!

I am going to make this short and sweet today. You know how it goes when you get back from travel, lots of unpacking (ugh), cleaning (double ugh), and structure-setting (triple ugh) to do. Plus, CW's bday is soon (SATURDAY!) and I am preparing for her birthday party AND a Stella & Dot Children's Jewelry party I am having for her (I will give you all info on that soon--you all can help get her some fab jewelry if you purchase some for yourself), so I am a teeny bit over-extended. (Plus, add Arbonne to the mix, and all of a sudden I have two full-time

I went out with my bloggie-friend Rachel today to Pentagon City (she is my local Stella and Dot rep) and we both needed to peek into J. Crew, me for a return, and she for the 20% off sweaters deal they are running now. I needed to feel dressed up, but not so much that I couldn't wrangle my rugrats. Above is what I wore...

Dress: Silk Cargo Dress, J. Crew, Size 6. Yummy. I am glad I got to wear it again before summer is gone.
Shirt: Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee, J. Crew Collection, Size Extra-Small. I bought this early on and I am finally wearing it. I say size down if you runs large. I like it layered with the cargo dress, very pretty preppy meets downtown. I think they did this combo in the May catalog with the tan version of the dress. It appealed to me then...and in real life, it is appealing, too.
Shoes: Piera Ballet Flats, J. Crew Collection, Size 10. I normally wear a 9.5, but chanced the 10. They are a *squidge* too wide in the heel, but not anything that bothers me. I LOVE the neon pink trim. So very cool. I definitely think I will get a lot of wear from these. :)

Couldn't resist showing CW off. She snuck into the pic as she wanted to pose too. :)

Have a lovely afternoon, all!