Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boden Time!

Ugh. Woke up with a migraine. Boo. But yay for one thing...until this morning I had made it a (near) record of 12 WHOLE days of no migraines at all. I do believe that the recipe of extra vitamins, eating better, taking that lovely little baby aspirin, and not exercising so intensely (!!!) has helped me feel better. But, BAM, like that, I am reminded that I still have a hole in my heart. Ugh.

Had to take Rex to preschool, too, for his first day. I felt like maybe I shouldn't go, but against my better judgment, I took my migraine medication (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't--guess what today was?) and drove. Halfway through driving, my fingers were tingling and I kind of was freaked out. I drove VERY carefully to Rex's school and then after dropping him off (so cute, see bottom photo), I realized I needed to at least get my fingers back to full function before driving, so I chilled at a local coffee shop for about an hour. Still wasn't 100% at the end, but at least I wasn't all weird feeling, you know?

Yes, Mr. Dina is not letting me do that again, so you all know. :)

But I wore Boden, so it must all be good, right? Just ignore the flip-flops, please. Pretend they are a fab pair of sandals. :)


Cardigan: Size UK 10, US 6. This cardi is way more useful than I ever expected it to be. Its shorter length and lovely color work so well with so many of my dresses. It is like the Jenna cardigan, but short-sleeved and cotton/linen. Yum!
Dress: Size UK 12, US 8 Regular. This is the fun dress from summer 2009. I was tempted by a few of the fun dresses this summer but I have to stop myself from accumulating more dresses. Seriously, I have a HUGE dress addiction and I have a HUGE problem parting with my dresses. I have in my closet dresses from 15 years ago that are in perfect shape because I am such a OCD freak about caring for my dresses (which means, btw, if you do buy a dress from me, you KNOW it will be in fab This fun dress is a great shape, and I adore the floral pattern on the bottom.
Shoes: Size 10. Seriously this is a problem. I was so out of it, I forgot to change out of my house flip-flops. THESE ARE THE FLIP-FLOPS I NEVER LET ANYONE SEE, and look at that, YOU ALL SEE THEM! Ha. Guess my secret is out. These 10 dollar flip-flops have the price per wear of like 1 cent now. Yeah, I know, pretty sad. :P

Hand on the hip, and CW all turned around. Heehee.

As one of my best friends from high school quipped when he saw this pic of Rex, "He's working the backpack AND the lunch bag. That kid is ready for school!"

Night, night, all. For those of you interested in CW's Stella and Dot Children's Jewelry Party, I will be posting on that tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that link. (Oh, and you don't have to order just children's jewelry...all orders will be happily processed...we are just trying to get CW some fab "little" jewelry for her upcoming birthday!) :)