Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All Dressed Up and...

I did have somewhere to go for most of these photos. Sadly, I did have the obvious "all dressed up and nowhere to go" for two of these photos, though. But we'll get to that later. :P

As all of you know by now, I have fully embraced becoming a SAHM who also is an Independent Arbonne Consultant (the shiny, bling-y, double-lower case "A" looking thing there to the right is my button to my website). Now normally most of my work for Arbonne keeps me at home (usually where I like to be most) filling orders for my clients, answering e-mails, checking out specials, researching ingredients, etc. But every once in a while, I do get out and have reason to don the business wear again and show off some of my finery, both J. Crew and Arbonne alike. :)

First up, let's start with the coolest place Arbonne brought me. Little back story, though: In July I was told by my friend Holly that if I were to sign up three preferred clients (who receive a 20% discount on Arbonne for the year by signing up) and if I were to make a sales goal, I would be invited to the beach (!!!) in North Carolina for an Arbonne girls weekend. Umm, what? For basically doing what I should be doing anyway as a consultant, I can get this really awesome incentive? Okay, where do I sign up?

I won't pretend that it wasn't hard work. I was prepared, though...I was there for my clients when they needed me, sent out lots of samples, talked to all sorts of folks about how much I believe in the ingredients that Arbonne uses in their cosmetics, etc. I had parties, and I was (barely) able to make the goal.

But was I ever glad I did. Holly and I went to Wrightsville Beach, just outside of Wilmington. The place we were at was a townhome right at the very southern tip of the beach. The weather as insanely perfect, the ladies were incredibly welcoming, sweet, and positive, and the wine was flowing. I don't think it could have been any better.

Up first, before you see the pics is my inspiration for the first outfit. I had made this polyvore AGES ago but it inspired my whole trip. I went with lilac, grey, and stone as my colors. The color combos in the outfits I brought were perfect with the beauty of the area. Oh, of course it matched my makeup. LOL. :)

Top: Size 6.  So glad I bought this embellished bow top last year.  I was back and forth, but it is one of my most favorite special blouses, hands down.  There is a factory version on the factory site...or there was last weekend.  :)
Cardigan: Size Small.  This is the Metallic Beach Cardigan, and was pretty popular this summer.  Mine has a TINY snag in one of the arms, but I think I could find a way to stitch it closed.  Hmm.
Pants: Size 30.  These are the cropped overdyed denim capris (or something like that) from 2008.  Yummy lavender color.
Shoes: Size 10.  Cole Haan's awesomeness has appeared many times this summer already here at My Superfluities, eh?

Wore this for our dinner out on the Saturday night.  I felt good.  I had fun.  It was worth all that hard work. ;)  I am prepared to work this hard for future incentives, btw.  (So if you want a hard-working Arbonne consultant, come on over, the water's fine.  LOL.)

Top: Size extra-small.  This is the sequin necklace tank.  This is really a great layering piece (although I am clearly not layering it here).  I tried this tank on with this skirt in the store and I loved it together.
Skirt: Size 10.  This is the fleurette pencil skirt that gave many of us so many issues when we tried it on.  This skirt did give a little in the hips by the time I sat down at church as it is a silk/linen blend, but it still bugs that the waistband and hips are nearly identical in measurement.  Last time I checked, most woman's hips and waists are significantly different in their measurements.  Yes, I had a floppy waistband.  You can't tell, so it is fine.
Shoes: See last outfit.  :)

I wore this to church (mentioned it already).  Yes, I realize that traveling does allow you to not go to church, but Holly and I really wanted to go to church on the beach.  It was pretty cool!  Right on the beach.  How freaking lucky for that priest!  :)

BTW, I like how I look mad that the sun was shining in my eyes. Quite the contrary.

How pretty is this view? Yes, this was our view. Scrumptious. :)

My favorite part of being at the beach?  You can have wet, tousled, beach hair, less makeup, and still feel just fine.  LOVE this.  Wish I could look this happy and relaxed in the middle of winter.  C'est la vie.  ;)

Just pulled back the hair, put on a little extra lip gloss, and was ready to go.  There is a group photo to go with this...privacy reasons prevent me from showing it but wowza, those ladies were GOOD looking.  :)  I promise.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore to host a party on Sunday. :) I did bring the Arbonne items you see in the polyvore, and I was wearing them (on my face, of course), too.

Dress: Size 8.  This is from Milly.  I fell in love with this dress on Net-A-Porter, but man, was it ever expensive.  When it went on sale in the Fall of 2009 at Saks, I jumped.  It was a touch too small then, and FINALLY...finally, I was able to fit into it.
Top: Size small. This is the J. Crew Tissue turtleneck in vintage forest from last winter.  Love this hue with the olive dress, the grey shoes, and the makeup I was wearing.
Shoes: Size 9.  Umm, yes, those are the HOT Miss Albright Anticipation Heels from Anthropologie.  They WERE WORTH THE MONEY.  I got of the car and Rachel, my party hostess was all, "I need those."  LOL.  SIZE DOWN.  Yes.  The 9s fit.  And I normally wear between a 9.5 and 10 in Anthro shoes.

My Stella and Dot consultant was so kind and gracious and offered to host an Arbonne party (don't worry, she will be well taken care of as an Arbonne hostess--great rewards, btw), so I wanted to bring it for her soiree.  We had a fabulous time, and I felt super-confident in this ensemble. 

You all kind of ready for the kind of sad story of "all dressed up and nowhere to go?"  Well, here it is. I wore this gorgeous, tailored outfit for a party at my house last Saturday.  Unfortunately, the party I was hosting didn't happen.  Agh!  The lady that was meant to host sort of didn't show up (yikes), so there I was all ready to go, foot tubs, salt scrubs, yummy conconctions, wine, etc. all sitting out.  Well, I like to make lemons into lemonade and I decided to stay dressed up, go to the desk, sit down, research more on ingredients, study other consultants' great ideas, and the like.  In the end, I did get a lot accomplished.  So, there you go.  I was dressed up and ready to go to my desk.  Ha. 

 And here I am close-up. I definitely kept this makeup on.  

Check out what I used to create this look:
RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner
RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Creme
RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum
Everything from the Beautiful You, Beautiful Glow Set, which includes Primer, Sheer Glow Highlighter, Blossom Blush, and Translucent Loose Setting Powder
Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturizer, Medium
Lip Polish, Posh
Eye Liner, Olive
Eye Shadow, Snow
Triple Action Mascara

Well, there you are. A long post, but hopefully still enjoyable. And remember, just because you are dressed up with no place to go doesn't mean squat if you figure something out. :) Talk soon!